Quick Knit

It was lovely to see Amy yesterday.  I should have taken a picture… she looks like a million dollars!!  Hopefully when she blogs, she’ll share a photo of herself too…

photo.JPGAmy has the heart of a giver.  I think I met her the summer she started Warm Up Winchester (Ravelry link).   The latest total shows the group is roughly only a third of the way to its goal, and the deadline is next Thursday.  I only turned in one hat this year, but I’m sure if any of you wish to contribute, you can leave Amy a comment on her blog and she’ll make arrangements to get your hat.

WuW 2011

Pattern:  Snappy hat – and that it is!   I doubt I have three hours of knitting time invested in this bulky-weight hat that will fit youth through adult.   I made the medium size , but with the ribbing in there, it will stretch considerably.

photo.JPGYarn:  Patons Shetland Chunky in aran.  As synthetics go, it’s not a bad one.  It shines a bit, but it didn’t hurt my hands while I was knitting and it will require no special care by the recipient.

Needles:  US #10.5 circular, US #10 dpns for the final decreases.  I’ve found my hats look neater if I go down one size for the final rounds and do them on dpns.

Verdict:  Who doesn’t love a quick, pleasant knit?  I might be making more of these.  While I love my sport weight knitted hat, my ears are getting cold already, and I haven’t walked when it is below 40 degrees yet. 

October 2010 003

Me in the WuW 2010 hat

Do you have a favorite hat pattern?  Do you wear hats?  I happen to know the Knight thinks I look ridiculous in “stocking caps” but Sissy doesn’t care and Gretchen understands that warm trumps everything…

Except walks.  Those dogs want their walk no matter what the weather, unless it’s POURING rain.  Of course, my definition of “raining too hard” doesn’t quite match theirs either.

Note to the furgirls:  It’s not looking good for today’s walk either.  Of course, given that even Sissy refused to go outside to potty this morning until the rain eased up, maybe they’ll be understanding…

8 comments on “Quick Knit

  1. gMarie says:

    I love a cabled hat. and I do wear hats when I walk the dogs in the winter regardless of how stupid I look. Warm trumps all 🙂 I’ll have to knit some hats for next year – no time to get any to her this year. g

  2. Sue says:

    I love hats and wear them all year. I do have a favorite pattern. I found it in a Women’s Day magazine from 1971. It’s a basic kit hat with thirty variations. I think I’ve made most of them. It;s fast and easy and I can make one in an evening.

  3. StarSpry says:

    Your hat looks great! I’ll definitely try this pattern for my next charity knitting project.

    I like “stocking caps” and I’ve been wearing them a lot lately…we’ve just warmed UP to the 40’s!

    I hope the rain stops and it gets a little nicer so you and the fur-girls can go for walks again soon 🙂

  4. Amy says:

    Thank you for the hat! It brings us to 42 items. Not nearly as close to out goal as I would like, but something is better than nothing. I know that there will be people who are happy to have the hats this year.

  5. Marjie says:

    Rain all day yesterday, last night, and today until about 6, when it turned to the white s*** falling out of the sky. We’ve got about 3″ now, as of 11PM, and I am greatly displeased. Right now I’m glad I don’t have a puppy to make me go freeze outside. Your hat looks great for this stinkin’ weather! And at only 3 hours, what’s not to love about making it?

  6. Do I have a fav hat pattern? Um…depends on who the hat is for. For men, I like to use a K3, P2 rib quite often, and for gals I like a Fetching hat…that being said I’m also quite fond of the Nottingham hat (on Rav) which can go for either gender. For myself…I look terrible in hats!

  7. Barbara S. says:

    I have finished a “Windschief” (Steven West) hat last night, great pattern! (Second time I have knit it up, and it won’t be the last.)
    It was going to be for the hat tree at church, but I could stick it in the mail…….

  8. AlisonH says:

    Everything is fair game when it comes to patterning for a hat. And a hat for those without warmth of their own is best of all.

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