Bake, Wrap and…


Glittery Gerbers from MJ

Something’s wrong. 

Wait.  Back up.  In my former life, I always had it together and was never caught unprepared or rushed at Christmastime.  You need to know that, because that’s why my still pinches like new shoes that are too small habit of being a last-minute everything Christmas gal is so uncomfortable that you have to hear about it over and over.

Hem.  Anyway.  It seems that after I finish up a surprisingly short shopping list tonight, I’ll just need to bake and wrap.  How ’bout that?!  It’s not my former glory where I did cards while I watched the parade on Thanksgiving morning, but it’ll do.

So.  About that baking list…

There are the traditions:

  1. Nannie’s orange balls – I actually have my grandmother’s recipe, and yet, none of us are surprised that hers were different.  She was known for holding back a step or a secret ingredient… Hem.
  2. Grandma Vallie’s strawberry cake – One of the Knight’s grandmother’s recipes.  I now make them in cupcake form so it’s easier for everyone to take the leftovers home.
  3. Fudge.  My own recipe… sorta’.  A co-worker’s grandmother pointed me to the back of the right marshmallow creme jar…
  4. Cheese straws – out of the JL Bristol cookbook, because yours truly would rather have savory than sweet most of the time…

And the oooh, shiny!!  temptations I have to try this year:

  1. Pampered Chef’s chai something cookie
  2. Something gingerbread (but soft… I only like SOFT gingerbread treats)
  3. Probably something else chocolate… maybe a brownie or bar cookie?

Do you have any recipes that just make Christmas for you?  Will you share?

16 comments on “Bake, Wrap and…

  1. gMarie says:

    I’m a big fan of the burnt sugar almonds. Made 2 batches last night – have to buy sugar before I can make any more. And this year I’m gonna make a couple of popcorn cakes for the neighbors. 🙂 g

  2. Nancy says:

    i have a spiced sugar pecan recipe that is easy and always pleases. I made it for the workers at the hospital when I volunteered at the front desk.

  3. Susan, says:

    No encouraging you to cheat, but Harris Teeter has pretty good ready made cheese straws. My grandmother used to make them so I love them too!!!

  4. Kathy says:

    All your choices sound yummy! Though I don’t personal bake it (yet), we can’t have Christmas without potica. My mom’s cousin bakes it and gives us a loaf and just in case she should forget it, we always buy a loaf from a local bakery. It just wouldn’t be Christmas in my hometown without potica.

    Here’s more info:


  5. Marjie says:

    We always have brownies, blondies, 2 color cake, chocolate cake, cookies and whatever else I feel like making on the Christmas morning table. And, of course, my punch. Healthy, relatively low-cal and delicious. No one even knows they’re dieting with this stuff!

    Here’s for one big punchbowl:

    1 big can OJ concentrate, thawed
    1 bottle (2 liter) diet cranberry ginger ale
    2 cans water
    1 pound frozen strawberries
    whipped cream

    Stir the water into the OJ concentrate, carefully pour in the soda, add the frozen strawberries (to keep it cold, and tasty as a bonus) and stir carefully. Top with cute little dollops of whipped cream, which will melt a little and add some flavor. We go through at least 3 punchbowls full every christmas morning!

  6. Amy says:

    The fudge and potato candy are Christmas traditions in our kitchen, but I’d love to make more.

  7. Katherine says:

    Both Thanksgiving and Christmas require pierogies stuffed with cheese and potato, and simmered in a thick beef broth with chopped broccoli. I have no idea why because we have no Polish ancestry. On the sweet side our family always asks for the hot cinnamon buns on Christmas morning. Many of the ideas in your post and in the comments sound really good. Must make some of them!!

  8. kathy b says:

    spiral sliced ham, cookies, cheesy potatoes

  9. Sue says:

    I used to order my cards the first week of October and address them as soon as they arrived. My shopping or crafting was done by end of summer and packages went out in the mail the day after Thanksgiving. Then something changed. This year I mailed out the packages on Saturday and the cards went out today, so everything will probably arrive after Christmas. Oh well!

    I am in love with Panara’s gingerbread boys. Rob stops and picks one up for me every time he goes out. They’re soft and so good!!

  10. Mr. Puffy says:

    Gosh I’m so behind the 8 ball this year. Christmas just snuck up on me as I had a big work project due which is finally done. I’ve not done any baking yet (except an English Christmas cake) but might make some cut out cookies if I can work up the enthusiasm. Your Nannie cracks me up! She’s not unique like that. I guess it’s their way to always be remembered for their special baked goodies 🙂

  11. You’re most likely ahead of me re Christmas….even in those pinching shoes of yours. 🙂 As to what I bake…Christmas Scones and whatever would please those who will be near me most of all. This year, I had the chance to make an old favorite of mine…mini mincemeat pies! Yum….so ready to make more. And…strangely enough, I think I shall go quite far back and also bake a fruitcake this year, too.

  12. km says:

    I think my Christmas cards should arrive from shutterfly tomorrow. I’m planning on trying some cookies that were on the cover of December’s Sunset Magazine (egg whites, white chocolate chips and crushed candy cane). I still don’t have the gifts for my nephews…and after I buy them I’ve got to wrap.

    The big gift for our family was supposed to be a dog. It seems that the rescue that came and did a home check must have not approved us…they’re not getting back to us. I spent the whole day (Monday) on petfinder hoping to find a replacement for the dog my kids have their heart set on.

    I’m hoping that Tuesday is better in terms of me getting things accomplished.

  13. Mary says:

    No Christmas (or any other time of the year) baking by me. I simply hate to bake/cook anymore. Luckily DH works at home and has more time than me, so he is responsible for meals/baking. Must admit to not expending too much energy on Christmas this year…partly because I was away for two weeks and partly because I think I have become the grinch. Very different from when I had four small children (now grown).

  14. gMarie says:

    forgot to tell you: I adore that daisy. It’s so durn cheerful! g

  15. AlisonH says:

    Anything my daughter Michelle makes, it’s going to be good! Except dairy free. I do like my butter cookies with butter.

  16. Nichole says:

    The furthest I took my “baking” this year? Muddy Buddies (i.e. the peanut butter chocolate chex mix recipe) that I made for my coworkers… yup, that’s as far as I got. sigh.

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