Weary Dreary

Cloudy, overcast day with sad news this morning.  Both of my friends with dogs battling cancer lost the fight earlier today.   To combat the doldrums, I offer you fur-girl frivolity.

December 2011 002It’s a horrible photo, but true to form, Sissy took the small sheep (?) squeaky Amy sent to the girls, and the wee Gretchen Greer took the bigger plush bone.

No, Sis isn’t destroying the toy.  She just likes to squeak it and keep it from Gretchen. 

December 2011 004Again, sorry the pictures aren’t fabulous, but these were their first Christmas presents and they were eager to have them and had NO interest in posing and humoring me.

Thanks, Amy.  My fur-kids truly appreciate that you thought of them, and I do too.  You chose well!!  Gretchen keeps both toys in the bedroom, so they’re treasures evidently.

December 2011 012Now to get you giggling…  MJ bought Christmas outfits for her grand-dogs and demanded photos immediately.  Sissy’s party dress was a VERY tight fit, but she humored me and stomped around in it for a few photos.

I couldn’t do the velcro across the front, and maybe that helped… at any rate, Sis didn’t mind it too much.

December 2011 005Gretchen got a CUTE little red parka.  She likes coats to just cover her ribs, so she LOVED this one and pranced around in it.  It helped that her Dadaw showed up and cooed about how pretty they both looked…

Of course, Gg wanted to wear the fancy frock.  It was rather large on her, but she didn’t seem to care.  Sissy told Gg to consider it hers; SHE wasn’t wearing it again, not even for Grammie.

December 2011 015

Do you dress up for the holidays??

12 comments on “Weary Dreary

  1. gMarie says:

    Thank you for the photo – I’m sitting here feeling useless (as you well know). The girls made me smile. My pack loves noisy toys. Seriously. And the dress – too cute! g

  2. Sue says:

    Poor Sissy, she’s just not the frilly dress type and she knows it. Some of mine wear coats if it’s really cold, but most don’t bother. They all seem to enjoy getting dressed up, even Tsar will wear a bandana.

  3. Marjie says:

    It’s nice that the girls got new toys, and that MJ bought them new outfits. The dress fits Gretchen better than Sissy, but Sis was a good sport to wear it even for a few minutes!

    And you know I dress up! Pets don’t, but I have 3 girls who I’ve always dressed up. And now that they’re big, they dress themselves up. Some things just go right in my world!

  4. Amy says:

    Those photos are adorable! I love their outfits!

    I’m glad they liked the toys.

  5. AlisonH says:

    I’m so sorry your friends lost their dogs. On some level I find it a comfort that they ran off chasing the celestial ball together.

    Your sweet puppies are so cute.

  6. YOur Grrls are lovely in their grandma-given finery. Sad to hear of friends without their dog-friends at this particular time of year. As to dressing up for the holidays…not really. I DO wear jingle bells earrings and adjust colors to the season, to give some impression of being “In The Christmas Mood”.

  7. Mary says:

    So sorry about the loss of pets. So very hard. And thanks for photos of the girls in all their craziness. A good distraction. No dressing up in this house. The Dobie would think we had lost our minds and the Staffie would rip it off in seconds (though he does have a bandana around his neck at the moment which isn’t seasonal in any way, just one DH found and put on him for some unknown reason). And…I don’t dress up either (I know, shocking!).

  8. Louise says:

    Oh the girls look darling, Chan. Marion has a stash of crocheted “girlie” hats that would fit just right. She made one for her grand-doggie for thanksgiving and hasn’t stopped since. I will be posting the pictures as soon as I get back on track with this eye:)

    Thanks for sharing, Channon. Just in case, A Very Merry Christmas to You and the Knight and those delightful girls of yours!!!

  9. Katherine says:

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your friends’ doggies. It is so hard to lose fur-family at Christmas. I know because it happened to us with our little Bichon Buttons, before Macy came to live with us.

    I love the way both Sissy and Gretchen have a firm paw-hold on their toys. All little dogs should be so lucky, to be so loved and have toys for Christmas!

  10. bubblesknits says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about the pups crossing the rainbow bridge. :(. My thoughts are with them.

    Love the Christmas outfits! Tell the girls they look very cute in their new duds.

  11. I’m sorry about your friends’ dogs 😦

    Gretchen and Sissy look very cute in their new outfits! It’s funny that Sissy takes the smaller toy, but I’m glad they each enjoy what the got 🙂

  12. Nichole says:

    So very sorry for the furkid losses. 😦 Cancer sucks…

    The girls do look cute in their new duds from MJ though!

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