Tree huggin’ holiday?


Sissy fall 2008 by Anita

Happy Thorsday, little friday, Hanukkah, almost Christmas, Thankful Thursday and… anything else I forgot.  Yesterday, I learned that hugging a tree is one way to celebrate the solstice.  Immediately, I thought of one of my favorite photos of Sissy, taken by her too busy to blog these days  Auntie ‘Nita in 2008.


Gretchen 11-2008

Turns out Gretchen’s been snuggling up to trees since we got her too!

For Thankful Thursday, I’ll share a couple of bloopers from our Christmas card photo shoot.  You can see the version I actually used on the girls’ blog.

December 2011 002

That’s one of my favorite bloopers…  it really kinda’ sums us up well.  I’m behind the camera, trying to set it up so I can put the camera on the timer and race to join them, Gretchen is worried about what I’m doing, Sissy is   showing her   doing her own thing and we’re all plucking the Knight’s only nerve.

The hydrant?  Yes, we posed with the hydrant.  The Knight is very proud of his hydrant and I’m just shameless enough to stage the holiday photo by the RED hydrant to make it a little less painful for him.

December 2011 007

This one makes me laugh too.  Clearly, I didn’t rush enough and there’s nothing happy about it, is there?

December 2011 010

This one was the best of everyone… except Sissy.  Someone suggested I should have used it anyway, because… well… at our house, Sissy marches to her own drummer and does what she wants.

Regardless, we hope your holidays are filled with laughter and love.  We wish you peace and joy, now and always.  I’m so thankful for each and every one of you and the thoughts we’ve shared here and there.  I’m thankful that 2011 had more ups than downs… but we’ll talk about that later, maybe.

What are you thankful for today?


22 comments on “Tree huggin’ holiday?

  1. dogquilter says:

    Happy DOT and Merry Christmas!! You are much more adventurous than me. I couldn’t imagine trying to get a photo of my family and the pooches and adding the cat would be, well i don’t want to even think of how that would turn out. But then maybe that’s an idea for next year 🙂 Love Sissy hugging the tree too cute

  2. Mary says:

    Thankful for the hilarious second photo of the not-so-happy Knight family. LOL. Will have to share a photo of two of the DS’s in UK to show what happens when you take one photo too many near Big Ben.

  3. Nancy says:

    Taking timer shots is difficult and nearly always results in someone in a blur.

    Gretchen looks so tiny in the 2008 photo.

  4. gMarie says:

    love the tree hugging photos! Love the out-takes and honestly – that last photo is fab.

    Thankful: good friends who understand and cry with you::christmas memories full of cheer::snickerdoodles::good deeds that turn out right (after the punishing)::healthy dogs::sewing – it doesn’t allow your mind to wander the way knitting does::a job::


  5. Sue says:

    That one shot of the Chief and the two girls looks so sad.

    We’re all going to go out and hug our trees after Mom has some more coffee and puts on her shoes and jacket. Why do humans need to put on so much stuff just to go out and play?
    Morgan, tsar and the Porties

  6. Jessica says:

    OMG…i am cracking up…something i absolutely needed to do! that one of you guys, you both look ticked off, and Sissy looks like she is in trouble. Oh, we have SO many pics like that in this household!!! I absolutely love it!!!

  7. Katherine says:

    I love the outtakes! I’m thankful for sweet faces, both human and canine, on Christmas photos!! Thanks for sharing yours Chan. I hope your Christmas is beautiful.

  8. Tobi Ditmore says:

    I think the hydrant in the picture is such a great idea!!

  9. AlisonH says:

    And you’re wearing the skirt you knitted! Cool!

    I do love all those photos.

  10. Amy says:

    When I got your Christmas card, the first thing I did was smile and say, “Hey – fire hydrant!” It is a fantastic photo card, and these are fantastic photos as well.

    Happy holidays!!!

  11. kathy b says:

    I love the oops cards, the second one is darling darling darling…..You keep that hydrant in there!

    I plan holiday images of the kitties in the wrapping paper frenzy……

    Im thankful for this new kitten in our house. IM thankful it just happened this year …Im thankful for YOU!!! and all my blog buds

  12. SusanB-knits says:

    Merry Christmas! I love your holiday picture.
    I’m thankful for family and friends. They always brighten my day.

  13. Marjie says:

    They’re all cute pictures, even with Sissy doing her own thing. The hydrant is very appropriate for you guys, and it’s a nice festive color, too!

  14. Baby pics always get to me…Sweet little Gg is such a doll! Love the shot with Sissy’s, erm, posterior…you all else look pretty happy. Thankful for many things…but the winner is…Airman will be home in less than 24 hours!

  15. Barbara says:

    Oh….I don’t know, I kind of like the the fact that Sissy is looking at her mother in that last shot. 🙂
    Have a wonderful holiday, Chan!

  16. Kathy says:

    The grumpy picture really made me laugh. It’s so unlike you! Though the pose is different, it reminds me of American Gothic, the painting of the farmer with the pitchfork and his wife. You and the knight have the same stoic expressions as they do.

  17. Bubblesknits says:

    I love, love, love the fire hydrant. 😀

  18. Walden121 says:

    Love the pictures!

    I have to admit, as much as I love puppy pictures in general, the pictures of Gretchen as a small puppy just melts my heart. I think when we eventually get Wookie a sibling, we will need to look for a little Gretchen of our own.

  19. Carol says:

    I am also thankful that 2011 had more ups then downs but it was a close call there for a while.
    I love your pictures! Thanks for sharing.
    Merry Christmas and many, many blessings in the coming year ♥ I have really enjoyed blogging with you.
    Please give your little poochies a hug from Charli and me.

  20. Carol says:

    I mean’t to say you and your family :>)

  21. Those are great pictures of the fur-girls! Tree hugging sounds good to me 🙂 I love the blooper pictures, too. They’re fun!

  22. Nichole says:

    LOVED your photo this year! The bloopers are always fun!

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