What I learned over Christmas break

Okay, so one day off isn’t a Christmas break, and I’m hardly a school girl anymore, but…

This is just a hodge-podge of a post, so apologies now for what a local friend calls my stream of consciousness ramblings.  Thursday night marked the last of my holiday happenings, so now I can obsess about what to wear to Vintage Vegas this year.  I have an outfit ready and rarin’ to go, but unless you’re really new around here, you know that doesn’t mean much.

  1. I love Christmas cards, especially photo cards and those family letters.  No, really.  I love seeing Dad’s cousin’s vacation photo on  her card.  She had such a positive impact on me in my teens, and I re-live all of those lessons on life when I see her swimming with the dolphins.  I hope in a … couple of years 😉  I’m still active and sharing what makes me happy with my friends and family.   Another friend shared the other night that she had a few glasses of wine before trying to be light and funny while composing her family letter.  It worked.  She and her husband are definitely a “power couple” with two beautiful young girls, pets, travel, etc., and it would have been easy to write an annual update that made my teeth hurt, even though I know it’s all true, but she and her wine muse pulled it off – of course.
  2. I had forgotten  how much I loved Republic of Tea’s Coconut Cocoa.  Add a splash of International Delight’s Almond Joy and you have an almost diet-friendly cup of comfort and joy.  I drink it every single night.  The Knight thought I was crazy when I said I’m ordering the 250 bag refill… but some of you will need a few bags to try, right?
  3. While you’re checking that out, get some of the TinTin chocolate chai.  Gretchen thinks it’s REALLY bad form that the good folks at RoT made it a CHOCOLATE chai (dogs can’t have chocolate you know), but frankly I’m delighted that I can’t share either of these yummies with anyone else.  I mean… of course I’d offer you some if you were here, but…   I just add a splash of cream (or 2% milk, whatever’s on hand) to the chai.
  4. I don’t like red velvet the flavor.  Seems I’d never really had red velvet cake.  So, I tried some when the Knight’s dear cousin got tired of trying to describe it to me.  Totally unimpressed.  For those of you who do love it … can you clue me in on WHY?  I feel I’m missing something.  And for the record, cousin assured me it was “good” red velvet cake, so it’s not like I had a bad experience… evidently.
  5. I reconnected with my Nook and learned how to “side load” PDF files, so now it is also a knitting pattern holder.  But seriously?!  None of the major brand knitting magazines are available for the Nook?  Not impressed…
  6. I didn’t put up a tree and it was still Christmas.  No, I don’t plan to repeat this sad state of affairs again, but it didn’t ruin the holidays for me either.  Go figure.  That being said, Sissy and I are already discussing that I plan to put up the full-sized tree this year, and she WILL NOT harm any ornaments.  Hem.
  7. My dogs are SPOILED.  No, seriously.  I’ve always joked about Daddy’s line (defending his own actions concerning yours truly), “She’s not spoiled, she’s pampered.  The difference is… she appreciates it.”  I thought it applied to my dogs too, but I’m pretty sure this holiday season, we crossed right over into the SPOILED ROTTEN category.  While all the gifts were appreciated, three deserve special mention.

My sister found these crazy plush hearts that say “I love you” in a voice that sounds more like my own “being silly” voice than I care to admit.  You have to understand that while Gretchen is a toy collector, addict, whatever, Sis normally only wants a tennis ball for catch and fetch, and otherwise, if it isn’t meant to be ingested, it’s only good for stealing from the baby to prove she IS the QUEEN OF ALL.

HOWEVER.  The big purple heart – think throw pillow size – is sacred.  Yes, the wee one can scamper around with it, but doing so only incites the DIVA, who then rushes to her best toy’s rescue and throws herself upon it and glares.  No, Sis has NEVER snapped at Gg and probably never will, so some small (mean?) part of me delights in this not so Sis-Ma behavior.  I love my terriers and their “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine” attitudes, but it does my heart good to see Sis be a serious alpha, if only over one purple, talking heart.

Precious #2 (Tolkien fans, anyone?) are the peppermint meringues made by Miss KAM.  Her sweet card was clear; THEY were human grade, but made for SISSY.  Hem.  Got it.  I had to hide them up high, because Sis loves them as much as that purple heart… maybe even more, since bassets do take the world in through their mouths.

Last, but hardly least, beloved Auntie ‘Nita dehydrated 27 pounds of the favored fruits and veggies for the rotten hairy brats.  I don’t think I’m exaggerating much.  Sadly, I’ve confessed that we own not one but TWO dehydrators, so I’ve been given instructions and I suppose I shall be supporting my so spoiled the stink dogs in the manner to which they have become accustomed…

What about you?  Were there any holiday revelations in your world?



15 comments on “What I learned over Christmas break

  1. gMarie says:

    Oh that tea sounds lovely – I love coconut – gonna have to go looking for that one. I’m not a huge fan of Chai – although occassionally – it reminds me of Christmas. Every once in a while I’ll have one in July!

    Yea – Christmas still happens and nobody appreciates the work and thought you put into the gifts you make. I think I’m leaning more toward going somewhere warm for the holidays and ignoring it all. (oh – not the revelations you wanted?).

    I’m glad your dogs are well loved. But not to the point where they think everything that comes in the door belongs to them to destroy as they wish. Sorry about that.


  2. gMarie says:

    found the perfect dress for VV. Of course it’s crazy expensive, but you would totally rock it. http://www.jpeterman.com/New-OM-No-91/1927-Party-Dress


  3. Sue says:

    No major revelations. After paring down the gift list last year, it was much less hectic this year. I love giving gifts so I occasionally wished I hadn’t made the cuts, but overall it was a good decision.

    Buying at after Christmas sales and sticking the items in the closet till next year works really nicely for me and I’ve already got some stashed away for the next time.

    I don’t understand the red velvet thing either. I’ve never really liked it much.

    As for the dress that G found, I had one very similar many years ago. I bought it for an office party when I worked at the bank. I loved how it moved.

  4. AlisonH says:

    Red velvet is simply a chocolate cake with red food coloring added. Or, the horror, O&H Bakery in Racine started making a Kringle with it. Why making it so your food will stain your clothes for no added flavor benefit, I don’t get. (Boy, do I sound like a curmudgeon today.)

  5. Amy Darsie says:

    This year I learned that I need a few days off from my few days off. I always try to do say too much. Maybe next year I’ll take my Mom up on her offer of cooking instead of me?

  6. Nichole says:

    Oh my, the Coconut Cocoa sounds devine… as does the CHOCOLATE chai. mmm… And that purple pillow is absolutely adorable. I’ve been thinking about getting a dehydrator to do doggy treats… care to share some of the “instructions”?

  7. SusanB-knits says:

    I’ve never tried the Coconut Cocoa; it does sound good. Not a fan of chai tea but I have a Twinnings Christmas Tea that I get every year. I love having it around the holidays.

  8. Katherine says:

    Coconut Cocoa–yum!! Must try it!!

    My Dad always said he would never do business with or entertain a person who didn’t spoil his/her dog(s). He was really serious about how he treated our furry family members. I always complained that sometimes he treated the dog better than he did me. Not true, but it would get a laugh from him. Now I have my own Diva Doggie (plus friend) and am accustomed to just giving them what they want. It’s easier that way!

    I need to find one of those pillows for Macy!

  9. Marjie says:

    I do believe I would like both of those teas! One of these days I might even make myself get around to ordering them, although I can’t imagine the nerve of any company making tea not fit for a dog. Hmpf.

    I’m not wild about decorating or un=decorating. I think I’m getting …well, curmudgeonly…but I do it for the kids, and try to be cheerful about it.

    And G’s dress is spectacular. I don’t know that I’d want to pay $600 for a dress. On the other hand, 100,000 beads is a damn lot of beads!

  10. Kathy says:

    1. I love the holiday photos too! One of my college friends now has 8 kids, amazingly!

    3. Chocolate chai sounds wonderful! I love chai in general.

    Both my girls (kitty & pup–we are multiracial family) got bunches of Christmas gifts as they should!

  11. I don’t know if I learned anything new this year, re the holidays, other than that folks who want to enjoy them will somehow find a way! Please, Ma’am, may I try a bag or two if the choco/coconut tea?

  12. Barbara says:

    I like just about any flavor from Republic of Tea!
    Frankly, I thought it odd that I only got one of those Christmas letters this year….perhaps everyone ran out of time? My kids groan about those, but I like the news. Although sometimes they make me feel a failure in life. Sort of like everyone getting up at reunions and telling everyone what they do. And then there’s me. Totally depresses me.
    Love your list of odds and ends, Chan. Those are the kinds of things I think about when I get into bed.

  13. Louise says:

    I too love the dress that gMarie picked out. Worth every last bead I’m sure!!! I’m with the girls when it comes to Chocolate Chai. It just doesn’t sit well with me. Go figure. Tea connoisseur I am not!

    As for the Red Velvet controversy and what a controversy it is, there are those who believe its existence was merely an advertising ploy to sell more food coloring. Then there are those who believe red dye is criminal! I’m with you on that one. It’s never been a favorite of mine for taste. As one writer so curtly put it, “style over substance,” I tend to agree.

    Thanks for sharing, Channon. My revelation? “Seeing is not always a reason to believe. I “saw” more with one eye the last few months than I probably have since I subdued my “being silly voice:)” However, I am thankful to be better:)

  14. Blond Duck says:

    That I need my own kitchen and my own Christmas.

    Get your sussy yet?

  15. Bubblesknits says:

    Speaking of Tolkien and the Precious…Guess what hubster calls my laptop? LOL He calls my iPhone the “Mini Precious”.

    Must try some of that Coconut Cocoa tea! Maybe when we visit in March? WHEEEEE!

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