It’s a Great Day

January 2012 007There’s a lot to celebrate today.  Sissy’s left eye was removed one year ago today, and thus far, we’re maintaining the right eye just fine.  I rambled about it yesterday, but that dog and her indomitable will truly inspire me.  Thanks to Katherine for sharing that quote.  Sissy has always had an indomitable will, and it serves us all well through her health challenges.

And *DO* note that the queen DIVA finally has a proper tiara.  Hem.  Don’t let the cranky face fool you.  Maybe Thursday I’ll show you the photo of her measuring the snow with her tongue, with her crown on…


Dae on the right

Today is also the birthday of several people.  Dae – my father inlaw – is celebrating today, as is a family friend, as is KAM!  Happy birthday to them, to a friend from the past who will almost assuredly never see this post, and to everyone else having a birthday about now.

And icing on the cake, another life-long friend (former boss of mine, son of one of my father’s dearest friends, etc.) just wandered in.  You’ll understand if I cut this short?


14 comments on “It’s a Great Day

  1. gMarie says:

    Happy Birthday to all! And a very happy one year anniversarry of a sucessful surgery. I know how frightening that was to you.

    Sis does not look cranky at all! She looks regal and majestic as is befitting a crown wearing bassett!

    I’m guessing the snow didn’t stick around? g

  2. Nancy says:

    Sissy, I love your tiara: it looks wonderful on you!

  3. Mary says:

    All bow to the reigning queen bassett, Ms Sissy. Love the tiara. Happy b-day to all your friends and relatives.

  4. AlisonH says:

    Love it. Hope you had a great visit. Happy Birthday to all! (This past weekend that included my sister and my sister-in-law.)

  5. Barbara says:

    Happy Birthday to your FIL Chan.
    Love the photo of Sissy, who has indomitable courage.

  6. Katherine says:

    That certainly is a worthy tiara for Sissy! I would love to kiss that sweet basset face!! I’m thankful you have had a year of maintaining a healthy right eye. Sending out prayers for many more!

    Happy day to all the birthday people.

  7. Marjie says:

    Happy birthday to all, and especially, happy Tuesday to a very nice friend!

  8. kathy b says:

    Sissy persists!!! How on earth do you get her to wear the tiara????
    Or silly me, she may not want to take it off….or is that more Gretchen?

  9. kathy says:

    Sissy looks great in her tiara! I think my Lucy is more of a baseball-cap-worn-backwards kind of girl. She prefers mud puddles to ladylike pursuits.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful day for you all! Love the Diva with her tiara.

  11. gypsyknits says:

    Happy Birthday to all!!

    LOL….love the picture of Sissy in the tiara. She truly is a Princess 🙂

  12. StarSpry says:

    I love that picture of Sissy! She looks great with a tiara 🙂 I’m so glad her right eye is doing so well. Happy birthday to all 🙂

  13. Blond Duck says:

    Please tell me the sussy came today!

  14. Bubblesknits says:

    Happy (late…since I’m working backwards through posts) Birthday to ALL! I hope all your special people had wonderful days. 🙂

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