Tiara Thorsday

January 2012 007Happy Thorsday, little friday, thankful thursday and more.  Sissy pulled some sort of royal veto on the post I’d composed for their blog today, so I could pretend I’m cranky about it, but actually, I’m proud of her.  We’d all agreed that with only one entry per household for Mango Minster this year, Sissy should defend her title.   A bit to my surprise, Sis is pretending she believes her best chance is in pairing up with her little cutie pie sister, but the truth is that Sis is also Sis-ma, the benevolent.  She wants to share the limelight with the wee one!

So to reward Sis for her selfless actions, I’ll share with you some of the other photos of the goofball and her long-awaited tiara.

January 2012 011Y’all have already seen the queen in her looking stoic and proper photo.  (And just in case you missed it, there it is, upper left!)  But what I didn’t share were the … bloopers. 

I call this one simply…  MINE.  If you know much about hunting dogs and soft mouths, you can see that she’s not BITING the tiara… she’s just taking it in her mouth.  Not a bead was even moved a hair, nothing was scratched… she just wanted to hold it in case (as she rightly guessed) I was going to put it away.

January 2012 010

The other photo for your entertainment is her “I’m eating snow in my tiara” pose.  Well no, it’s not a pose.  This is for all of you who think I torture my dogs and make them wear clothes and crowns.  Hardly.  I respect their preferences; Sissy likes headwear and hates clothes.  Gretchen loves clothes and hates anything on her head.  In fact, I had to yell at Sis because she fully intended to go on out in the pen and do… who knows what, while wearing her tiara. 

January 2012 009

Thankful?  I’m thankful as can be that I have these two precious fur-girls to keep us on our toes, to keep us laughing.  I’m thankful for a spouse who orders a special pink reflective “shirt” for the wee one, who just laughs and tries to reason with her when she won’t let us take the “shirt” off of her.  (What can I say?!  The girl likes pink.)

I’m so thankful that we made it one year and counting with Sissy’s remaining right eye.  I’m thankful for the people who made that possible, from the vets to each of you who has offered support.

What are you thankful for today?


10 comments on “Tiara Thorsday

  1. Mary says:

    Adorable fur girls, as always. And thankful I am working from home today…even if it is on a 20 page report for the feds, not to mention umpteen more budget reviews. Sigh.

  2. gMarie says:

    Love those girls. I’m sad they didn’t make the trip with you to meet us, but totally understand.

    Thankfuls – same as always. ::cute puppies::sunny days::stashes of yarn and fabric::house::exercise dvds::creativity::virtual friends::


  3. Marjie says:

    Cute pictures of the girls. I’m so glad Sissy finally got her tiara. And I hope they do well at Mango Minster this year; I’m pretty sure “cute” is in the bag for them.

  4. Nancy says:

    I look forward to reading what the fur-girls are doing. I can see why you love them so much.

  5. Sue says:

    It’s a cold snowy day today following a sunny day in the high 60s, so we’re all staying inside and doing crafty stuff. I’m thankful that Fudge had an excellent checkup. Blood work was perfect. He’ll go in next Tuesday for some dental work and removal of a couple bumps, but overall the boy is in great condition.

  6. Jessica says:

    Thankful for my Fred, and thankful that his pawpaw is coming home soon.
    and of course, thankful for my daily emails with my girls…i cherish you guys!

    henry had such a soft mouth, too. He liked to put peoples arms in his mouth. I miss my sweetpea.
    Love the pics of your babies.

  7. AlisonH says:

    They’re so cute.

    Thankful my daughter’s flying home for the weekend! Her close friend is getting married; much happiness to be celebrated.

  8. Katherine says:

    Two of the cutest fur-girls ever!! I love the fact that Sissy will wear headgear suitable to her grandness, and that Gretchen has the edge on haute couture for the fur set. Unfortunately for me, Macy hates clothes of any kind. I think it comes from Granddaughter dressing her up in doll clothes when she was a baby and riding her around the neighborhood in a carriage.

    As grand as Sissy is in her Diva Tiara, Gretchen sure looks adorable in her pink shirt!

  9. kathy b says:

    IM THANKFUL FOR YOU! AND YOUR FUN POSTS. When people love their pets the way I do, I feel ….sort of normal!!!

    Since you don’t need a sock pattern for our swap, pard’ner
    you might t get a doggy dragon suit pattern……or does Gretchen already have a dragon back sweater???

  10. Bubblesknits says:

    Love Sissy mouthing the tiara. lol She looks totally pleased with her crown. 🙂 Thankful for colder weather, the sweet doggy in my lap, two awesome kiddos and their equally awesome Daddio.

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