Happy 100th, Girl Scouts!

Just last month, I shared a little bit about Girl Scouts with you, and thanks to the always on top of the calendar Louise, I didn’t miss this milestone.  One hundred years ago today, the Girl Scouts were born.

Of course, I already had them on my mind, what with it being GSA cookie season.   Here’s a link to help you find your own box(es) and to give you a little insight on what your purchase does for Scouting and the world at large.   In the woods, our favorites are:

  • thin mints
  • samoas
  • Thanks A Lots (chocolate and shortbread – what’s not to love?!)

That’s not to say they all aren’t awesome, but since there are only two of us eating them (no fur-girls allowed!), we have to have SOME restraint… and room in the freezer for vegetables, ice cream, etc.

Ironically, all of the women I’m still in touch with from elementary school were also in Girl Scouts with me.  In fact, we buy cookies from the daughter of a former Troop-mate of mine…

Were you a Girl Scout?

What’s your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?


21 comments on “Happy 100th, Girl Scouts!

  1. kathy b says:

    Oh Thin mints……the BEST AND ONLY kind by the Girl Scouts. None of those imitation cookies for me.

    I was not a girl scout My sister tried and quit shortly after my mom bought the uniform,
    I was not allowed to try. We were very different sizes and my mom would not pay for another daughter to try and quit! SO sad my tale!

  2. SusanB-knits says:

    My favorite cookie is the shortbread, then the thin mints. I was a girl scout and my girls were too!

  3. Nancy says:

    The shortbread is by far my favorite GS cookie.

    Hmm, is it a coincidence that Oreos and Girl Scouts are both celebrating their 100th this year?

  4. Kathy says:

    Thin Mints all the way!

    Yup, Girl Scout in elementary and middle school. I enjoyed it. I went to Girl Scout camp when I was about 14 and that was a very fun time. Interests changed in high school and I quit.

  5. gMarie says:

    I was not a girl scout – but both of my girls were and we sold many, many boxes of cookies. Our favorites are thin mints, CCCs, and Tagalongs. Although I’m partial to shortbread with a cup of tea. g

  6. StarSpry says:

    I love thin mints and samoas!! I’m not sure why, but I was never a Girl Scout. I did play on the softball team with my friends who were in Girl Scouts, though.

  7. Marjie says:

    I was a girl scout, and I like shortbreads and lemon cookies. But they’re too pricy for me to splurge on many. Actually, my biggest gripe is that the boxes are so stinkin’ small – 6 to 8 ounces – that they last no time at all. Ryan and Mark can polish off a box in one snack time.

  8. AlisonH says:

    I had piano lessons two days a week and girl scouts always conflicted, to my chagrin at that age.

    My husband loves the Thin Mints. I prefer homemade (I know, heathen.)

  9. Mary says:

    I was a Girl Scout and my GD is a Girl Guide in the UK.

    DH buys the cookies and hoards them for himself. I never even see them. Just as well.

  10. I was a Brownie and I’ve been dominating Thin Mints that last couple weeks!

  11. Sue says:

    No, I was never a Girl Scout. I wanted to be in 4H and raise a horse. Because I’m not a joiner by nature, I never did that either. I do, however, love thin mint cookies. I have to buy two boxes at a time because Rob will eat a whole box in one sitting.

  12. do si do’s but I haven’t had them in years

    I was a girl scout and a girl scout leader, and involved in the upper levels as the community person for our area. It kept me busy for many many years

    both daughters were girl scouts

  13. Krystle says:

    I’m actually a life time member of GSA…been a girl scout for almost 2 decades! O have so many good friends and great memories from my troop!
    My favorites are samoas (ccc’s) thin mints and do-si-dos

    Yum yum!

  14. Katherine says:

    The mint cookies are my favorites! They are all I buy every year. I was never a Girl Scout but I was a Camp Fire Girl for about 10 minutes. I have never liked meetings of any kind. Even now in business I try to schedule long telephone calls for the same time as meetings as an excuse not to go. They are on to me though!

  15. Amy says:

    Wait? There is a shortbread/chocolate combo GS cookie? I must try that!

  16. Barbara says:

    Ah yes…I was a girl scout, AND a leader. Guess what? I don’t eat their cookies!! Buy them, yes, But then I give them away. If I’m going to splurge on cookies, I’m going to make my own. 🙂

  17. Mom says:

    We did have some awesome times as Girl Scouts, didn’t we. Some of my favorite memories also. Love ya, Mom

  18. Nichole says:

    Great post! I was a brownie and a girl scout. I think this is the first year in MANY that I have not (yet) bought any GS cookies! Partly because of my current job situation and partly because I don’t think I had anyone I know selling for the first time in a long time…

  19. Bubblesknits says:

    I wasn’t a Girl Scout. I always wanted to be one, but I’m not sure why I never got involved. May have been that Mom didn’t have time due to work or there wasn’t a nearby troop. I tried to get E in the local group, but it’s not very organized. Me and another mom were going to be the leaders for her age group. Paid the money to have the background check done and never heard back from her. Kinda sucks, ’cause I was really looking forward to having a personal source for those Thin Mints. 😉

  20. Louise says:

    I just polished off an entire box of Thin Mints! Okay so it took me a day or two or three but seriously, an entire box! Marion hit the new Savannah Smiles. She said they tasted good but she was wanting a cookie not a “throat lozenge”!

    Thanks for sharing, Channon and the link hugs too:)

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