World Cancer Day?

Several blogs I follow have sported this powerful badge today.

I can’t find the origins, and THIS website says the date was last month.  Whatever.  I don’t think we can talk enough about cancer, promote awareness, or fight for a cure.

I’m totally copying Sue’s spin on this post.

Gold – for Angel Princess Hope


Scope it Out 5k - find one near you!

Blue for my grandmother and aunt






May is HWC Month with Pampered Chef

Pink for a family friend fighting the fight, my sister’s friend and co-worker, friends who have fought the fight… and for my physician

Gosh, there are so many.  This is SO hard… there’s someone for nearly every ribbon…





Teal for the Knight’s aunt



MRM Fred Sit upSkin cancer, thyroid cancer, non-Hodgkin’s large cell lymphoma…  The list really is unending and at this point, I fear I’ll accidentally omit someone important to me, like our own Fred and all the other sweet, sweet dogs this awful disease has taken from us…

So you see, it doesn’t matter that some big non-profit “celebrated” this day last month.  There’s never a wrong time to talk about cancer, to promote awareness, to mourn those taken from us, but don’t forget to celebrate the survivors.  As heart-breaking as the losses are, there are the celebrations of life for the conquerors.   One day, there will be more celebrations.

4 comments on “World Cancer Day?

  1. sue says:

    Someone sent me the graphic with this date. It doesn’t really matter because we have to stay aware and continue to fight every day. I hate thinking about how many are touched by this horrible disease.

  2. gmariesews says:

    Far too many have been touched by this desease. and the date truly doesn’t matter keeping it in the forefront of our minds is what matters. g

  3. Nichole says:

    i totally missed this one… thanks for the post and info!

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