Is less more?

March 2012 004Happy first day of spring!  (My apologies to those with allergies who are now muttering and swearing…)

I’m going to jump right in on the subject of today’s post.  Now, this isn’t about downsizing or a minimalist attitude…  It’s about over-marketing…  I think.

Long-time readers know I look forward to the release of the new Vera Bradley patterns.   Seasoned Vera fans will remember when that only happened a couple of times a year, with maybe only a couple of new prints, depending on how many older prints were being retired.  However, these days, Vera rolls out four new “signature” prints every season, not counting any limited edition collections they might toss in there too.

I think Vera has gotten carried away with herself.  All of the patterns are starting to remind me of former patterns, and honestly, I think they missed the boat with their colors for “summer”.  Where’s the tangerine?  PANK?  Nautical feel? 

Courtesy of Inside Stitch

Lime’s Up.  Now… if you know me “in real life” you probably know I adore lime, both as a flavor and as a color.  So it breaks my heart to give this color/pattern a big ol’ raspberry. 

I will be watching for anything done in the secondary pattern…  I like that much, MUCH better than the attempted wood block stamped flower stuff all over the primary pattern.   Ironic, since I enjoy stamping as a craft, but evidently, not as a technique on a potential handbag.

Courtesy of Inside Stitch

Priscilla Pink.  Nearly PANK, so you’d think I’d love it, right?  Wrong.  Nope…  Something about this combo just leaves me flat.   

Now, to be fair, my inner preppy likes the hue pairings just fine, so maybe the splash of greens and whites in there will grow on me.   But just as with the pattern above, it’s hardly fresh.  Vera has done so much with pink and green and blue/green/yellow so if they’re going to stick with those tried and true combos, they really have to get creative and make sure they’re fresh. 


Courtesy of Inside Stitch

Summer Cottage is actually my favorite of the new offerings.  The contrast fabric does have that navy ‘n white nautical thing, right?  But as with the other fabrics this season, it reminds me of another Vera pattern, one of my all-time favorites, Hope Garden (scroll on down to Spring ’09).  I do love the very clearly identifiable daisies!

And yet… it’s too floral for me.  Fickle creature, am I?  Maybe.  But I know that while I like the print, I wouldn’t want it as my handbag.  A glasses case or something maybe, but not as the “show the world” fabric on my shoulder.


Courtesy of Inside Stitch

Doodle Daisy is more of the same.  More blues and greens, but somehow, it IS that fresher approach that makes me not grumpy about it.   I’m pretty sure I won’t rush out and buy it either, but I give the Vera team props for this one.

Before you tsk, tsk me and call me two-faced, I *DO* realize that most of my warm-weather wardrobe is blue and/or green.  I have already noted on this blog that I can’t seem to stop buying blue Lilly P dresses, even though I admire their splashes of color in many, many hues.    However, I do hold international industries to a different standard…  They need to think about more than what I have in my closet and what looks great with my eyes and my ever-blonder hair.  (Hem.  Don’t judge.  I’ve embraced a line a friend shared and I’m not going grey; I’m returning to the blonde of my childhood.)

So, Vera fan or not, weigh in.  What do you think of these patterns?  I *DO* think there are some great baby bag options there for the 147 friends of mine with a wee one on the way.

And how do you feel about what’s feeling like too much, too often from Vera?  It’s odd, because with Lilly P, I love that they roll out a new, few patterns every couple of days (or so it feels), and I pout when a new fabric I adore doesn’t come in an item I’d wear.   But then, I change outfits at least daily (usually a few times per day… nightie to work, work to workout, workout to evening meeting…) and believe it or not folks, I’ve been carrying the same bag for several months now. 

What say you?

14 comments on “Is less more?

  1. Nancy says:

    I like Summer Cottage, but I am still using my Vera Bradley from two/three years ago. So, I will not be purchasing any new items from this summer line.

  2. gmariesews says:

    hmmm – I think for the very reason that I carry the same bag for months on end – I like a solid bag. Mostly because my closet holds lots of prints. After awhile all Vera looks the same to me. Plus, I think it’s hard to tell in a limited snippet what the fabric looks like in their product. Even different styles within the same fabric can look so very different.

    hmmm – did I answer *any* of the questions? g

  3. Blond Duck says:

    Quality over quantity! Maybe you’re just burned out on VB….

  4. AlisonH says:

    There are a number of Chinese-sourced yarns I love but where all the colors are ones that would look good on someone who lives there (well, sure, that makes sense.) But Scandinavian skin, not so much. When the yarn in question is sheared from happily living minks, I want it to look good on me!

  5. Katherine says:

    Oh WAY too much WAY too often!! Priscilla Pink is almost there but nothing Vera has presented lately compares to my old lime, hot pink and black pattern. I saw an actress on a TV show recently who had a bag in my old Vera design. I wondered if it was an old bag or if she has a source the rest of us know nothing about. LOL!

    As for spring/summer clothing, I am in love with Talbot’s Flame line. It will be all things Flame for me this spring!!

  6. Sue says:

    I love Summer Cottage! The others are too dull and yes I do think too many, too often dilutes not only the patterns and colors, but the buyer’s . These all seem familiar.

  7. Nichole says:

    I think Summer Cottage is my favorite of the choices as well…

  8. kathy b says:

    I love summer cottage too! ! I have to agree that vera’s limited availability of the past made it more appealing somehow…..

  9. Louise says:

    Uh oh, I can tell already I will not be having a “Style” board on Pinterest. I know nil about this stuff. Vera who??? Many of these prints remind me of Schumacher Fabric from long ago. I think they made wallpaper too!

    Thanks for sharing, Chan. I take the fifth, lol…

  10. Mr. Puffy says:

    No Sissy, more is definitely more :))) That photo cracks me up! I don’t follow trends too much but I think with a signature line so distinct like Vera Bradley that it’s hard to keep recreating an “original” idea over and over. BTW I now use Google Chrome and really like it – thanks for recommending it.

  11. I kind of like Limes Up, but because the cost is so stinking high, I don’t/won’t buy a new bag every season! I’m okay with them putting out new stuff constantly…but then, I also find it easy to ignore since I know I won’t be buying unless it is LOVE.

  12. Blond Duck says:

    I do want to go shopping for new twirly dresses…

  13. Julie says:

    If I were to buy a VB, it would be Priscilla Pink because I wear pink and green mostly, and plain, not in a pattern. My favorite bag now is still Floral Nightengale from a little while back. It seems to go with nearly everything I wear.

  14. I haven’t been impressed with any of their new patterns in almost two years. Kinda sad, too, since I’d really developed a love for all things Vera. 😦

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