All Rev’d up…

… and not sure where to go.  (Please.  Cue the Meatloaf! WARNING – not necessarily meant for little ears.)  There’s music that never fails to energize me, and that entire album does it… even the slow, sad songs.  It reminds me of college and three exceptionally dear girlfriends (two of whom I’m still in touch with)… and so much more.

March 2012 001

Baby sock bounty from gMarie

But I digress – as usual.  The title really speaks to something I’ve been working on in my analysis paralysis fashion for over a year.  See…  Chanknits just isn’t me anymore.  Chan is still a knitter, even a very part-time knitting instructor, but it in no way speaks to who I really am.  Just typing my blog address makes me feel guilty because I haven’t knitted in well over a week, and all those babies await handknits!  (Never mind that only one has arrived, and he got two hats and a pair of the generous gMarie‘s baby socks…)

So, I’ve been fiddling around with potential blog names, blog hosts, and I was all set to move, maybe even today…

And then Blogger happened.  See…  I was going to move back to Blogger because WordPress is being mean to some of my friends.  Seems if you’ve EVER had a WP account, they intend to MAKE YOU leave a comment under that identity, whether it is relevant, whether you remember your name or password or not.  Likewise, at least one of those gal-pals has done similar battle with OpenID.  Her email is linked to an account for which she no longer remembers… anything, so she can’t reset her password because she can’t remember her OpenID … ID.

All of that made Blogger look good, along with the little line they’ve slapped at the bottom of the trial blog I created long ago that says all content belongs to me.  Then yesterday, another friend pointed out a proprietary problem she and Google+ are having.  Pause and insert cause for concern.  Then this morning, I’ve been unable to leave comments on SOME Blogspot (aka: Blogger) blogs.  I get an error code and told to copy said code and go to some user’s group… no thanks. 

The point of all this is I guess that leaves Typepad.  I think they have a free version, but I’ve been advised to explore their … for hire version.  It gripes me to pay for something I could get for free, but at this point, I’m so tired of Blogger and WordPress doing crazy bunk without warning and of not being able to comment or receive comments…

Stay tuned.  Maybe I’ll have a new place soon… maybe I won’t.  All input is appreciated.

What’s up for your weekend?

15 comments on “All Rev’d up…

  1. gmariesews says:

    with no place to go! That’s a great song and a fabulous album!

    I have no weekend plans at all. Even the dentist said to throw drugs at him and stay clear. Seriously. How sad is that? So – I’m eating, doing a wee bit of shopping for exercise equipment I want and may or may not use and then I’ll go sew. I wish the modem was set up so I could be connected in the basement – oh wait, i can! With my phone. Win /Win.


  2. Barbara S. says:

    Maybe there is a priority thing when using Google+? As in I haven’t noticed it using plain Google, but then again I may not be paying very close attention. As to problems with comments, I haven’t been leaving enough to notice. (I need to get out of thi funk!)
    As to the weekend, I get a little over a day with Hubband, annual bake sale at church, Palm Sunday, and I’m guessing that kind of sums it up.

  3. Katherine says:

    What to do, what to do? I have to say that WordPress did me wrong! I only went with them because the blog was tied to the Comfort Zone Needle website. After 5 years of paying for a blog account they went wonky on me and started letting every John Doe and Ann Shmoe hack into my account and change things. I wouldn’t trust them again!

    I have never had a problem with Blogger. I was with them before WordPress and came back after the hacking fiasco. Still no problems except that photo upload is sometimes slow. I just go about my business, come back later and it works.

    Good luck with the move!! Are Gretchen and Sissy moving too?

  4. AlisonH says:

    My blog used to be on Blogger, and it would randomly delete a post in response to my clicking “publish.” I learned to copy it just beforehand just in case. Hopefully they’ve fixed the many bugs they had back then–I’ve been on WP for quite awhile now.

  5. Marjie says:

    I have a WP blog for the business, which I’m ashamed to say I haven’t published to for a while. I always log out and then close the browser when I’m done, so I can use blogger and comment on WP blogs using my normal identity, rather than the corporate one. I haven’t had any problems with blogger. As Katherine said, sometimes photo upload is a little slow, but I find it easier than WP. I just take the photos directly out of my computer’s hard drive, rather than store them on some online account and then post from there.

    Weekend plans? New sewing machine, maybe. Sunshine, hopefully. Not much else. Slow is good.

  6. Nichole says:

    Knock on wood – so far Blogger is still a working over here… with some minor changes and tweaks, but still working nonetheless.

  7. Sue says:

    Rob recently started a blog on WordPress, but I couldn’t comment on it and I couldn’t see the pictures he posted, so he closed it and went with Blogger. I sometimes have trouble seeing your pictures on WordPress and a couple times it’s not let me comment. Blogger has been fairly good for me. Occasionally they upgrade something and it causes problems for a few days, but they’re very responsive to complaints and reports of problems.

    I started knitting a couple days ago. It’s been three months and boy, has that been hard. But, I wanted to give my hand a decent rest and so far it’s been OK. I’m trying to take frequent breaks and be more disciplined. So far, so good.

    Music has strong effects on me. There are important memories attached to many songs, but there’s one that Sue introduced me to that really is great for getting energized. It’s 500 Miles by the Proclaimers. I love that beat.

  8. Barbara says:

    Well, I’m in Chrome. I’ll see it it lets me comment.
    You know I like blogger. Simple to use and frankly, I think the problems today have to do with Chrome, not blogger.
    But I digress too. I like the name Chan Knits. You do still knit, nobody expects you to talk about knitting every day anyway.
    (BTW: the woman I mentioned in my email who’s in Hospice, was a past Pres. of the US Quilting society.)

  9. Nancy says:

    I’m with Blogger, but noticed they have an “upgrade” coming in April. I do not like change and resist it whenever I can. I refused to change my Dashboard to their ridiculous “upgrade” last time. I hope I will be able to fly under the radar and keep what I have now once more.

    Another reader told me this morning she tried to leave a comment and got an “error” message, yet when I left a “test” comment, it was published without an error. I don’t even begin to understand why it is happening.

  10. Blond Duck says:

    I love that Meatloaf and Marion song.

  11. Louise says:

    As you know, Channon, I’ve been searching for a new home for quite a while now. It’s all so confusing and most have some sort of an issue or another. I’m just learning of the WordPress problem and I agree, making it difficult for people to comment is not Internet friendly. I’m just curious as to whether there would be the same problem if you bought your own domain with WordPress? (ie If you would have to pay anyway and are happy with everything else WordPress has to offer perhaps you would be better off investing the money in your own domain. I don’t think it costs that much. Just something to nibble on for the weekend:) further research needed…

    As for the weekend, Marion went plant crazy this year and I have boxes, I tell ya, boxes of seedlings to plant whether they or I like it or not!!!

  12. Amy says:

    “Nothin’ but a lonely old American boy, looking out for something to do. Nothing but a lonely American girl, but you were something like a dream come true!” I love that song – one of my favs!

    This weekend, we’re cleaning. Cleaning the basement, in prep to move the craft room down there as well as the cat boxes, so we can start the nursery before I get too big. Cleaning the house in general, because we’ve been so lazy lately.

    John’s folks are coming over on Sunday and we’re going to grill out, which should be really nice.

    Have a great weekend!!!

  13. kathy b says:

    Wherever you go , there I’ll be. Im pretty happy with blogger. Occasional issues, but really not many

  14. Meh to the whole bloggy world.At one time or another they’ve all given me grief. I have no serious complaints with WordPress, and I have been with them for 4 or 5 yrs now…Weekend plans? No clue. Hubs is on-call, so only time will tell.

  15. Well, you already got my opinion. 😉 I’ll follow wherever you end up.

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