Dogeared Thorsday

Happy Thorsday, little friday, Maundy Thursday, Thankful Thursday, last regular JLC board meeting of the year… and anything else I missed.

Gate open 2

Consider this copyrighted!

I hijacked the girls’ blog today, but I love the photo shared there so much that I’m slapping it up here too.  If you want to know the rest of the story though, click over

Good grief.  I had no idea how hectic April would be.  March was a little hairy, but this is insane.  Last night, I actually made the calculated choice to tend to some League business rather than finish up our taxes.  Hem.  Maybe the IRS knew I needed a little extra time this year, because no one seems to be able to tell me why they’re not due on the 16th, as the 15th falls on a Sunday.  If you know, do share!  I mean, I’m grateful, because at this rate, I’ll be polishing ours up the evening of the 16th, but… why the 17th?

Anyhow, since it is Thorsday (aka: Dogs on Thursday), you’ve gotta’ see this new to me line of jewelry those fab BonBon Rose Girls introduced me to this morning!  It’s called Dogeared Jewels & Gifts.  How could I do anything but love it and covet it?!

Courtesy of Dogeared

Seriously.  It’s as though they know me and built a line of goods for me to desire.  (It’s not too late for the Knight to order that one for me for Easter and print a photo and shove it in a PANK plastic egg…)

Or this one.

Thankful Thursday?  I’m thankful for great weather, which includes a cloudy day with seasonal temps that seem a little chilly, given that it was 20 degrees warmer yesterday.   I’m thankful for the Knight and his  annoying   wacky sense of humor.  I’m thankful all the dedicated volunteers who make the world a better place.  I’m thankful for the promise and renewal of the Easter season. 

August 2010 003

Summer 2010

However, I’m fighting the urge to get a new Easter frock.   I have more than one new with tags dress in my closet, but the little girl within is stomping her foot, craving something floral and/or ruffly, with patent leather shoes and a little hat.  Gretchen however, isn’t resisting at all.  She insists the Five Sibes’ Easter Parade means she MUST have something new and PANK immediately!!  (Sorry doll…  I think that like your mama, you already have PLENTY of options.  Shop your closet.)

Do you  have any Easter traditions?


13 comments on “Dogeared Thorsday

  1. km says:

    We had our traditional Easter Party with friends yesterday. I’m so thankful for that. Some traditions seem to go by the wayside when you lose family members.

    I got this skirt And a tank. And this jean jacket

    I’m so excited because this is the first new Easter outfit I’ve had in a few years. My shoes came yesterday…I knew the navy would be that color, but I had seen these in the store last year. They fit good. I have a high instep, so I have to squeeze my foot in, but then it’s good and I know the canvas will stretch in the instep.

    I’m starting to think this should be a post and not a comment. Maybe I’m hinting to myself.

  2. kathy b says:

    Okay That diaper pin is adorable…nursery nurse needs one!\

    Easter Traditions: Jelly beans till our stobmach’s ache
    Silly Putty eggs in the baskets.
    Fannie mae cream eggs
    Butter in the shape of a Lamb

  3. AlisonH says:

    Your girls are so cute!

    Here, Easter dinner is always a big deal.

  4. gmariesews says:

    Love those photos and that jewelry is incredible. However, I *need* more jewelry like you *need* more dresses! Take your advice to GG and shop your closet. Loved that!

    Easter traditions – We walk houndies; JB plays in the yard; I sew; then TMO comes over and we have ham, mashed potatoes and asperagus. g

  5. Katherine says:

    Taxes due 17th because Emancipation Day is Monday. I don’t know where that came from because I thought it was Patriot’s Day!

    Anyway, I miss the kids Easter egg hunts and every year want to plan one of my own. The neighbors already think I’m crazy so why not?

    Love the odd-shaped pearl necklace! We think Sissy needs a new pink tiara and of course Gretchen needs a new PANK dress!!!

  6. Mr. Puffy says:

    So much going on over at your place!!! I had not heard of the Hunger Games until the movie did so well on its opening weekend and now I’m kinda curious. I have been doing a massive Spring clean and have 14 coming to a seder dinner on Friday (Passover) but other than that I have been enjoying a break from pressure and work – and for that I’ve very thankful!

  7. Sue says:

    Usually it’s Massachusetts that changes tax day. I’m not sure what their reason is.

    When I was little I used to get an entire new outfit for Easter, including shows and hat. The works. Can’t imagine what that would cost these days. It sure is cheaper to have dogs than kids even with that enormous vet bill we had this week.

    We’ll be having our annual Easter Biscuit Hunt. Last year we got rained out, but this year looks good. Morgan and Tsar will have an abbreviated hunt in the front yard so they don’t get jostled in the excitement.

  8. Marjie says:

    Easter Sunday falls on Saturday here (at least as far as the big dinner is concerned) so everyone can pig out and leave Sunday afternoon for wherever they must be. Hidden baskets on Sunday, of course, with a candy pig-out, and no holiday is complete without a pretty dress.

  9. no special traditions anymore, but this year we are going out with jeanne and john to dinner.

  10. Amy says:

    It seems that my new Easter tradition is work! Seriously; it always falls on my weekend to work. Honestly, it was never a big deal with our family outside of a meal and hunting for eggs as kids, so I don’t mind being on the job for it. Besides, someone needs to take care of the patients.

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  11. Every Easter we watch “The Ten Commandments”. It’s a tradition that hubster brought with him and I have to admit, the kids and I enjoy it. Considering attending a church service, but with my niece’s Christening the day before and family in town, I think the kids and hubster both would like a more relaxed day.

  12. startide21 says:

    I really don’t know what to do about wordpress…it’s seriously pissing me off.

  13. Blond Duck says:

    Ok, it’s Miranda, I’m still fighting wordpress. Have a good Easter!

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