Woolpet Puppies

Happy Thorsday, little friday, thankful thursday and last day of May!   Over the weekend, I ventured up to Dog House Yarns and I came home with a little kit so that I can try to craft a little felted JRT to go with the big ol’ felted basset I was gifted.

May 2012 004

Close one eye and squint…  we can pretend that’s a JRT, right?  Oh well.  It’s similar enough that *IF* I get the hang of felting at all, I MIGHT be able to get the right colors and craft a JRT… maybe?

May 2012 005And someone wanted to see the sand made from jeans yarn.   There it is.  It’s not a very exciting photo, but I’m hoping it will yield a great little neutral shruggish-vesty-bolero thing I can get a lot of use out of this summer and beyond.

Before I forget, Gretchen is whining  has a few questions for the dog walkers out there. 

Now, for the thankful part.  My girlfriends don’t get enough press.  Today’s a little bittersweet… one of them is moving away.  Now, I know our community is rather transient, what with the University and all, but the Knight and I are both natives, and I’m really good at denial as a coping mechanism…  That, and as much grief as I give podunk, I really wouldn’t want to permanently reside anywhere else.  We’re not far from the mountains, the ocean, a couple of big cities, and yet we’re fairly rural.  Except when I’m shopping, I love it here, and I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t put down roots and stay forever.


My friend and #2 at #1’s “Chief for the Day” experience, 2010

I digress.  Anyway, it’s been my pleasure to be her friend, to watch her family grow from newlyweds to one, two and now three beautiful children, and two of the sweetest, best-behaved dogs on top of it all.  (A Newfie and a Labradoodle)  She and her husband have been remarkably supportive of the League and several other non-profits in the community and while I know they aren’t delighted to leave, I’m having trouble not pouting out loud about it. 

Yes, we live in an age of air travel and Facebook will keep us connected too, but it’s not the same as a sweet smile, a big hug, or even an eye roll when needed.   I am really glad that I got to know her and her family, but they will be missed, greatly.

What are you thankful for today?


A few weeks ago, a friend sent me a link to look at some other shoes, and somehow, I stumbled upon Sofft’s Morocco and fell in love.  I became obsessed with zip up the back espadrilles.  Never mind that I’m not a suede shoe fan…  I wanted these badly. 

And as it happens once in a great while, Planet Shoes had a great sale, and Ebates had an even better special offer, and so…  I got the shoes for a song… or rather, a price I could live with.

May 2012 002They arrived yesterday.   While the Knight got ready to go to the funeral home, I tested out my new shoes.  Sofft is known for its focus on comfort, so I wasn’t shocked that they were ready to go, right out of the box.  I had a moment’s hesitation…  hot coral (or FLAME as I call it) isn’t exactly visitation-friendly.  However, the deceased and his son were/are both in the fire service, and the “family night” was already a little untraditional, with the “wear a hat in his memory” even listed in the official obituary.

It only took a nudge from a friend who also loves FLAME and has relatives in the fire service; I changed skirts and headed out.  I left my uncertainty in the parking lot, when our friend (grieving son) noticed my footwear on the way up the steps into the funeral home.   (The Knight was also far more comfortable wearing his ballcap in when he saw his friend also sporting a fire department ballcap.)

May 2012 003They’re just as comfy as my beloved Dansko Sissys, which is what I had on prior to arriving home and finding the Planet Shoes box on the porch.  (The Sissys caused the faint red mark on the top of my foot/ankle; not pain, just a little indentation from the ankle strap.)  This shot also shows the “hot coral” vs. the red of the Sissys.

And the Knight earned his nickname all over again; the skies went from from ominous to downpour while we were in the firehouse, but he pulled the truck inside so my new (untreated… did I mention we were in a hurry to get across the county for the viewing?) suede shoes and I stayed perfectly dry.  Yes, yes…  I’ll be spraying them down before I wear them out again, but it was worth it to see our friend grin over my shoes!

What do you call that night before the funeral, pay your respects time?  I just realized that within this one little post, I’ve used viewing, family night and visitation…

PS – If you’re wondering, yes I bought the Dansko Sissys just because of the name.  I love Dansko and knew they’d be comfortable, and how could I resist?  Now, I’m on the lookout for some PANK shoes that just happened to be the style Gretchen…

The Webster

Did you have a nice weekend?  Here in the States, it was a three-day weekend for a lot of us, to honor Memorial Day and all those who gave their lives so that we can live in the land of the free.  I am fortunate that none of my close friends or family who have served – or are serving – have made the ultimate sacrifice, but war always has a human toll.  My deepest, heart-felt thanks to those who serve and have served, including their loved ones holding down the fort at home.

We had a quiet day.  I talked to the photo of my dad in his (Marine Corps) utilities, taken not long after he enlisted.  Then we – Dad’s photo, the fur-girls and I – watched A Few Good Men.   (I thought I had scanned that photo of Dad, but I don’t see it in Flickr.  Sorry.)  I always cry at the end when Harold salutes Tom Cruise’s character…

Saturday, I ventured up to Dog House Yarns.   I snagged some Kollage Riveting in the sport weight, in the sand hue.  It’s destined to be a little shrug, most likely Plymouth 1741.  In case you didn’t click over, Riveting is made from old jeans.   Given how much I love denim, this delights me far more than it should.  I’m pretty sure the cotton will be hard on my hands while I’m knitting, but that’s okay; it’ll be worth it.

Has anyone else fallen down The Webster at Target rabbit hole?!  I was pleasantly surprised to find a pretty good selection at my local store on Saturday, and this little number had to come live with me. 

There were several other items I would have snatched up if I wasn’t practicing some restraint and if they’d had what caught my eye in my size.  

Why yes, this is the summer of the tee-shirt dress it seems.  This makes #4 for me, and we won’t talk about how many other summer dresses I own.   I love pulling on a dress, shoving my feet in some sandals and calling myself dressed.

I also love the colors in this dress.  My first formal dress was a seafoam green, and hunter green is a staple in my wardrobe.   I’m hung up on coral, and I always prefer cream over white, so what’s not to love?!



Felted Friends

Happy Friday!!  Remember the first day out of school?

Yeah.  That’s what this feels like, even though I’m at work.  Last night’s annual meeting & dinner was awesome.   I’m going to have to hit Pinterest and Google later to see if I can find a recipe for the white bean pasta salad.  Most of the meal was great… aside from the green, chilled soup.  It was probably cream based, and all I could taste was onion…

Why no, there aren’t any photos.  I did pose for one that I remember with Jess and Janie, so if it surfaces and I don’t look as wiped out as I did when I got home…  maybe.


Instead, I’ll show you the exceptionally cool gifts from Janie, the outgoing president.  First up is the happy felted basset that was tied into the bow on my package.  (Wrapped in the Lilly P crab paper!!) 

She’s the first felted item that makes me REALLY want to learn.  You have to see her face close up… 


See the pink under her eye?!  So realistic!  Can you see the rolls on her chest?!  There are some on the back of her head as well.  “Loose skin” even on a felted basset!  Joy!!  I’m so glad Janie found her for me.  I might have to venture to Dog House Yarns & More and snag a needle felting kit and start teaching myself…

photo.JPGInside the purdy package was a framed picture of the collaborating co-leaders from the Vintage Vegas photo booth.  I apologize for the quality, but I lacked the energy to go to the study, turn on (maybe even plug in) the scanner…

My favorite is the bottom left, although the bottom right is more indicative of our personalities.  Janie’s poised and sweet, and I’m a little irreverent and silly. 

(On the off chance you care, her dress is PANK, and mine is black with metallic gold.  Between the red background in the booth and the crazy boa I wore all night after acting like a three-year old until the Knight bought yet another ticket in whatever drawing was handing out said boas… )

Dress Barn petite maxi

Oh – and I’m wearing my orange-red-whatever maxi today.  No, you may not have a photo.  I look like something the cat brought in, and I didn’t drink a drop of wine last night.  However, it’s not the dress’s fault.  It’s breezy and comfy.  I feel like I’m in my night gown.  I think skorts just got bumped from summer uniform status, or will as soon as I score some more petite maxis.  Anyone have some suggestions?

(And the paisley blues?  They’re green.  The dress is orange, green, gold, wine and white.)

You didn’t REALLY think I was done shopping, did you?

Any Memorial Day weekend plans?  Don’t forget to remember why we have a Memorial Day.  Thank a veteran.  Salute a flag.  Bow your head when you pass a cemetery…

Ticked Off

No, I’m not in a bad mood, not at all.  Gretchen has a cute post about today’s big news, so since it is Thorsday, I’m going to ask you a kinda’ dog-related question.

What do you – the humans – do to prevent ticks on YOU?  My girls have their preventatives, but the Knight and I have both found literally countless ticks on US. 


Random bandana cuteness from 2009

Since that’s a rather gross topic, let me lighten the mood with the PWD’s 4th Annual Bandana Day!   We’re already scheming and planning and will probably take photos this weekend – if it isn’t so hot Sissy wilts.

Thankful Thursday?  I’m so thankful for the so-fabulous leaders in the League.  To the outgoing leaders, I thank you for your dedication, for all the late nights and long discussions that have set up the incoming leaders for great success, for the friendships, and for the willingness to move us forward as an organization. 

There’s also a special thanks to the office revitalization team.  We’ve been in our current space about 8 years, and I’ve literally never seen the back wall before.  Now, it sports one of our “historic” banners.   Given my pack-rat ways and my analysis paralysis, I especially appreciate that these women, my friends, frequently just left me out of the loop when they planned these work sessions. 

What are you thankful for this little friday before a long weekend here in the States?

Let’s Conga!

I love coral.  I’m soaking it up while I can, while it’s still a fashionable hue.  Sadly, one of the coral tees I bought last year is already stained, so I’ll need to find more!  

One of the things I like about coral is it goes with almost everything.   Enter Opi’s Conga Line Coral.   I don’t remember when I’ve been so happy with a polish color.  My toes are happy too.  Not too bold, but not blah either.

What color are your toes sporting?

Great Danes and Rescues

Why no, this isn’t a dogs on thursday post, but it could be.  I owe you three book reports, and the way my mind works these days, it’s all or nothing, now or never.

First up is Opal Fire and the dashing Dane named Thor, who is the main character’s familiar.  You see, Stacy Justice is a witch, whether she likes it or not.

This isn’t deep, even for a cozy, but if you like Charmed-style witchcraft, good dogs, a hunky fire chief and have ever been embroiled in small-town life where everyone knows everyone else’s business, you’ll enjoy this light read.   Personally, I’m glad there are already two more books in the series, because I’ll want to keep reading about the Geraghty Girls, their nieces and of course, Thor.

I have a soft spot for Great Danes.  I’ve known a couple of great ones (Mosby and Moose, both very large fawn-colored guys with very large, soft hearts.)  Of course, I also have a very misty, wisty part of my heart that still belongs to one gentle giant of another fawn colored sort, even though I never got to meet him in person.  Many of you were also great fans of the gentle-dog named Thor.

Why yes, I will read a book just because there’s a dog on the cover, in the cast of characters, etc.  Won’t you!?

With Thor the familiar on my mind, it’s not exactly a surprise that I opened Amazing Gracie: A Dog’s Tale when I found myself languishing at the firehouse one evening.   That’s the whole point of having i-stuff, isn’t it?  I read blogs, I download free books, and then they wait for me in my i-stuff apps until I need them…

Oh, but this post isn’t about how awesome i-stuff is… but it could be.  I find I read more on my i-stuff (-Pad, -Pod Touch, -Phone) than I do on my Nook, in part because I always have my i-stuff within hand’s reach, but also because I like the dictionary feature better in the Kindle app.

Back to the review trying to be in progress.

This one is non-fiction.  If you don’t know that Gracie inspired Three Dog Bakerywell… you do now.  But even if you don’t know TDB, this is a powerful tale about dogs as family, dogs as muses, with a dash of the good ol’ American dream on top.  (If you don’t know TDB, many of their products are Sissy- approved, which is to say corn and walks on land animal free.)

Anyway, it’s a beautiful little read about a beautiful, deaf, albino Great Dane.  Dan thought he was rescuing her, but those of you who know dogs know who really rescued whom.   Who would like this book?  Dog lovers, entrepreneurs and any sucker for a happy ending.

Last but hardly least is yet another Virginia wine country cozy, but it’s a new series by another Virginia author.  Joyce Harmon has a refreshing style that reminds me of my Nana… not that Nana would have EVER sported a video gamer’s graphic tee or jeans…

But Cissy Rayburn is that kinda’ nana, and she’s the story-teller in Died on the Vine.   Polly is a mixed breed, but a large one who certainly COULD be part Great Dane, and she finds the body that makes this a mystery.  The neighbor also has well-behaved labradors and there are countless cats in there too.  See…  Cissy takes any cat that stays on her property a week to the vet to get “fixed”…  at least one eventually went home to its rightful owner a couple of parts lighter…  Hem.

Anyway, unlike the other VA wine country series I’ve enjoyed, the wine/vineyard is merely a background setting for this book.  It was a little lighter than that other series, but it was very pleasant and I’ll definitely be looking forward to the rest of this series too.  I’m pretty sure I know the real region the author based her fictitious location on too.  See, I used to gallivant all through Little Washington

And because I have no functional memory right now (long, but true story), I’m reading a sample of Elvis and the Dearly Departed next.   Don’t you see the basset on the cover?!

Don’t worry Gretchen.  I have the rest of the Jack Russell, Dog Detective series to read when I REALLY need light reading.

Has your reading ever gone to the dogs?

Backup and then some

Warning… rant ahead.

September 2011 007

Gretchen pins the Digital Data Eater Cheetah

I was sitting here minding my own business, having a happy Friday, playing fetch with Gretchen at work, when I got the bright idea to dig through some old minutes to get some data someone had requested.

Boom!  The data-eating digital monster strikes again.  I thought it was just me…  I don’t claim to be the greatest when it comes to navigating through the administrative, “back door” portions of our website.  Wrong.  Important stuff is GONE, without even a trail that it was ever uploaded… and it was.  

September 2011 008

Sissy has the purple Data Eater under control

This isn’t the first time this has happened.  It isn’t the only problem we’re having either.  Thanks for listening to my fussin’, but talking about it isn’t making me feel better after all, so I think I’m going to start to ponder what I’ll fix for dinner or something equally exciting.

Any big weekend plans that might distract me, even for a moment?

Oh – and about the title?  Consider this a public service announcement and back up your important stuff, even if it isn’t your responsibility.  Some day, you might be the incoming president who has to cry over digitally eaten stuff from years ago.

Bring on Little Friday!

Whew.  This has been a long week for some reason.  Each hour of every day has been dragging by…  Happy Thorsday, little friday and thankful Thursday to you!  How goes your week?

May 2013 006

Gretchen has published a letter on their blog.   Seems neither she nor Sis like the hat(s) much.   Hrmph.  Oh well.  Kathy, the whole point of this hat and these photos was to make you laugh.  Did it work?

As for me, I *LOVE* that photo of Sis.  It’s not so much DIVA as Queen Mum-like, but I think it’s a great look for her.  It was also fun chatting with the staff at the little shop where I found said hat; they totally appreciated that I was buying it for the dog!!

May 2013 003It’s not a bad hat.  It’s lightweight, happy, and will shield the wearer from the sun in a serious way.  *I* thought it was a cute on yard patrol hat for Sissy, but Gretchen’s letter suggests that I am alone in my opinion.  I know the Knight dislikes the hat…

Thankful Thursday?  I’m thankful for the Knight and his new favorite TV show, Duck Dynasty.   Yes, I’m perfectly serious.  If you don’t have an Uncle Si… well, ask your parents about the relative that made them decide they weren’t taking you to family reunions anymore.  Trust me… we all have an Uncle Si.  He’s a lot of fun, and nowhere near as crazy as he seems. 

Which means I’m thankful too for my uncles, and a couple of the Knight’s as well.  I have some awesome uncles, I really do. 

Are there TV personalities that remind you of your family?

Comment Cap Test Knit

What a joy to test knit for friends!!  The most awesome Kathy posted a darling little baby hat last week, and then patiently recreated her pattern in a newborn edition just for yours truly, asking only that I show her the results.  Duh?! 

May 2013 007Pattern:  Comment Cap  (I’m sure Kathy will share the pattern if you ask.)

Yarn:  Red Heart Sparkle something in white.  I’d call it DK weight, and Ravelry agrees.

Needles:  US #6 dpns until “cord” topper; then I switched to whatever very wee, short dpns I had in my buddy case.

Verdict:  Yes, please…  I’ll knit another!  Probably in this very same yarn, since so many of my friends are expecting.  That one is going to a precious little guy named Tucker, just as soon as I can figure out what to take for his new big brother (suddenly not an only child)…

May 2013 002In case you don’t speak JRT facial expression language, that says, “I’m NOT a baby… and my feet are wet.  This modeling gig SUCKS.”

… but I wanted you to see the very cute top to the hat, so mission accomplished, even with a disgruntled model.

Do you have a favorite baby hat pattern?  And with “all” of my friends expecting in the summer, are hats appropriate gifts?  Do babies wear hats in the summer?