Accessories for your accessories?

April 2012 007AJLI did a great job with our totes at this conference.  I can’t bring myself to call them “complimentary” because the conference registration fee certainly covers the tote, the materials, the meals and the first-rate speakers, but those of you attending conferences regularly know you can’t take it for granted that you’ll get anything you care to even cart home…

This one’s a keeper.  It’s something I MIGHT have even purchased for myself if it hadn’t been “given” to me.  I’m still pondering having a zipper added on the inside, very top…  Do I take it to a tailor or a shoe repair place?  It’s not a heavy canvas material, which is nice, because that makes it lighter to carry, even when stuffed with a notebook of conference materials, my always-present “lab book” notebook, and an iPad.  I like it so well it’s become my “transition” bag. 

If you’re keeping score at home, that’s League bag #3…

  1. The regular JLC Vineyard Vines bag that is ALWAYS in the car or at my side, chocked full of everything a roaming incoming president of a local non-profit might possibly need.  The lab book is generally in there, but I’m taking notes at the transition meetings, so… 
  2. The current-year Emily Couric Community Advocacy Award bag, which still holds two copies of every application.  One set will get filed in the official ECCAA notebook to be passed along to the next President Elect, and then after our Community Service Recognition Ceremony later this month, THAT bag will be retired.  (Read:  THROWN OUT.  There’s a reason I haven’t shared the winter leadership conference bag with you.  Hem.)
  3. See above… the lovely, preppy, summery tote that will see me through the transition process.

April 2012 009Now, back to the subject of this post.  I have scoffed (or flat-out made fun of) the trend to tie a perfectly good scarf on a handbag.  I may have SNOL’d right there in front of God and everybody in San Fran when the nice AJLI staffer handed me my tote with its scarf tied on.  And then, I caught myself re-tying said scarf, because my stepmom is the bow-tying queen of the free world, and I knew I could do better.

… and then, Friday morning, one color blocking fashionista used said scarf as a belt (I do this ALL the time, not that you’d know… but I do), and did it so well the incoming President of all of AJLI called her up front in front of all the other incoming presidents to strut her stuff.  (She had on a red pencil skirt and a … coral? blouse.  Even if I can’t remember details and didn’t take a picture, trust me; this scarf-belt worked and worked well.)

April 2012 008Anyway, as they did with the similarly styled black tote from the fall conference, they tucked a little JL logo on a sewn-in, exterior tag.   Nothing like some discrete marketing, eh?

There are also interior slip pockets.  If Big Buddha doesn’t hold up, I’ll definitely have a zipper added to the top of this bag and keep on gettin’ it.  That is, right after y’all tell me where to go to get said zipper installed…

How do you feel about accessories for your accessories?

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15 comments on “Accessories for your accessories?

  1. kathy b says:

    Oh I love accessories for accessories. YOu are so funny and talented. i can’t tie a bow to save myself ….
    CUTE new bag very very stylish

  2. StarSpry says:

    What a great bag! I do love the scarf tied on 🙂 Yes, although it seems silly, I do think accessories for accessories are very cute!

  3. Katherine says:

    No bow tying talents here!! I even double knot an apron because I can’t tie a bow, and certainly not behind me. I’m going to go with that as my reason for never having tied a scarf on a tote as an accessory.

    The tote is so classy!! I love it! If you really want a zipper I think a tailor would be the place to go. Their machines will handle even heavy canvas. For myself, I prefer bags to be open so I can throw junk into them in an indiscriminate way. I never zip bags that already have zippers. Also, my bag is not neat inside. My Mom used to call me “purse piggy” but I do try to clean it out at least once a week.

  4. gmariesews says:

    I love the scarf tied on the tote. It’s a very pretty look. I have done that before when I was carrying a solid bag – but lately I’ve had print bags. Currently it’s the ‘Kate Spade’ pink stripes. If you seriously want a zipper take it to a shoe repair place first and ask them – they will have the equipment for getting the zipper into that tight space. One question – is there a fabric flap to add a zipper to?


  5. Nichole says:

    I’ve never sought out accessories for my bags, but that tote/scarf combo is darn cute! That’s actually a very nice take home “gift” from the conference- congrats!

  6. Sue says:

    We have a shoe repair place that we use for all zipper fixes. He’s done jackets and does a great job. Their equipment is made for heavy materials.

    I have a frog watch charm on my purse because I seldom wear a watch anymore. I’m a bit hard on my bags so I don’t know that I’d invest much in the way of accessories, and I can’t tie a nice looking bow. My Mom could, but I didn’t get that gene.

  7. Nancy says:

    If you really love the bag (I think it is great), I would add the zipper. Like Sue suggested, find a good shoe repair shop and inquire.

  8. Kari says:

    im totally into the whole scarf on the bag look, I love it! I think this bag suits you.

  9. Kathy says:

    That is a great bag! Seems like it will “go” with just about anything. You could change the scarf and make it look completely different.

    As for accessories for my accessories, no, not me. Just my personal opinion. I like a really clean, simple look. I even take those tags on “keychains” off Coach bags and those hang tags off Dooney stuff.

  10. Marjie says:

    By all means, take the bag to a shoemaker to have a zipper installed. It won’t cost much, and you will like it better. Do it even if Big Bhudda works out. Love your bow tying; it looks pretty on that bag, and can be changed for a different look, too.

  11. AlisonH says:

    I really, really like that bag. However it comes.

  12. Mr. Puffy says:

    I LOVE this look! Count me in the accessories for my accessories group. Ever so delighted to hear it’s a trend 🙂

  13. Does my purple clip on watch count as an accessory since it hooked on the outside of my little purse?

  14. Honestly, I’d never thought of tying a scarf on a handbag before. Hrm…..

  15. […] switched to the JL khaki tote with its own scarf.  Meh.   The interior slip pockets are too wide and too shallow.  No feet on […]

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