Happy Thorsday, little friday, and thankful Thursday.  Gretchen’s post hints at the week we’ve had.   The Knight and I were looking forward to a relaxing week with almost no evening meetings, but it just wasn’t in the cards.  I’ve found that when it’s harder to count my blessings, that’s actually when I really do have the most to be thankful for!


What is it?

I’m thankful for flowers and other pretty things to make life sparkle.  I’m thankful for the new friends and the deepened friendships this almost-over League year has yielded.  I’m thankful for the excitement of new partnerships and opportunities.

I’m thankful the electrical damages weren’t any worse than they were.  I’m thankful the surge protectors worked.  I’m thankful we found the refrigerator we wanted, in the color we wanted, in stock last night.  I’m thankful we could afford it, even though I still twitch when I think about what it cost.  I’m thankful for our friend, our insurance lady, even when she doesn’t say the words we wanted to hear.  I’m thankful that the claim we couldn’t file means that our insurance – in theory – won’t be going up, nor will we be getting a letter that would upset me tremendously because this would have been our umpteenth electrical-related claim in X number of years.

I’m thankful for our sweet little house in the woods that has survived countless storms of all sorts.   I’m thankful for the Knight, even if he does keep putting my wine bottle behind the milk in the new fridge.  I’m thankful for the faithful fur-girls, who still love me even though I don’t have a good plan for walking now that we’re suddenly in the thick of summer with awful heat and humidity.

What are you thankful for today?


12 comments on “Counting…

  1. gmariesews says:

    lovely list you have there girlfriend. Let’s see if I can carry on:

    I’m thankful for ::girlfriends::good vets who don’t insist on a visit when it isn’t needed::meds in the cupboard::dogs responding to them::long weekends::being appreciated at work – even when I hate it::surprise dates with the husband::good kids::

    Hope your weekend brings you some time to relax. g

  2. Kari says:

    today I am thankful for the support and love I get every month when I have my infusions, I am greatful for m sweet husband who brings me cool washcloths when im puking my guts up 🙂 I im overwhelmed how much my sweet lab loves me and im so greatful for all the sweet online friends ive made, like you 🙂

  3. Nichole says:

    I’m thankful for catching up with a dear friend over lunch today… she’s had a rough year and it was well overdue!
    I’m confused on your electrical issues – I had thought the girls post meant you only had to replace surge protectors, but it sounds like you lost a fridge? 😦 I’m sorry! I’m thankful we’ve only had rain this week and no storms… I’m not sure Zeus could put up with storms right now… poor guy!

  4. Kathy says:

    Got to disagree (what, do I think this is Ravelry?) with the milk bottle in front of the wine bottle. The wine should be front and center! Never know when you might need to reach for it in a hurry.

  5. Marjie says:

    Your Knight isn’t being inconsiderate. He’s making sure you get your exercise in reaching for the wine bottle. Everything counts toward fitness, right? Happy Thorsday.

    And it could have been worse. I’m glad you didn’t have an electrical fire instead of just shorting out surge protectors and frying a fridge. And, hey, you wanted a new fridge anyway, right?

  6. Katherine says:

    The wine bottle definitely goes in front of the milk. We had to replace a fridge two years ago because the old one died–with a mechanical death rattle it just died of old age. I feel for you because I know how much they cost!! But could anyone be unhappy in a world with those sweet fur-babies in it? Not possible!!

  7. Sue says:

    Back in Maryland we had a storm that fried the heat pump, both computers and all the telephones. That’s when welearned about whole house surge protectors and it’s one of the first things we did when we moved here. So far the storms here have only fried one little $2 part and all the expensive stuff has stayed safe.

  8. Blond Duck says:

    Sparkling is the best part of life.

  9. Thankful to be at a B&B with Dear tonight! Did I mention that we get a new fridge on Sunday? Not the style, or even likely the color I would have chosen…..But….$300 for a nearly new $1100 fridge….I said yes.

  10. AlisonH says:

    Yow! Better the fridge, though, than any of you. Glad you’re okay!

  11. Walden121 says:

    Right now, I am thankful it is no longer snowing or hailing and that it is actually quite warm now . . . unfortunately this also comes with some pressure changes and a massive increase in the pollen count.

  12. So very glad it wasn’t worse than it was and that no one was injured. How did the girls handle it?

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