Dog-ma Day?

Happy Thorsday, little friday, thankful Thursday and almost Mother’s Day weekend.  Before I launch into the real topic of my post, I would be remiss if I didn’t direct you to the DIVA’s rant – er, post.   As if Sissy needed another excuse to be full of herself!!

Anyway, one of the pet/dog groups/pages/whatever I follow/”like” on Facebook announced that doggy moms should be celebrated too.  Duh?!  Maybe I just like presents more than I should, but my dogs have “always” honored me on Mother’s Day and the Knight on Father’s Day.  Just in case some of your dogs aren’t as thoughtful as mine, we thought we’d share a few ideas.

Courtesy of Amazon

For the dog-walker mom, Sissy recommends the Camelback pack.  It comes in assorted sizes and colors, and you can buy separate bite valves so the dogs aren’t licking from the same tip you’re putting in your mouth.  Personally, I make Sissy tote our portable bowl… or just clip it to the strap on the pack, because I’m a big ol’ softy like that.

You can also find similar packs at most any sporting goods store or big box store near you, since it is kinda’ last minute.

Courtesy of Amazon

Gretchen suggests Pandora-style dog charms for keeping mom’s mind in the right place even when you’re apart.  There are a HOST of charms out there, but be warned… not all of the beads/charms fit on all of the other brands’ bracelets/necklaces.

Of course, you probably can’t go wrong making a donation to Mom’s favorite dog/pet charity either. 

Do your dogs give you gifts?

March 2011 003

Gretchen demonstrates use of the portable water bowl

For thankful Thursday, I’m very thankful for all the moms in my life, especially the new moms and new moms pending.  It’s so much fun to get those emails announcing the arrival of a new person in our lives!  I love that some of my friends share the gender/name as soon as they know, some wait for the surprise and it’s all good.  I adore hearing the stories behind the names, and while this sounds trite, I’m really delighted that there’s a good mix of genders thus far.

I wish all of my friends a happy Mother’s Day, however and whomever you celebrate with/for!


14 comments on “Dog-ma Day?

  1. gmariesews says:

    My dogs have never bought me a mother’s day gift, although I’ve tried for years. The girls do however. I have a paw print and a bone on my bracelet. Love that puppy. Glad all the new bebes are coming out healthy and mom’s are doing well too. 🙂 g

  2. kathy b says:

    Aww of course our pets give us prezzies for mothers and fathers and birthdays and the like…
    I only have to work on sunday night this weekend. HOORAY for me. I have a new Hello Kitty work bag…

  3. Katherine says:

    I gave DD a dog charm for her Pandora bracelet for Christmas. It is so cute on the bracelet!

    I love the soft-sided water bowl for walkies with the girls. We have a big bottle-bowl-sprayer (for cooling) contraption that we bought for travel but I would like to have one of the soft portables! Maybe Gretchen will pass the word on to Macy for Mother’s Day.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your fur-babies!!

  4. km says:

    My pup hasn’t bought me a gift yet. But we do buy her gifts. She got a red and white rope toy for Valentine’s Day. And last weekend we picked up a cute brown/lime/pank rope toy because it was 7’s birthday (yes my littlest) and Holly deserved a goodie bag with the other guests. Maybe Holly should give me some gifts. ;0) And not the kind that Rex brings. So far he’s brought 2 lizards. And that’s impressive for a cat that’s supposed to be indoors at all times.

  5. AlisonH says:

    Welcome to all the little ones: it’s a wonderful world!

  6. Nichole says:

    So glad to see that little bowl is getting good use! 🙂
    Wonderful post about Doggy Moms… yes, we DO need to be celebrated!

  7. Sue says:

    We have a folding bowl like that . It gets a lot of use.

    Funny thing, the dogs give Rob Christmas and birthday gifts, but they only give me Mother’s Day gifts. It’s usually a plant or tree that they proceed to destroy. But it’s the thought that counts. Right?

  8. no pups no gifts, and maybe none from the other two—one has 4 kids of his own and one is planning a wedding in 2 weeks oh well at least I got something from my actual wish list!

  9. Kathy says:

    Yeah, my pets usually give me a Mothers’ Day card, this time with a check tucked in. It’s amazing how they do that without opposable thumbs or a bank account (that I know of).

  10. I know the Grrls have given me Christmas pressies, but never on MOther’s Day. Hmm…maybe now that the boys are all hither and yon?

  11. Marjie says:

    As usual, Gretchen does a good job demonstrating! And I don’t know about the ears thing, but Sissy could surely use a purple hat. Happy Thorsday.

  12. Blond Duck says:

    You’re a dog mama! How will you celebrate?

  13. sandyjager says:

    Camelbak’s are the bestest! I’ve been using them for the past ten years, but then I’m a runner. Winnie the Shar-Pei runs with me and we’ve developed a system so she can drink without touching the bite valve. Smart girl!

    The only mother’s day gift I expect from the puppies are kisses. And I’ll get plenty.

  14. Well, considering this Mother’s Day ended with my Mom in the hospital, I’m glad to see it behind me. Keeping my fingers crossed that Father’s Day doesn’t follow the same trend.

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