Summer Wardrobe DONE

Dress Barn petite maxi

So…  Some of you know I bought the “red” Dress Barn maxi.  It’s ORANGE.  A really orange, orange, but I kept it anyway.  They call it coral, but there’s not even a HINT of pink in there.

There is a lot more green than the photo shows, so that’s probably what made it a winner.  I’m not good with orange and blue together (hello, UVA) but I have some green mule sandals that will look really cute with this… if it ever warms up enough for me to wear it.

It is nearly floor-length on me though, but I look for a bit of shrinkage when I launder it.  Maybe you’ll get a photo of me in it, but probably not. 

Tuesday was the annual Lilly Loves the League event.  (That’s what I call it…  I’d have to check my receipt, but the Pink Palm has its own name for our shopping event.)  I went in looking for another maxi, but they didn’t have the one I wanted to see, and my back-up plan was a very casual shirt dress.   Winner, winner, chicken dinner!  I bought the Carolyn Dress in Shorely Blue Lavish Lilly.  

(Belt not included, but I do love to belt things…  I think I want a red patent skinny belt though…  What do you think?)

The model is obviously 10 feet tall.  On me, unbelted, said dress is just above the knee.  I love a shirt dress for summer.  While I know some of you love to mix and match tops and bottoms, I spent so much time in uniforms that some days, it stresses me out to dress myself.  Dresses are easy; insert head here, slip on shoes that don’t clash and call myself put together.

While waiting to check out, a print with lighthouses in it caught my eye.  It’s only offered in two dresses, and the first one I tried on was cute on the hanger but not on me.  (Note to self…  I simply cannot wear Lilly anything with a boatneck.   The end.)  The second looked awful on the hanger and I loved it.  I foolishly asked the peanut gallery (aka: my Lilly lovin’ pals) which dress I should get and ended up adding the Kori in Resort White Guiding Light to my purchase.  (The print is best viewed here… I don’t know why Lilly doesn’t have that print featured!  It might be my current favorite, and it’s NOT BLUE!)

Trying to be supportive, I dropped into The Loft event last night on my way to a meeting.  Hem.  I knew going in that I love their tees and was afraid that if the tees were on sale – they usually are – that I’d buy a couple.  Then, a scarf wrapped itself around my legs and refused to let me leave without it…  Hem.  As the title says, my summer wardrobe is DONE. 

I’d like to thank both the Pink Palm and the local Loft for hosting us.  I enjoy shopping with retailers who appreciate my business and if they also happen to support the causes dear to my heart, well…  all the better.

Any exciting Mother’s Day weekend plans?

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11 comments on “Summer Wardrobe DONE

  1. gmariesews says:

    OH My Goodness! I could give you pattern numbers for all the stuff you bought! But then finding the right fabric and the time to sew them up would be an issue. I’m beginning to think with my current fitting issues, I’ll just start sewing for you. Of course if I sent you something that only needed a hem, well….

    the skirt you linked to for the print – that’s stinkin’ cute with the little ruffle on the bottom. Love it! Did you find a fabulous replacement pair of sandals?

    I have to work for a bit today – don’t ask. Then I think I’ll run by either Freds of Target – we have another 5k on Sunday and I want a cute yoga style skirt – think fuller and light weight rather than a slim fitted running style skirt. But, it needs to have something shorts maybe under it – ideally as the same piece – seen anything that fits that bill? g

  2. Nichole says:

    Oooh.. pretty! I esp love the shirt dress (a skinny red belt would be chic!) and the scarf…. really LOVE the scarf!

  3. Barbara says:

    Such a cute dress, Chan! I love those colors. Every time I walk in the Lily store, I moan about the length. They all look so short! Maybe I better try one on!

  4. AlisonH says:

    Pretty! Enjoy!

    I’ll be taking amaryllis blossoms to my friend E… Every Mother’s Day.

  5. Katherine says:

    I love the shirt dress!! I say yellow belt. I saw someone wearing the grass green lace Lilly P. a few days ago. They are all so cute!!

    Bad, bad little scarf, clinging to you in such a way! It will be fantastic worn cowl style with a bright tee-shirt. AND the orange maxi–perfection! I’m way into maxis this summer.

  6. Marjie says:

    I think the skinny belt has to be PANK; I think the red will clash with the PANK in it. But it might be different in person. And my dearly beloved swears that they digitally stretch out models so they look 10 feet tall in ads. It makes him crazy!

  7. Kathy says:

    Love that scarf! Just to let you know, on May 19 everything at Loft will be 30% off. I’m looking forward to checking out the new, easy-to-get-to, close-to-home J. Crew tomorrow.

  8. Sue says:

    I’ve always like shirtdresses and this one is no exception. I’ll bet you’re not really done. I bet something will jump out and say “take me home with you” before the summer is over.

    I’ll be rearranging the office this weekend to try and fit a new desk into the mess.

  9. kathy b says:

    I love the pink palm…..and i think it is too short on the model….
    so perfect on you!

    Yipppee only half the workend for me. Seeing my son on mothers day, seeing Al the day after!

  10. Mary says:

    Congrats on finishing the summer wardrobe. Only bought one LE tunic. That might be it, but DD is taking me out tomorrow for girl’ s day out in Annapolis and wants me to get something at JJ. Then we’ll do lunch. Other than that, recovering from almost week long conference in DC. Ugh. Have a good weekend.

  11. sandyjager says:

    Great dresses! You’ll look stunning this summer.

    No Mother’s Day plans, except to contact my mother. I may or may not hear from my kids. But then, I spoke to Mr. Trouble for TWO hours via skype the other day, so I’m already happy. Kid #1 contacts me regularly at least.

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