Comment Cap Test Knit

What a joy to test knit for friends!!  The most awesome Kathy posted a darling little baby hat last week, and then patiently recreated her pattern in a newborn edition just for yours truly, asking only that I show her the results.  Duh?! 

May 2013 007Pattern:  Comment Cap  (I’m sure Kathy will share the pattern if you ask.)

Yarn:  Red Heart Sparkle something in white.  I’d call it DK weight, and Ravelry agrees.

Needles:  US #6 dpns until “cord” topper; then I switched to whatever very wee, short dpns I had in my buddy case.

Verdict:  Yes, please…  I’ll knit another!  Probably in this very same yarn, since so many of my friends are expecting.  That one is going to a precious little guy named Tucker, just as soon as I can figure out what to take for his new big brother (suddenly not an only child)…

May 2013 002In case you don’t speak JRT facial expression language, that says, “I’m NOT a baby… and my feet are wet.  This modeling gig SUCKS.”

… but I wanted you to see the very cute top to the hat, so mission accomplished, even with a disgruntled model.

Do you have a favorite baby hat pattern?  And with “all” of my friends expecting in the summer, are hats appropriate gifts?  Do babies wear hats in the summer?

16 comments on “Comment Cap Test Knit

  1. gmariesews says:

    I think hats are always appropriate. Babies lose most of their heat through their heads and feet. My go to gift is the fleece blankie. That is an adorable hat! Congrats on the knitting. g

  2. AlisonH says:

    Oh, I love it! What a sweet hat, and what a cute picture of it being modeled!

  3. km says:

    My first was a November baby so he had a fleece zip up suit with a hood. I was thankful I had that for my 2nd because we needed it when we took him to the beach at 3 months old. It gets chilly at night. So…yes for me at least baby hats are year round.

    I really should be knitting baby hats. I have 2 friends that just had babies and one more due before the end of June. Maybe during the summer I can knit a bunch and give them all a hat at the same time.

    • chanknits says:

      I appreciate the real feedback. Gretchen still sleeps under the covers more often than not, but I don’t know much at all about human babies. 😉

      I exaggerate, but I seriously have had three friends give birth since March, two more due in the next 6 weeks, and there are about six more due before the end of September. Luckily, gMarie knitted up something like 14 pairs of wee socks for me, but still!!


  4. needles54 says:

    love Kathy’s pattern it is so cute! Your rendition is adorable

  5. kathy b says:

    THanks so much CHAN…..I LOVE the hat on the JRT!!!! You did show off the top so well.. Please offer cookies to the model…or smooches!!! Love !

  6. Marjie says:

    Gretchen does look peeved, but it’s nice that she cooperated. It’s a great hat.

    And hospitals do send even summer babies home with tiny knit caps. After all, they’ve gone from a 100 degree environment to a colder one, and they need to keep warm. Besides, hats stretch, and the babies can wear them for a while. It will get to be fall and winter again, trust me.

  7. Nichole says:

    LOVE! Too cute! I’m going to have to go be real nice to Kathy! 😉 My favorite baby hat has been the Baby Breeze Block Hat … but this one is going to need to be knitted soon!

  8. Katherine says:

    What a wonderful little hat!! I don’t know any one having a baby right now so I should knit some for DD’s children’s hospital.

    I know about JRTs and their attitude about wet feet. Macy comes in from wet grass shaking her paws one by one and is not happy until we dry them. All this after standing on the patio for 10 minutes before she tentatively steps into the wet grass.

  9. Mr. Puffy says:

    That’s a super cute hat! How nice that she converted it to a newborn pattern just for you 🙂 There are so many cute baby hats. I personally favor the ones that look like a fruit in “theory” but in actual practice I like ones that look more like a bonnet (think vintage) ~

  10. Blond Duck says:

    I’ve never been a hat person. Unless it’s a cowboy hat.

  11. Nancy says:

    Oh yes, this hat is darling! I hope KathyB will share the pattern on her blog. ;oD

  12. Karen says:

    The hat is darling! A good gift for the older brother is bubbles. Lots to choose from, not too expensive and will be loved right out of the package. Big hit with all kids. 🙂

  13. StarSpry says:

    What a great baby hat! Gretchen looks adorable…even if she didn’t want to model the hat 🙂

  14. Sue says:

    I make a lot of hats, both baby and other. I like to vary the patterns so I don’t get bored. I have a favorite adult hat pattern, but I just try whatever appeals to me at the moment for babies. I wear hats all year so some babies probably do too. My sister in law loves hats and always dressed her babies with cute hats when they went out.

  15. That’s a precious pattern! I made all sorts of hats for both of mine, but the little stinkers always managed to snatch them off, even when they were infants. They’re also cute being gnawed on, though. 😉

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