Great Danes and Rescues

Why no, this isn’t a dogs on thursday post, but it could be.  I owe you three book reports, and the way my mind works these days, it’s all or nothing, now or never.

First up is Opal Fire and the dashing Dane named Thor, who is the main character’s familiar.  You see, Stacy Justice is a witch, whether she likes it or not.

This isn’t deep, even for a cozy, but if you like Charmed-style witchcraft, good dogs, a hunky fire chief and have ever been embroiled in small-town life where everyone knows everyone else’s business, you’ll enjoy this light read.   Personally, I’m glad there are already two more books in the series, because I’ll want to keep reading about the Geraghty Girls, their nieces and of course, Thor.

I have a soft spot for Great Danes.  I’ve known a couple of great ones (Mosby and Moose, both very large fawn-colored guys with very large, soft hearts.)  Of course, I also have a very misty, wisty part of my heart that still belongs to one gentle giant of another fawn colored sort, even though I never got to meet him in person.  Many of you were also great fans of the gentle-dog named Thor.

Why yes, I will read a book just because there’s a dog on the cover, in the cast of characters, etc.  Won’t you!?

With Thor the familiar on my mind, it’s not exactly a surprise that I opened Amazing Gracie: A Dog’s Tale when I found myself languishing at the firehouse one evening.   That’s the whole point of having i-stuff, isn’t it?  I read blogs, I download free books, and then they wait for me in my i-stuff apps until I need them…

Oh, but this post isn’t about how awesome i-stuff is… but it could be.  I find I read more on my i-stuff (-Pad, -Pod Touch, -Phone) than I do on my Nook, in part because I always have my i-stuff within hand’s reach, but also because I like the dictionary feature better in the Kindle app.

Back to the review trying to be in progress.

This one is non-fiction.  If you don’t know that Gracie inspired Three Dog Bakerywell… you do now.  But even if you don’t know TDB, this is a powerful tale about dogs as family, dogs as muses, with a dash of the good ol’ American dream on top.  (If you don’t know TDB, many of their products are Sissy- approved, which is to say corn and walks on land animal free.)

Anyway, it’s a beautiful little read about a beautiful, deaf, albino Great Dane.  Dan thought he was rescuing her, but those of you who know dogs know who really rescued whom.   Who would like this book?  Dog lovers, entrepreneurs and any sucker for a happy ending.

Last but hardly least is yet another Virginia wine country cozy, but it’s a new series by another Virginia author.  Joyce Harmon has a refreshing style that reminds me of my Nana… not that Nana would have EVER sported a video gamer’s graphic tee or jeans…

But Cissy Rayburn is that kinda’ nana, and she’s the story-teller in Died on the Vine.   Polly is a mixed breed, but a large one who certainly COULD be part Great Dane, and she finds the body that makes this a mystery.  The neighbor also has well-behaved labradors and there are countless cats in there too.  See…  Cissy takes any cat that stays on her property a week to the vet to get “fixed”…  at least one eventually went home to its rightful owner a couple of parts lighter…  Hem.

Anyway, unlike the other VA wine country series I’ve enjoyed, the wine/vineyard is merely a background setting for this book.  It was a little lighter than that other series, but it was very pleasant and I’ll definitely be looking forward to the rest of this series too.  I’m pretty sure I know the real region the author based her fictitious location on too.  See, I used to gallivant all through Little Washington

And because I have no functional memory right now (long, but true story), I’m reading a sample of Elvis and the Dearly Departed next.   Don’t you see the basset on the cover?!

Don’t worry Gretchen.  I have the rest of the Jack Russell, Dog Detective series to read when I REALLY need light reading.

Has your reading ever gone to the dogs?

9 comments on “Great Danes and Rescues

  1. Karen says:

    I can’t seem to get the books you recommended on my nook tablet. :(. Seems like more and more my son was right – should have gotten the kindle fire.

  2. Barbara says:

    I’ve been to a couple Three Dog Bakeries here and there…I wish her luck with the book. Yes, it sounds like your reading is definitely doggie-oriented! 🙂

  3. susancyr says:

    Looks like you have been reading more than you confess!!! 😉

  4. Katherine says:

    JACK RUSSELL, DOG DETECTIVE!!! How did I not know about these books? Thanks for the great reviews. I’ll have to read all of them aloud to Macy and Max.

  5. AlisonH says:

    No, but a lot of it has gone to the PC at times. Or the Mac when I’m on the road.

  6. Nichole says:

    We love The Amazing Gracie! After all, she got us Three Dog Bakery! 🙂

  7. kathy b says:

    OH it surely has. WE once heard the 3 Dog Bakery authors speak in Madison wisconsin at a bookstore. HUCK got to go too! I love dog books…my favorite: A PACK OF TWO.. you must read it!

  8. Have not read much dog fiction, but glad to know if the urge ever strikes I can find plenty of it!

  9. Um….what’s up with your memory????

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