All but cross-posting

Pardon me while I generate posts like a crazy woman.   I had thought today might be the day I rolled out that other blog I haven’t talked about in a while… and it might still be, but in the meantime, I stumbled across something I didn’t want to wait ’til Thorsday to share.

Gretchen has already composed a post on Love Adds Up.   However, I realize that not all of you follow both blogs, and this is too good not to share everywhere, so…  I’m sharing it here too, with a slightly different spin.

Yes, we’re blogging today both so this great cause doesn’t get lost in the shuffle (of my mind, not blogland), but we’re also blogging today because as I type, Dianne and Tara are doing their regular Saturday thing as Tara and her care team continue to battle HER canine cancer.   I look forward to the Facebook posts about Tara’s trips, especially the one after her treatment when she’s chowing down on her fast food treat.

So many of our doggy bloggy pals have health challenges.  Tara is hardly the only one battling cancer, but she’s fighting a good fight and we know when her treatments happen, so that’s why we’re mentioning her and not the others.  By no means does that imply we don’t have paws crossed for everyone else battling canine cancer.  Then there are our friends with epilepsy, liver conditions, auto immune diseases…  we could go on for hours.


The allergy queen before she became the allergy queen 3-2007

There’s also our in-house (Sissy) struggles with primary, aggressive glaucoma and allergies (both fur-girls, and Mugsy before them).  I posted that photo of Sis last night with her now-lost left eye looking healthy, and it almost didn’t look right to me.  On June 10th, it will have been 17 months since that eye was removed, and every single day we have with her right eye is a gift, a blessing, and a not-minor-at-all victory.

We were rather rudely reminded a week ago today that while the glaucoma is our main enemy, her allergies require constant vigilance.   I am ANGRY that yet again, a supposed premium dog food company changed their formula without so much as a “new and improved” (yes, that’s sarcasm) sticker on the bag.   Adding chicken meal to a seafood-based kibble is hardly progress except for that company’s bottom line.  I don’t care to do business with brands that are only in it for a profit, especially not when we’re talking about my fur-kids’ health.  Thank goodness Sis is body-aware, and when a kibble makes her ill, she just won’t eat it, period.

I’m not bashing kibble-makers.  This is just MY rant, because I have a dog HIGHLY allergic to corn and chicken/fowl (and basically all land animals except rabbit), and yet, even those highly acclaimed “6-star” kibble companies put chicken fat in just about everything.  Cry.  The pet food industry is miles ahead of where it was 2.5 years ago when Sis’s allergies were diagnosed, but most of the strides are in grain-free products.  Gretchen is also sensitive to fowl… stuff, so I’m pretty sure I don’t have the only two dogs in America that need to avoid chicken fat, duck, etc.   I won’t even comment on how restricted our options are when I add the filter of “available locally”.

Yes, I know of Mr. Chewy.  But we were burned too many times when Sis was on a prescription kibble (no longer manufactured – thanks much… as gMarie put it… “What, did they stop making rabbits?!”) because manufacturers only bake specialty items a few times a year, and when the inventory runs out, I get to be frustrated and hunt down someone who finally tells me it is back-ordered for 10 weeks.  So if I can’t send the Knight to town to grab a bag just before closing, it isn’t an option for us.


Before she became a long-distance walker, she was a surfer 12-2008

Anyway…  Love does add up.  I wouldn’t trade high maintenance Sis for all the tea in China, or anything else for that matter.  She loves deeply, and has given far, far more than she “gets”.  I’m not short-changing Gretchen either.  She had some serious skin problems as a pup, but thankfully has outgrown them.  As I type, she’s at my side, reminding me that a walk on this cool morning would be lovely…

Please share your favorite charities with us too!  We care, and we want to support the causes that are important to you.

… and it’s not just about pets.  We support Autism causes because two VERY close friends have sons with conditions in the Autism spectrum.  We support human cancer causes because the ugly C-word touches too many lives in every species.  We support literacy campaigns because reading opens doors to all sorts of things.  We support hunger-fighting charities because honestly… who can read or fight cancer if she’s hungry?  We support clean water programs because without potable water, little else can function.  We support girl-power campaigns because … unfortunately, it’s still necessary…


9 comments on “All but cross-posting

  1. gmariesews says:

    Wow! There is a rabbit in my yard right now – I’ll be happy to send Lucy out to ‘hunt and gather’ for Sis. I like to support local – my personal opinion is you can’t fix stuff across the country if your neighborhood is broken. We support girl scouts, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, etc – all in our backyard (not literally). Also, we make sure the monthly walks actually support something not just collect a bunch of money for nothing. g

  2. AlisonH says:

    Why why why do they…!

    Love the picture of her on the laptop, surfing. Too cute!

  3. Katherine says:

    The pictures of the Sissy and Gretchen puppies are so cute. I have a picture on my desk of Macy at six months. When I look at it I have to grab her and kiss her, and she looks at me like, “Aw mom! Get a grip!”

    I hate to even speak the words for fear of things changing, but every time we take Macy to the Vet he says she is the healthiest dog he sees and just keep doing what we are doing. Unlike other fur-friends we have had she has no allergies, no food problems, nothing but an occasional viral bug (or a bad bit of squirrel or frog). My heart aches for Sissy, fighting her eye disease, and for other fur-babies who have cancer or heart problems.

    We join with our Vet service to make certain area pets are up to date on their vaccines. So often owners can’t afford to keep up the necessary shots and our Vet, with donations, makes certain the area pets are healthy and happy.

  4. kathy b says:

    awww aaaachoooo from here too. only its me with allergies right now…..and runny eyes.

    Favorite charities: Heartland Animal Shelter!!!! WHere i Volunteer.
    the Carmelite Nuns because my mom asks them for prayers.

  5. Karen says:

    My girls have been fed the Diamond lamb and rice for a couple of years. When Minnie came back to us, she was a mess from allergies. After a month on the food she was a new dog. BUT. Last December, they all got sick, 2 needing to go to the vet and none would eat. Switched them to EN. For a bag, they were better and we went back. Then in April, they started throwing up again, this time stopped the food right away. I called Diamond, was told about the recall and given details to get a refund. I was really upset! Now I won’t go back to Diamond but am having trouble finding a good replacement. :(. As for causes close to my heart, Wanderer’s Rest, our local humane society and Rosemary, a horse rescue that saves horses from the slaughter auctions. I am collecting supplies with the help of my village to bring there when I visit.

  6. Sue says:

    Great topic. I need to do a blog post about all this. We support Best Friends (take in homeless animals), IMOM (helps with veterinary expenses), Noah’s Wish (rescues animals in natural disasters), SW Missouri Humane Society (local shelter), C.A.R.E. (local no-kill rescue shelter) and The Canine Cancer Foundation. Also SPCA and several others that I can’t think of just now.

    I need to find an organization for auto-immune disorders.

    Also we have an arrangement with our vet that if we have extra meds that we no longer need, he’ll take them and give them to people who can’t afford their pet’s medications.

  7. Nichole says:

    Yes, yes… if a fish formula starts adding chicken meal, something should be noted indeed! Ugh. May we HIGHLY suggest Earthborn Holistic? Check it ou –
    We recently got a bag of the Great Plains formula to replace Tut & Sophie’s TotW…

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