Before I get to the heart of my post, Sissy’s friends might care that I have a vet visit report up on their blog.  The cliff notes version is that her eye is great and our kibble and allergens battle rages on.
Last night, I met Lululemon.  Yeah, I know.  Lots of my friends were already very familiar – even vying for top fan status – with the “gear for sweaty workouts” brand, but living in my podunk bubble, I’d never heard of them. 

I’m going to start with the cons, just because they’re glaring… and yet, I’m sure I’m on the fan bus now.


  • Sizes are VERY limited…  from 2-12.   As with my beloved Lilly Pulitzer, this is a bitter pill for me to swallow.  I have been all over the size charts, and I resent it when I find a store I couldn’t have shopped in, or that I can’t share with ALL of my friends.   HOWEVER…  I am also short, with short limbs, and there are some stores I have no luck in because the cut is always wrong, and no amount of alterations – short of a total re-build – would make their garments work well on my body.  So…  I shop at the places that work for me, and believe me, I do ask them if they have plans to expand their line to include petites, plus sizes, talls, etc.
  • They are without a doubt, a high-end retailer.  Their prices aren’t out of line with other premium athletic wear shops, but if you’ve been snagging “running pants” at Old Navy or WalMart, be prepared for sticker shock. 
  • Limited retail locations.  In fact, here in podunk, we only have a “showroom”.  That means I had to humbly ask a friend to put my purchase on her charge card, because in my rush from work to home to vet to home to Lululemon, I didn’t have one with me, and the showrooms don’t take cash or check… just plastic.  Hem.


  • Quality.  You get what you pay for… with Lululemon anyway.  I have one long-distance runner friend who wears NOTHING else in fitness attire.  She’s even bustier than I am, even shorter than I am, and since I’m not saying her name, I’ll also share that we’ve shopped Old Navy, Gap, The Loft AND Lilly P together, so it’s not like she’s a clothes horse snob.  She has some items that are YEARS old, have been worn and washed hundreds of times, and still look like new.   (Don’t you have a few friends who could sell you a bridge in Arizona?!)
  • Friendly, well-trained sales staff.  Okay.  Full disclosure.  Lululemon approached the JLC about a private event.  But I’m pretty sure Jill Offthestreet Customer would also get the same honest service.  We were encouraged to model for each other, to try on styles we didn’t think would work for us, to bounce and bend and test their products before even pondering a purchase.
  • Functionality.  There is so much thought and science in every design I could write for days just on the 26 pairs of crop pants I tried on.  One staffer bounded right over, rolled down her own waistband and proved that her iPhone really does fit in that interior pocket when I scoffed.  They did inform me their fabrics don’t repell white dog hair though, so see above… they’re honest too.
  • About that limited size range…  If you have a retail location – or even a showroom – within driving distance, go try the stuff on.  I have more success than some shopping online, but even having gotten familiar with Lululemon’s size chart before I went, my friend and the sales staff gently urged me to go smaller still.  I’m not a fan of spandex in public, but I also don’t want my yoga pants to slip around while I’m doing my thing, and there’s nothing worse than needing to pull tights out of … personal spaces while you’re trying to run or walk with a dog leash in each hand.  So even if you think you’re a size or two beyond their upper limits… go try it on.

Okay, okay.  You want to know what I bought, don’t you?  I got the Gather & Crow Crop, with a really cool, not available online purple wasitband with a purple and white “awning” stripe interior.

You get the rear view because those “vents” are the love of my workout attire life right now.  See…  I have MASSIVE, muscular calf muscles.  I love cropped tights, but these are even better, because even if I have some water retention swelling while I’m doing whatever I’m doing, I won’t feel constricted.

I also liked the Groove Crop, but they hit me a couple of inches lower than on the model.   I think I might ask for the in the sun skirt for my birthday, even though it is shorter than I like.  I’m assuming that as with the crops, it will be longer on yours truly.

I was impressed with their bras as well.  Frankly, I’ve only found enough real support without being compressed to the point of pain with Under Armour, but a different friend also built not unlike me, bought two of their bra-shirts last night, so once she reports back…  I need at least one more GOOD sports bra.  I’m eyeing the ta ta tamer ii

What kinds of workout wear do you wear?  How does it hold up?  (And yes, I’m asking in EVERY sense of the word…)


12 comments on “Lululemon

  1. gmariesews says:

    Hmm – I tend to buy yoga pants at target and just wear the shelf bra camis from Costco – not in public mind you – but they are evening weekend wear – my poor husband.

    I’m totally on the hunt for a cute yoga skirt for wearing during our monthly 5ks – especially as we head into summer and it’s too hot to wear long, black yoga pants. We don’t have showrooms around here. I’m not sure were Lulu is out of, but I would be willing to try it. The problem is – will I fit into their sizes? g

  2. Katherine says:

    I like the lululemon things but I do Yoga and I don’t think they would sit high enough at the waist for me. I have a long torso. I practically live in Danskin. Yesterday I threw on a maxi over my Danskin leggings and went to the eye doctor. When I sat down my dress came up a bit and his assistant had a fit over “how cute” (her words) the leggings were under the dress. Am I the only one who does that? Anyway, Danskin is great for long life!!

  3. Nichole says:

    I’m usually a cheapie Old Navy / Target work out/lounge wear clothing buyer person, but I also have some stuff from Columbia, Danksin, etc. The stuff you showed above is cute though!

  4. AlisonH says:

    Oh–I didn’t know they were a clothing line. I thought they were a gym. The only time I’ve ever heard of them was in connection with a murder case in my hometown. (If you don’t like your boss, quitting is definitely the better way to go!)

  5. These look so cute and comfy!! I need to cull my clothes so bad…I already pulled out the maternity clothes so I’m not still wearing those but I still have a ton of stuff that just doesnt’ fit me still living in my drawers! I need someone to sit with me and organize my house and help me get rid of 2/3rds of what’s in it! 😉 Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Mary says:

    Workout wear? First, I would have to workout.

  7. kathy b says:

    LLL struck here at Christmas time. Santa brought Al a hundred dollar gift card and it bought about 1 thing….but it is her comfiest most favorite thing for workouts…..

  8. Nancy says:

    I would definitely have “sticker shock” because I purchase my fitness wear at Walmart or Kmart. Most of them are Danskin are comfy and wash well.

  9. Kathy says:

    I have a couple of pairs of running shorts and a couple tops from Lululemon. I love the shorts but I wish the tops were a but shorter but I guess that’s because I’m not real tall. Yes, they are quite pricey. Last fall a convenient-to-me store opened up so I do check them out fairly often. However, most of my running shorts are still Nikes, my bra of choice is Moving Comfort, and I get my stuff from a running specialty shop.

  10. Sue says:

    Back in the day when I was good about doing my yoga, I had coordinated leotards and tights and shoes. Then I went on to sweats and now it’s whatever I can grab. My exercise now is more dog related than class instruction.

  11. goldengracie says:

    I actually feel the same way about shops that don’t carry clothes that I would not have been able to fit into before recently. I have been running in Tek Gear running skirts from Kohl’s, I found a great FILA sportsbra there too. I wear Tek Gear shirts too (wicking, yay). I have one running skirt from Columbia, which I hate because it doesn’t have the hold the shorts part on my legs so they don’t ride up and … well, you get the picture. the Tek Gear have this material around the inside of each leg that keeps those things in place. I just wish the Tek Gear skirt (shorts are under the skirt) had a pocket for my wee nano. I would like to visit a lululemon store but feel a little intimidated.

  12. I usually wear Danskin or whatever I can find at Target. I’m with you on the sports bras, though. I need more…um…support.

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