Generic Thorsday Post

June 2012 002

A blooper photo for you

Happy Thorsday, little friday, thankful thursday and whatever else we can celebrate today.

The girls’ blog features a post about a cooling collar that has helped Sissy weather the heat.  However, I’m stretched a little thin today, so that’s about all you get for the dogs part of Thorsday. 

Thankful?  I’m very grateful for below average temperatures.  I like each and every season, but now that long walks are a big part of my time with the fur-girls, the lower temperatures make it less of a hassle and more pleasant.  When it’s above 80 and we’re going more than a couple of miles, I feel like a pack mule. 

What little thing stirs your gratitude today?

16 comments on “Generic Thorsday Post

  1. gmariesews says:

    cute photo of the girls. Stirred grattitude? Hmmm – hubby woke up not complaining too much about his back. It’s my Friday. It’s also payday week. I have shopping plans for the weekend. g

  2. Katherine says:

    Smooches to the fur-girls! I’m smack-dab in the middle of IRS required continuing education and am thankful to the accounting gods that it will be over next week!! Also greatly thankful for air conditioning. It is no fun to go outside when the temps reach nearly 100 degrees (as they have this week). I am happy to stay in and play with the pups.

  3. Mary says:

    I am grateful that I am not taking long walks with my dogs (all they are getting is a trek around our acre 3x a day) and that DH will be back tomorrow night and can take over his dog duties again. Of course, Jake treats the house interior as his own personal Dogtona 500. I think he could set a new house-speed record. The boy is fast.and the wall-wall carpet is showing the wear and tear of it, too.

  4. Barbara says:

    Will that cooling collar help me? 🙂 It’s getting pretty humid down here.

  5. kathy b says:

    IM so happy the sun is out and the weather is warm and summer like. I saw my first fireflies the other night. Im thankful for dinner out tonight!!

  6. AlisonH says:

    Leftover pistachio cake from last night’s party–they sent us home with some.

  7. Blond Duck says:

    It’s 100 here.

  8. Nancy says:

    I’m thankful it is in the 80s today, and there are no wildfires in my area – the sky is clear, and I can see forever. It’s heavenly!

  9. Marjie says:

    Always love the pictures of your girls. They look so much alike! Cass brought home a new boyfriend for her birthday, who’s been here a couple of days, and loves my cooking. The kids look astonished at the blissful looks on his face as he eats, and his joy at dessert every night. How could you not like a guy like that? And how could those compliments not make me happy? They almost made up for 60 degrees and rain on Monday and Tuesday!

  10. StarSpry says:

    That’s a great photo of the girls! I’m also grateful that it’s payday week! And I’m looking forward to doing a little sewing tonight 🙂

  11. Mr. Puffy says:

    A pack mule??? How funny. I hike with Simcha but don’t carry anything so that thought never entered my head 🙂 Instead sometimes I pretend I’m a native American or a pioneer and try and see the walk through their eyes. Below average temps here too :))

  12. Louise says:

    Love those girls! I need a hug:)

    I’m thankful that you understand that I don’t get here to visit as often as I should. But rest assured, Channon, you are always in my thoughts:)

  13. Blond Duck says:

    I hope you’re doing well!

  14. Sue says:

    It’s sure not wonderful weather around here. Hot and dry and the storm we had on Monday was awful. I’ll be posting about it later.

    I guess I’m thankful for air conditioning and relatively healthy dogs.

  15. Every day that I wake up and am healthy, I am thankful.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  16. AlisonH says:

    Almond cake to wake up to, with raspberry sauce (wait–do I see a trend here?)

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