When in the course of current events…

My dear Mr. Jefferson, pardon the pun.  However, I couldn’t help myself.  I know at least two of you will appreciate my attempt at humor… 

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To my readers, I apologize for falling off the face of the earth.  Current events have indeed weighed me down.  Like almost every other resident of the area I affectionately call Podunk, I have been caught up in “As the Rotunda Turns” as a local radio personality put it.   At one point over the past 10 days or so, I understand we were Tweeting hot topic #2, second to a big world event.  (Which one escapes me at the moment.)

I am not UVA alumni.   I am not UVA employed.  However, I have lived and worked under Mr. Jefferson’s shadow most of my life, and I love his university anyway.   I think he is smiling down on it now, both because passionate students and faculty took action when they saw “tyrants” at work, and because the Board of Visitors took a deep breath and did something that’s very hard for adults to do, and even harder for a board of any sort to do… they not only admitted they made a mistake, but they corrected it, all in a very public forum. 

Life can return to normal in Podunk, where we locals enjoy the restaurants on the Corner that are too crowded during the school year…

JLCS Cookbook – click image to purchase

Which brings me to the heart of my post.  Life is so far from normal for my JL sister-friends in Colorado Springs.   Not only are we part of the same international organization, but because of the League’s beautiful transfer program, one of their former members is now in leadership in our League.  Because she’s just the warmest, brightest woman in any room, I made a new friend just uttering her name when I found myself seated next to my counterpart in their system over a year ago, and the current JLC President Elect and I had the best breakfast in San Fran with their now President and PE.

So now, those home-engulfing wildfires are personal.  Friends of friends have lost so very much, and there’s not really an end in sight.   However, there’s always a silver lining; I don’t believe any of my board members read my blog, but I have to give them shout-outs anyway.  When I emailed first the Executive Committee (everyone with President anywhere in her title) and then the rest of the Board, I not only received unanimous support for a letter of support, but those big hearts, willing hands and sharp minds challenged me to find a way to do more.

So of course, we are.  Our shared gem and I are working with the JLCS leaders to figure out precisely what will be most helpful, but in the meantime, we’re all invited to donate to the Care & Share Food Bank and the Pikes Peak Red Cross.

A note on Junior League Cookbooks…  PLEASE always search for the publishing League’s website and buy directly from the League.  Yes, it’s generally more expensive and you’ll have to pay shipping too, but a larger percentage of the purchase goes directly to the League and its community efforts when you buy directly from them.  Oh, and especially for JLCS right now, obviously it takes longer for them to do the pre-shipping work too, but I hope you’ll think it’s worth the extra funds and the wait to contribute more to their organization.

Of course, if you order from Amazon, a portion of the proceeds still go to that League and you might get free shipping too, but I thought I’d mention that it does make a difference…




13 comments on “When in the course of current events…

  1. Nancy says:

    I must have my head in the sand because this is the first I’ve heard about the UVA president. Glad to hear that the situation has been rectified.

    The wild fires in CO, UT, and WY are taking their toll on residents and fire fighters with no end in sight. I’m afraid it will only get worse as conditions are “perfect” for massive fires – plenty of fuel and hot, dry conditions. The only solution is moisture and LOTS of it, even snow would be welcome at this point.

  2. Nichole says:

    Those wildfires are really ragging and just such a nasty thing. Fire is one of my greatest fears… to not only loose all your possessions, but your home, your “safe place” in this world… is really devastating. Looking forward to hearing about what you come up with to help!

  3. gmariesews says:

    I’m not sure I understand the connection between JLC and the JLCS new friend, but I’m glad you have a new friend and that the connection has encouraged you to use your power for the greater good. Fires are so scary. My hearts breaks for everyone every single time I see the news. I will search out that beautiful cookbook.

    Also glad to hear that the UVA scandal has sorted itself out in a very favorable way. g

  4. gypsyknits says:

    I admire Mr. Jefferson and his ideals. Thankfully the UVA situation was resolved.
    Fires: Prayers going up to all those affected.

  5. kathy b says:

    I am glad you educate me about all things VIriginian now a days! Almost a week until AL moves.
    Wildfire stuff very scary……
    Prayers from here too

  6. Kathy says:

    Where I’m from is 40 miles south of Springs. My mom says you can see the haze and soot in the air and the TV coverage is nonstop. It’s all very sad.

    I heard the UVA president was reinstated but I hadn’t heard the part about removing her.

  7. Sue says:

    We’re worried about fire here, too. It’s terribly dry, yet I can’t believe the idiots who believe it their right to burn outdoors. With a trail thru the woods behind us, I’m concerned about a careless cigarette starting something.

    Haven’t been following your area news. Sorry.

  8. Kari says:

    I havent heard anything about the UVA but glad its taken care of. The fires are so sad, i just donated today to a dog rescue. I cant imagine that happening to my home and my pets 😦 thanks for sharing and getting the word out.

  9. Amy says:

    I’ve been seeing a lot of the UVA incident on the local news, and in the local newspaper. What a shame. At least they are trying to right the wrong.

    I have a friend who lives in Colorado. She’s a great lady,and lucky that her house has not been damaged. She’s opened it to friends, horses, and domestic animals a like, who need shelter.

  10. AlisonH says:

    Bev commenting on my blog had pictures of the fire just over the hill a ways. Yow! Re UVA, I’m glad Sullivan’s back and that the board got a clue.

    I’m glad you’ve got great people working with you, and that they have you.

  11. Katherine says:

    Being a history buff I fell in love with the historic homes and buildings in Estes Park, Bolder, and Colorado Springs many years ago. I have also enjoyed conventions and meetings at Glen Eyrie Castle. It has been depressing to watch the fires approach and overtake those areas. The small amount we have been able to do seems so insignificant!

    Glad to hear that UVA is back on track. I had not heard that was going on!

  12. Marjie says:

    I don’t know all of what went on in As The Rotunda Turns, but in general universities have problems with their professors and tenure. Ah, a story for another day, but I think the educational system in general is rather messed up.

    Heather lives in Colorado, but south of where the fires are by a ways. Hope they can get it under control soon, but I’m pretty sure rain – a rare commodity there – would help.

  13. Even though I’ve only been in Colorado very briefly (switching flights), what I could see from the air was breathtaking. I can’t imagine what it must look like now. : (

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