How do you ‘que?

No, not Q – as in QVC, and no Ravellers, I don’t mean queue…

I’m in the South, y’all.  I mean barbeque, or BBQ or even barbecue.   First off, I mean the meat not the style of cooking.  Around here, we grill.  If one is fortunate enough to have a special “pig cooker” it is called… a cooker.  While the Knight does have a smoker, that’s not the same thing, even though for personal consumption, he does smoke the Boston Butt then …


Well, he never does the sauce the same way twice, so you’re on your own there.  But for us, it’s pulled pork – meaning pull the meat into bits while it’s still hot, not chopped – with a vinegar based sauce.  It may or not be of the true Carolina style…

See where this is going?  Some of you are following right along, understanding what I’m saying, even if your personal preferences are different.   I enjoy a good debate on what meat, pulled vs. chopped, type of sauce, etc., but I would have been speechless last night, if not for the saving grace that I know not to talk with my mouth full…

My Long Island-born pal had NEVER had barbeque before.  She ordered dinner from Buttz last night, and while I HATE ice-breakers, I think that in the future, I’ll just serve barbeque and we’ll all know a lot about each other before the meal is done.

Her husband is Jewish, so she got the beef brisket and the turkey.  Yes folks, TURKEY, because she’s a good friend and she knows yours truly hates chicken, especially barbequed chicken.  While I find beef barbeque too greasy almost without exception, I did have a bite so I could report back; it was good, but had that slippery texture I don’t like, despite looking dry.

The turkey – pulled, of course – was fabulous.  I drizzled it with a thin, not too spicy, vinegar-based red sauce.  I’d totally get it again.  It was mostly white meat.  I don’t know if that’s ‘cuz this little piggy was the first in line or not. 

The slaw was crispy and flavorful.  It wasn’t in a heavy mayonnaise sauce, but also had a vinegar-based dressing…  I think.   I’d definitely order it again, and it wants to be on a pulled pork sammie next time.

The other side was a macaroni and …  Yummy, but the debate was on as to whether it was a super-bland, not too chilled macaroni salad with absolutely no veggies in sight, or my personal opinion was that it was a mild, milk and white cheese, not too hot (temperature) macaroni and cheese.

The cornbread was moist and sweet.  I like my cornbread not too sweet and at that crossroad where it sticks together but doesn’t dampen a napkin if placed on one.   The Knight has never met cornbread too sweet, so he would love this stuff.  Don’t get me wrong…  I ate my entire piece, and if there’d been real dairy butter, I would have eaten another piece and called it dessert.

So… do you ‘que?  If so, what does your ideal meal look like?  For me, it depends on the venue.  I always get the same thing from our regular spots, but I get different sides at each place…

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14 comments on “How do you ‘que?

  1. Nichole says:

    Sounds delish… and now you have me WANTING to try pulled turkey! 🙂 I love me some fabulous pulled pork, so why not?

  2. AlisonH says:

    Ah, my, memories… My dad found the place again years after the first time and we discovered it all over again, back when I was a teen: a barbecue joint in Florida where the tables were picnic tables, sanded down to the texture of velvet. So soft. So much not what you’d expect of a lowly piece of pine or whatever it was.

    And the food was as finely crafted to match. No pretensions, just hard work at showing their customers the best out there.

    *wistful* Ain’t nobody kin do barbecue like a good Southern place, hon, nobody. Here in California with all our Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Italian, Californian fusion, Mexican, you name it, the one lonely place that is all about the barbecue… just doesn’t begin to cut it. It just doesn’t.

    Pining for the good stuff back home…

  3. km says:

    Well…a favorite around here (actually Napa) is a place called BarBers Q. Wine meets Q! I haven’t been there in awhile though. At home I usually do a pork butt or a chuck roast. I do it all in the crock pot. Day 1: canned tomatoes, onions, and seasonings. Cool in the crock in the fridge. Day 2: pop off the chilled fat, shred the meat, add Q sauce and cook on low for a 6 hours. I think the 2 day version helps it not to be too fatty. Of course, because these pieces are too big for the kids still (especially with the pallet expanders in 2 mouths) I still have to chop. I use meat scissors for this. For the sauce, while I’ve made my own…these days connivence is king and I use Bull’s Eye because it is gluten free.

    I do believe that this meat requires slaw! We’ve tried a few fancy ones, but my kids can make this one.
    While I make the whole dressing, I don’t always use it all.

  4. Marjie says:

    There is a place in Knoxville that I love for barbecue, specifically, pulled pork (see, I do speak southern, after all, despite being a damnyankee). Sometimes I’ll do a quasi-barbecued chicken, which really means I let it sit in BBQ sauce for a few hours, then take it out, partially cook it under the broiler, drain, and let it finish in the oven at a low speed. See, I don’t use a grill; I hate black lines on my meat. Fussy, fussy, fussy!

  5. Sue says:

    I think ‘que’ is a more southern thing. Up in Central New York we didn’t have it very often and I’m afraid I never really became a fan. Rob, however, loves barbecued ribs.

  6. Nancy says:

    I don’t eat a lot of meat, but I do like pulled pork BBQ, with a not too sweet sauce. I love cornbread, and like you, I do not like it too sweet: I want to be able to taste the corn meal. Of course, any BBQ needs baked beans (baked NOT nuked) with molasses. Okay, now I’m hungry!

  7. Louise says:

    You have a Long Island born pal??? Who? I’m not one to get in the middle of a Hatfield and McCoy BBQ debate but I will tell you I had smoked boar captured in your next of the woods when I was in New York this past week and it was deeee….li….cious!!! (we won’t even discuss why I didn’t have my camera with me:)

  8. Amy D says:

    We mostly do ribs or pulled pork. John will smoke the meat all day on the grill, so that it just falls right off the bone when it is time to eat. We make our own rubs, but not really our own sauces. Although it is something I would like to try sometime.

  9. Barbara says:

    It all sounds delicious! I am jealous and wishing I was next door.
    How do I ‘que? Not at all. 😦

  10. Jessica says:

    Jason used to “que up” every night in the desert, when we were stationed out in california. he slept out there in his humvee, when they were doing training rotations, and at night they would all meet up and eat dinner together. Took me FOREVER to figure out what he was talking about when he would say “que up”! I thought he meant queue, but no….BBQ!
    Ribs….i love love love ribs. Pulled pork is good too.

  11. I like ribs…beef or pork. B-B-Q sauce not too sweet, not too spicy, but definately SOME zing. Come on out here, and we’ll test some places I go, then we’ll head East and I’ll test some of your favs, The next time, let’s “meat” in the middle….k? 🙂

  12. Blond Duck says:

    BEEF. Brisket, ribs, sausage, chicken……drooling, just drooling.

  13. Katherine says:

    Pulled pork (never chopped!) on a wheat bun with coleslaw piled on top–the best of the best!! I’m not a turkey/chicken/beef kinda girl and truth be told, the pork (mostly BBQ sauce) is in a thin layer and the coleslaw is piled thick! YUM.

  14. Mmm…pulled pork open face sandwich with a vinegary bbq sauce. I prefer mine with bread on the side, though. We’ve got some awesome bbq joints here in our sleepy little town, so I’m never without.

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