July 2012 022So…  I don’t know the precise style name, but the Knight found me a great Dooney & Bourke tote that’s just perfect.   You only get this one photo, because it’s that kind of hectic around here, and this is all I snapped while I was taking photos of other stuff last week.

And yes, Sissy is taking advantage of the situation and inspecting the bag.  Despite its coated canvas exterior, I’ve kept it away from my slobber-gobber girl. 

He searched around for something that would be iPad friendly, and it is.  It doesn’t zip across the top, but it snaps in two places, so it can be closed quite securely.   There are several pockets inside, but the main compartment is wide open for my big wallet, whichever case the iPhone is in, sunglasses case, a file folder, etc.

D&B Medium East-West Shopper

Best of all, it’s lightweight.  I’d tell you I’m done buying bags, but there’s a fall version on the D&B website… 

Hem.  Okay.  I have a bag problem.  It only has a magnetic center snap, so it isn’t as perfect as what I have.  Whew.

And a dress problem… but we aren’t talking about that right now.  If we were, I’d want to hear from the Boden fans out there…

The good news is though, I’m knitting from my stash almost exclusively these days.  I can’t wait to show you my latest FO, but there are actually two that need blocking, so…

Honestly?  I don’t see it happening this weekend.  Maybe early next week… maybe?

Any exciting weekend plans?  Me?  I’m looking forward to lots of long walks to make it possible for me to spend more time getting to know my new friend, Talenti’s sea salt caramel gelato

And does anyone else Jazzercise?  Two of my distant-city pals really love it, and it seems to fit my virtually no-impact needs…



18 comments on “Tote-ally!

  1. Katherine says:

    Love the plaid tote!! I had extra junk to carry this morning so I got out my red Coach backpack for the first time in several years. I thought of you as I filled it–the only other bag-crazy person I know!! LOL.

    Bravo Knight for a great find!

  2. Susan says:

    Love the plaid bag. My scottie D&B is the large East West. I LOVE it.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. sue says:

    Hmmm……. it seems that I also have a bag issue as well as a hat problem, a shoe problem and a jacket/coat problem. Of course that doesn’t even include the fabric, ribbon, button and yarn problem. I guess my dream of becoming a collector has come true.

  4. Jessica says:

    ok…you’ve intrigued me with the Boden remark. I have been considering some of their dresses…
    are you a fan?
    love jazz….you know that though! :o)

  5. gmariesews says:

    Hey – first I’m jealous that VDK is commenting (of course I’d have to blog to get her to comment). Second – I love the fall version even more than the one you got. Will the Knight send a hint to JB? I still need to send him (the Knight) a little sumthin’ sumthin’ for helping me pull off your birthday surprise!

    I love the look of boden and have them plastered on my inspiration board but have never bought from them. Of course we know really the only things I buy are unmentionables, jeans and white tees!

    Weekend – who knows we went from high 70s and glorious to high 50s and dumping down rain. I wanted to head down to the farmers market and craft booths tomorrow and maybe do some estate sale shopping on the way home since JB has a rare Saturday off. 🙂 g

  6. AlisonH says:

    Magnetic snaps always seem to obliterate my credit cards. I like zippers. In case that helps you resist any (but those are fun bags, definitely).

  7. kathy b says:

    My sweet addicted friend, there are worse vices!!! LOVE the bag find ..hooray for the Knights thoughtfulness!
    Have some of that salty caramel cool stuff for me!
    It s the workend, but tonight we are going to a concert. Im bringing my knitting

  8. Nichole says:

    Beautiful new bag – congrats!

  9. Nancy says:

    I’m in love with both plaids! Way to go, Knight.

  10. Marjie says:

    Get a tailor to put a big, industrial strength zipper in the fall colored bag; problem solved. It’s wonderful that you have your Knight hunting bags for you; the man is well trained!

    I went back to Kevin today, and that should be the end of the root canal. It was a really nasty visit; we talked about pink guns and Duck Dynasty to distract me.

  11. Ruth says:

    May I laugh, or at least snicker re your Bag fettish? I hope so, since I bought the cutest little from Hobby Lobby of all places while in Joplin. 🙂 Weekend yet. We keep discussing whether or not we have any, which is no, but somehow never make any either. I feel a trip to the beach coming on, as temps go up over 100 starting tomorrow…if not today.

  12. Terrie says:

    What a fun bag for summer! Love the plaid. It’s great that the Knight found it for you 🙂

  13. Louise says:

    GREAT purse/bag, Channon. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, keep that man very close he’s a winner as is that pocketbook, lol…

    Thanks for sharing…

    Weekend is still up in the air and here it is already Saturday!!!

  14. Bonnie says:

    Cute bag!! I do Jazzercise and really enjoy it. I’m not sure what you mean by no-impact. Jazzercise can be done high- or low-impact by modifying the steps.

  15. Amy D says:

    I love tote bags, especially the LL Bean Boat Totes. I’ve had one for years that I bought at a yard sale and I still use it for trips to the farmers’ market, etc.

    This weekend is all about the lazy. And I’m loving it!

  16. Oooooh! YOu’ve hit upon the great crisis of the 21st Century. Bag envy. I see cute totes and follow people through the market til I can tap their shoulder, asking, “I love your bag. Would you mind telling me where you got it?” I’ve never met a mean “bagger.” They gladly share their info. The problem is that the new bag…the one I coveted…when I get it…it’s…uh…nice…but just doesn’t function as well as my favorite ol’ standby. There’s always something just a skosh off–like only having one magnetic snap. So I’ve got too many bags (is that possible?) But I do like your new bag.
    I do zumba rather than Jazzercise. I lie to myself and tell myself I move just like the instructor. SNORT. Thank goodness after class I don’t need a very big bag to carry my dignity out.

  17. Barbara says:

    The Knight found you a perfect bag, Chan. The fall version looks pretty tempting too. Guess you’ve hinted….

  18. Sea salt caramel gelato???? ///drool///

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