Ryka Trail Exodus

Courtesy of 6pm

Friday and Sunday, I tried out another pair of trail shoes… the Ryka Trail Exodus.   If I wasn’t so in love with the Brooks Cascadia, I’d say these are good trail shoes. 

BUT I am truly, deeply, madly smitten with the Cascadia, so instead, I’ll say that if the Cascadia’s pricetag gives you pause, or if you know you really don’t like a responsive, supportive but cushioned shoe, try the Ryka Trail Exodus for your off-road fitness adventures.

My only real complaint is probably unique to my feet.  While I have narrow heels for most of my… foot, they are very much medium, average or whatever you want to call it on the sole/bottom of my foot.  So…  I had some minor pressure in the heel, particularly in the left shoe, just where the heel “cup” meets the sole of the shoe. 

The Trail Exodus is neither as cushioned nor as flexible as the Cascadia, but it didn’t irritate any of my pre-existing issues – shin splints in both legs since high school, prone to blisters at the top of both heels, jarring in my hips/back…   And it took it through its paces yesterday on a very long, all-terrain, fast-paced walk, so it passed the test, although not with flying colors, thanks to the new, very high standards set by the Cascadia.

I hate a black athletic shoe, but I do need to note that what appears to be a flame-orange on the shoe is really a VERY PANK color.   Gretchen says that makes them okay.  I say they’re an adequate give the Cascadia time to dry out option.  

However, both my beloveds and the also-ran RTE had rather epic fails in the “through dew-laden tall grass” department.   Saturday was ridiculously wet, but I can therefore say that even SOAKED, my feet were very stable within the Cascadia and there were no odd blisters, because there was no slipping and sliding inside the shoe.  Yesterday, the field wasn’t AS wet, but the trade-off for breathable mesh on a trail shoe means that it lets water in too.  Oh well.  I pretended it was refreshing, then deconstructed the shoes when we got home so they could thoroughly dry out.

THAT my friends, is why I ALWAYS rotate between at least two pairs of shoes.  Thankfully, the Under Armour fitness shoes the Knight got me this spring work really well on the elliptical, so…  Three workouts, three pairs of shoes. 

And naked toes.  I don’t know if it’s the new compression socks, the high mileage with wet feet, or what, but my pedicure had an epic fail yesterday too.  I know when I slipped my feet in my sandals before heading to King Family Vineyards for some polo (and a glass of their Loreley Late Harvest), my toes were all covered with polish.  When I next paid attention to them at home (after changing out of my stuck-to-me-dress), one was completely bare, so I had to remove all the polish before we went to dinner…

About that polo event…  I can’t say enough about the really relaxed “family” atmosphere at Roseland Polo at King Family Vineyards.   Hospitality carts made frequent rounds, and a cute “hostess” all but demanded that we let her take our trash, rather than tossing it in the back of a vehicle to take home as friends had already prepared to do.  If I wasn’t the only local living in ignorance… maybe I’ll see you there soon.

How was your weekend?

12 comments on “Ryka Trail Exodus

  1. Nancy says:

    Call me crazy, but I wear black workout shoes in the winter; white, in the summer.

  2. km says:

    I’m needing a new pair of shoes…mine are reaching their mile limit.

    This weekend was dance recital time. I’m so glad this only happens once a year. I could never be one of those pageant moms. That said…it was super fun to watch my little girl tap.

  3. Sue says:

    I have narrow feet, very narrow heels, but I need a somewhat wider toe due to the joint damage. Several of my toes don’t move anymore and need room. How does the Cascadia do in the toe area?

    We had lots of doggy activities over the weekend. We tried to stay inside as much as possible with temps over 100 everyday, but still give the dogs something to keep them busy.

  4. Kathy says:

    About the pedicure fail…I experience that a lot too. Our Saturday runs are 10-12 miles and I end up soaked, completely sweat-laden, and that includes my shoes. Often I’ll take off my socks in the locker room and my polish comes off in big chips. Not all toes at once and not on every run, but often enough to notice. I think it’s a lot of time in wet shoes that does it.

    Polo…sounds like fun! Did you stomp the divets back in place like they do in “Pretty Woman”?

  5. gmariesews says:

    I’m not a big fan of black shoes either, but I’m glad they performed adequately.

    My weekend – some shopping, some gardening, some cooking, some dog walking, some stain removal that didn’t work. :\


  6. Marjie says:

    Glad you’re finding the time to try out all of these shoes. I’m sure the girls are glad to help.

  7. Katherine says:

    Yes I hate it when shoes/socks mess up the pedi!! My poor toe nails have gone mostly bare this summer. Every time I am polished to perfection, either heat from shoes and/or perspiration ruin the sandal look. With 107 degree temps I’m giving up! I wore sandals to Church yesterday with bare nails.

    Sounds like you had a terrific weekend. Polo, wine and long walks with the girls–priceless!! Love the PANK on the shoes.

  8. kathy b says:

    MY POLO interest is really peaked here Channon. Do you watch ,Play or what/??
    SOUnds fun for sure.
    Rotating shoes…hmm must consider this one..

  9. Amy says:

    I’ve never had a pedicure. Mainly because I’ve heard horror stories about infections and the like. But I think I’m going to give in soon. Being pregnant and not being able to reach my feet very well at all. I see a mani/pedi combo in my near future!

  10. Karen says:

    I am the Fish Whisperer. I took the boys fishing at camp on Sunday. They found a “nest”and were determined to catch the strange fish in it. They caught 2, black, slippery, whiskery and spiky. First one, then let it go then the second. They came running to show us – baby catfish! The boys were thrilled. The 2nd unfortunately, swallowed the hook( down to it’s tail) which made us sad. I sent one boy to get scissors so I could clip it as far in as possible. I was talking to the fish, telling him I was sorry when I noticed a worm peeking out of his mouth! I stroked the fish and pulled a 5 inch worm out and then noticed silver…, the hook! I gently plucked it out our wee fish unharmed. I coaxed that hook out a good 3 inches and our little friend was put back in his nest to grow big and strong 🙂

    As for the shoes – I think your first pair are fab!

  11. Great news, your finding the right shoes…and even a back-up pair. I need a new pair of walking shoes…and am shuddering just thinking about THAT shopping trip. I have feet that are both wide, and a high instep…even specialty stores fail to have more than one or two options that even fit. But maybe…you remember that from our visit in DC?

  12. […] black athletic shoes.  I keep saying that, but these replace the well-liked but short-lived black Rykas.  And so you know, I did recently run across something that said 300-500 miles is the average […]

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