If this isn’t your first time here, you’ve probably already figured out that I’m fickle.  Or easily distracted.   Or indecisive sometimes…

I’m not ready for fall fashion, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting the Born Zowy Barking Dogs flashed today.   No…  I wouldn’t wear them until my toes were cold, but what wouldn’t I wear them with!!

Heck, I could see them with that cute chambray dress from yesterday.  I bet they’re even comfortable, in the very real sense of the word. 

What makes you say “Zowy!”?

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8 comments on “Zowy!

  1. gmariesews says:

    Those darlin’ shoes! Did we not have the conversation about how the wear to them last Fall? I think they are adorable, but hard to wear, I think you have to have tights that match the shoe so you don’t have a big ‘break.’


  2. Nichole says:

    Those are awesome… I might have to go check ’em out!

  3. Katherine says:

    Wow, I would be wearing those with my jeans today!! I like them a LOT. I suspect that if we ever get together or just run into each other we will be dressed exactly alike! LOL!!!

    What makes me say zowy? DH making dinner because he says “Birthday girls aren’t allowed!” To top it off he is doing the dishes too! Zowy!!!

  4. Marjie says:

    Well, even if you didn’t like them, you’d be desirous of them just for the name “Barking Dogs”!

  5. Sue says:

    I don’t know that I’ve ever said Zowy. Those shoes are cute but they look heavy.

    The Blogville Chronicle has an article on Canine Glaucoma. You might want to check it out.

  6. Blond Duck says:

    If you find some comfy boobs, let me know!

  7. kathy b says:

    Sundance catalog has a similar MIssoula CLOG for around 200.00
    How much are yoURS

  8. You make me smile…must be why I keep coming back here! Zowy….um…let me try it out for a few days and get back to you, k?

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