Wednesday Wonderings

Years ago, I planned our wedding for 6:15pm to make it clear that it was a formal, evening affair.  I didn’t put “black tie optional” on the invitation, because it was implied.  Our guests got it.  Most came in semi-formal attire, but a few were formal, and weren’t out of place at all.


Vintage Vegas 2011 – black tie optional

Fast forward to the present.  The holiday party was “festive holiday attire”.  Um…  it was at a country club, so no jeans with a cute holiday sweatshirt allowed. 

Vintage Vegas was black tie optional – or maybe “encouraged”.  Don’t recall.

Then, yours truly advised that the attire for the board retreat was “very comfy-casual” and I might have even added that we were going to get sweaty.  Closed-toe shoes were required by the facility.

Now, we have a “sundress festive” event later this month.  Am I just fostering a culture where we make up our own terminology, because I like to invent words and phrases, or is this deviation from the known social norms and the associated vocabulary happening everywhere?

And what on earth does a non-sundress wearer wear to such?  Am I the only person who worries about these things?

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12 comments on “Wednesday Wonderings

  1. gmariesews says:

    no – you are absolutely not the only person who worries about these things. I have no idea what you wear. To me, I would grab any type of pretty flirty full-skirted summer dress to wear to the event.

    Let me know what you end up with. g

  2. StarSpry says:

    I worry about stuff like that, too! I love that blue dress you’re wearing in the Vintage Vegas picture 🙂 gmariesews dress recommendation sounds good to me for the event later this month.

  3. Marjie says:

    Any sleeveless, fluffy summer dress would be fine. I think “sundress festive” is simply trying to say politely, “Don’t show up in sweats. We don’t want to look like a pile of slobs here.” And I think people do just make up these dress code names, but, then again, we no longer live in an era where everyone tries to look good when they step out of the house. Can you imagine your grandmother going out in a sweatsuit with her hair in rollers? But no one thinks anything of going out like that (okay, maybe not with rollers) these days. I mean, look at the young girls these days running around in pajama pants. I think that’s why things specify what to wear.

  4. km says:

    I love it. I think it makes it easier on the attendee to know what to wear. Of course, I’m the one who is thinking (while watching reality shows) how is a girls supposed to know what to wear on a date when they don’t know where they are going. And…how do all those girls go out without a purse (or do the camera people carry those things along?)?

  5. Karen says:

    Absolutely not! I even take it one step further – I am worrying for you too!

  6. Sue says:

    This is so timely! We were invited to a wedding reception last weekend. The couple had been married out of state last month and were now having their party to celebrate. It was an evening doo at the country club. I thought long and hard about what to wear. I wore a nice maxi dress with my best jewelry and made Rob dress up, too.

    Something has changed! Everybody there looked as if they’d just walked in off the golf course or from the pool. The bride wore a long skirt and blouse, but the groom was in shorts and sandals. I think I was one of only three who wore a dress and the others were short sundresses. Hmmm…. I guess giving instructions is a good thing.

  7. Blond Duck says:

    That reminds me of college pre-sorority dorm days. I’d do what I did then–buck it.

  8. Nancy says:

    In this area, regardless of the event’s time, dress codes (implied or required) are nearly non-existent.

  9. Amy D says:

    I would think that something like a polo dress with nice white sandals would look nice, in place of a sun dress. I’m also thinking of the dress that Juliet Roberts wore to the polo match in ‘Pretty Woman.’ Something like that. To me, it doesn’t sound too formal.

  10. Mary says:

    Ya gotta have a LP dress in your closet that would work. Just saying.

  11. Nichole says:

    Society sure knows how to stress a gal out these days, doesn’t it? I’d go with any cute summer dress…

  12. I wish more people would specify on invitations what to wear. I’ve been to so many evening weddings lately that nothing was specified. Very frustrating.

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