Sweet Surprise!

What a sweet surprise to find ourselves the subject of today’s post at the Pond!

If Duckie and her pups, her husband and/or other residents of the Pond really did pop over to the Woods for a visit, it would be a lively, happy visit with:

July 2012 019Tiaras

October 2010 003Twirling


and Pie!

Then maybe, the human girls would go shopping for leopard print things…

Which blogville friend would you like to drop in on today?  What would you do together?

(And why is my html photo placing suddenly not working?  WordPress, that’s two strikes in less than 24 hours.  You know what happens with three strikes, right?!)


13 comments on “Sweet Surprise!

  1. AlisonH says:

    Why, you, of course. In a second! Dogs, yarn, walks–we’d enjoy it all.

  2. Blond Duck says:

    I’m glad you liked it. 🙂

  3. You! The pups would play chase while we enjoyed a nice cup of tea and sarcasm. 😉

  4. Katherine says:

    I would recognize Ralph Lauren from a mile away. If I could, I would visit you sweet Chan and we would hit the closest Lauren shop hard!!

    The girls are beautiful in their tiaras and tutus!!

  5. Nichole says:

    You and The Woods, of course! 🙂 Although Zeus is still very interested in all the fun the Porties have with watermelons and all that…

  6. Sue says:

    All the bloggers would run and hide if they saw all us coming up the driveway. We’d drop in on GMarie to cheer her up and to discuss patterns and so she could show Mom how to embroider with that monster machine she has.
    Morgan, Sebastian and the Porties

  7. kathy b says:

    WEll if I visited you we’d be so near AL!!!!
    What a fun surprise post by your friend.
    SO many blog pals too little vacation TIME!

  8. Marjie says:

    It was a cute post that Duckie did. Regarding Sue’s comment, Gretchen would hide, but Sissy would be out there giving those water and land dogs what for!

  9. i guess blogger isn’t the only thing going wonky this week!

  10. Sweet post by the Blond Duck…And you KNOW the Grrls and I would drop in you all in a heartbeat.

  11. gypsyknits says:

    Lol….yes, I’m back 😉 and I absolutely love the pics of the girls. Gave me a good chuckle at 5 am this morning 😀
    Oh I’d like you, Jessi, G and the rest of the gang to pop in. Good friends, wine or tea, some sweet treats and lots of chatter would make my day.

  12. Louise says:

    What fun, Channon. I took a pop over to duckie’s too. What fun it would be to have a play date with all the kiddies:) Wishing you and yours a GREAT weekend!!!

  13. Barbara says:

    Cute post, Chan!
    Now, if we got together, we’d 1) go to LilyP, 2) have lunch at neimans, 3) mall shop for purses and shoes, and end up at 4) Williams Sonoma!

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