Layer Later

Leave it to Lilly P.  So much for not being ready to shop for fall.  It helps when you have a fall line with a tag line of “wear-in now, layer-later.”  While I love the PANK Gigi, the Cyan version came home with me because to date, the PANK isn’t in anything I like.  However, this dress will be fine on the cooler (read: under 85) days now, on into fall with a jean jacket, and even into winter with leggings.

Just a reminder…  I’m not THAT tall or leggy.  On me, it’s a modest just above the knee frock.  That’s part of the Lilly P charm for me; no, they don’t have a petite line, but most of their dresses and tops fit just right for my long torso and short legs.  (But their skirts tend to be obscenely short, even on petite-skirts only me!)

Of course, if they have this in my local store next time…  Is it too much to have TWO Gigi dresses? 

For those not getting it… not only is it Lilly P and cute, I call Gretchen Greer Gg – pronounced Gee-gee, and I presume Gigi is also pronounced the same way.  Pank.  Gigi.  Get it now?

We had a very relaxed, quiet weekend.   My ankle is still a little tender, enough so that I’m back in flats.   Never mind that I might just be at a crossroads where age and injuries might be dictating that I need to be in flats more often than not…

And I have a new Lilly P obsession… the Sadie Belt.  I’m positive I’m going back for it in navy, but I might need all three colors.  It’s very wide, and one size fits most.  Given that my black wide belt popped off when I leaned against something Saturday night, I’m now aware that not just any ol’ wide belt works for me.  

In fact, I spent a lot of time this weekend thinking about that… what works for me.   I’m going to be going through my closet and getting rid of a few things, maybe even some with tags still on ’em.  Instead of being hard on myself and chastizing me for buying things on impulse just because they were on sale (true), I’m going to note that some of the problem comes from being able to distinguish what I like from what works on my body.

Here are some things I’ve FINALLY accepted:

  • My linebacker shoulders don’t look their best in a boatneck.   Oddly, for some reason, I’ve been drawn to boatnecks since my early teens.  I was really proud of myself today when I told the Lilly P manager that yeah, it is a cute dress, but I cannot wear their boatnecked styles.
  • I am not an hourglass or “goddess” anymore.  Frankly, I don’t really fit into a nice stereotypical shape right now.  I’m much wider at the top than the bottom, but I also have a happy little waist…
  • At 5 feet, 3.5 inches, I’m not really petite.  Long-sleeved jackets and dresses SOMETIMES fit me best in a petite.  Jeans and skirts? Either petite, or short rise, short length.
  • It’s okay to find brands/designers/lines of clothing that I can count on to work for my body/style.  I can’t even pretend that makes me boring, when one of those is the ever-colorful Lilly P.   That being said, I can’t buy Lilly P online.  I have to try every single thing on there.
  • While I don’t consider myself Dolly Parton, between the shoulders and the girls, I have had to accept that tops and dresses that gather front and center and lack any other shaping are not my friends.   I never look my best wearing such things, so… I don’t need to keep buying them and need to seriously consider passing along some of the stuff I do own that fits that bill.
  • Along those lines, last but not least, if I don’t love it or don’t smile when I look at me in the mirror in it, I don’t need to own it.
  • And the extra-credit bonus…  I don’t hate orange or yellow.  I just know I have to be careful wearing them near my face.  Who knew?!  If a color isn’t right for your skin tone/hair/general coloring, you can still wear it on the bottom! 

What truths are you accepting?



11 comments on “Layer Later

  1. Katherine says:

    Good luck on learning to restrain and retrain old shopping habits!! I am older and STILL have not learned the fine art of buying just the right clothing item. I have closets full of mistakes and wrong choices, and the blunders keep coming! Please continue to share your revelations as they occur. I agree that online shopping often leads to mistakes of fit, color and style, but at least I have learned the secrets of problem-free returns. And return I do!!

    BTW I love, love, love the Lillie P. with the striped belt!

  2. Marjie says:

    I like both those dresses. And if I like a style, I want it in many colors; this has been so for many years, even when the kids were little and I didn’t have lots of time to sew. As for styles, well, vee necks don’t work on me; scooped or round necks work better. I do OK with boat necks, but really should have something a little narrower. It really is hard to figure all of this out, isn’t it?

    So go ahead and clean out your closet, including of things that are brand new. You’ll feel better.

  3. kathy b says:


    Adorable picks. I cleaned my closet out on Friday… many things with stains that will NEVER be worn again . I dont know why I dont throw them out the day I get bleach on them etc….I think it hurts too much that day!

    Good idea to wear yellows not near your face…I love yellow but it look terrible on me.

    Must find good jeans

  4. Nichole says:

    LOVE that dress – congrats! I’ve invited fall to come a little sooner by ordering a fabulous pair of leopard print clogs today… think they will be FAB with jeans and you know me, I can’t wait to wear them! At 5’2″, I’m with you on that in between petite thing… somethings work great, some not at all.

  5. Nancy says:

    I’ve learned not to wear a belted dress: I look and feel better in a skirt or slacks paired with a tunic. It difficult to find a top with long enough sleeves, so its 3/4s for me. I don’t wear heels over 2-inches anymore, my toes do not like being cramped.

    It’s time that I went through the closet with an honest eye.

  6. gmariesews says:

    I love that you are short enough that LP’s incredibly short dresses are an acceptable and fashionable length on you. I mean really – who wears a dress that short if they aren’t 20 anymore? And honestly – the blue leapord will be fabulous with navy tights or leggings and boots into the fall and winter. What a fun dress.

    I don’t know that I love the style of the Pank Gigi print as much as you do – but I love the color way and design and can see why you want it to much. To help steer (you know, because it’s an animal print) you away I think Pank says summer more than fall and winter to me. Just my own personal opinion.

    Finally – my kids called my grandmother G.G. which was always pronounced just like two letter G’s. In her case it was for Great Grandma and much, much sweeter than yelling Great Grandma when they wanted her attention. I wish my kids would get their act together so I actually have a chance of still being alive when I’m *finally* able to be called GG (of course I could be GG with the first Grandchild since I’ll be Grandma G, right?)

    okay – back to work. g

  7. Blond Duck says:

    Those dresses are so cute!

    I’m still trying to figure my body out…I gained body fat back so it’s a whole re-training of the mind…it’s a good change but a change.

  8. Accepting the truth that A-Line and I are, and will always be a peachy pair. No pencil skirt will ever be purchased for this bod…and that’s ok…I think…

  9. Kathy says:

    I have absolutely no waist so I must take that into consideration when buying clothes. Don’t have hips either. Ann Taylor pants seem to fit well almost all the time so I rarely try on others. That’s my biggest issue.

    Great to realize that just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean it’s a good buy. It’s taken me a long time to realize this!

  10. Barbara says:

    I wish Lily P dresses were longer. 😦
    What happened to your ankle??

  11. I wish I could accept the style that makes me comfortable. So often, I buy things with a v-neck and I’m just not comfortable in them. However, if I buy something with a regular neck-line, I feel like I’m being too matronly. Mostly this has to do with wanting to wear things that T also likes, as silly as that may sound. 😉 He likes me in super high heels, I’m more comfortable in low heels or flats. I try to remember that if *I* feel comfortable, I’ll also feel more confident, which is also attractive. 🙂

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