Imitation, Copying and Flattery

Let’s talk about “copying” for a minute, please?   I am here to confess that I am all about double-standards when it comes to the subject.  In other words, it’s fine when I am copying, and it’s fine for SOME people to copy SOME things from me, but not always.

I’m all about what is fair and just (maybe why I love Jack Russells and their innate sense of fairness?), so this really bothers me about me.  Self-discovery isn’t always sunshine and roses, is it? 

Photo courtesy of Bing images

The source of this new self-awareness is Clarks Artisan Latin Samba in brown.   On sale HERE if you’re lucky.   I have more shoe brand loyalty than clothing brand loyalty, and I’d really rather not talk about how many pairs of Clarks I own.  Post-back surgery, they were about the only brand I knew would do both form and function reliably.  I’ve only worn out one of the many pairs I own; all of the others are still in service and look fabulous.

Anyway…  my mother inlaw also wears a lot of Clarks.  In fact, I think I might have tried the first pair because she and her wee troubled feet insisted they’d be just what my back wanted.   Needless to say, she had on the above-mentioned shoes yesterday, and I just had to have them.   Unfortunately, this caused the big self-awareness moment I keep referencing, because I have to admit that when she’s suggested buying the same whatever as what I have, I sometimes pout or at least think thoughts I’m not proud of.


Courtesy of eBay

Remember this dress?  I still covet it.  I would have bought one too, had I been able to find it in my size.  Yeah, more Lilly P animal print!  Last year’s Adalie wrap dress in Thrill of the Chaise, perhaps my favorite LP print to date.   My dear friend the now immediate past president of the JLC owns it.  I pouted out loud when I saw it, and because she really is classy inside and out, she laughed and told me to find one, buy it, and if we showed up wearing it on the same day, so what?!  Tempted as I am by my size on eBay as we speak, I do know that I own that print in a great cardi-wrap, and there are a couple of prints coming out later this month that I want to see in the latest LP wrap dress…  (Not crazy about the current offerings, but that’s the fun of Lilly P… new prints come out monthly!)

So, where do you sit on the whole imitation is the most sincere form of flatter bit?  Are you flattered or annoyed?  Or like me, does it all depend?


12 comments on “Imitation, Copying and Flattery

  1. gypsyknits says:

    hmmm….For me, it depends on who is the copier. I think we like to pride ourselves in our thoughts of being unique and when certain people seem to ‘steal’ that time and again then it becomes clear our thoughts are not our own. It’s ok once in a while and kind of flattering but when it happens time and again then it becomes annoying.
    The shoes look very comfy 🙂

  2. gmariesews says:

    I think it depends – seriously on who wants exactly what I have. TMO and I bought the exact same pair of sandals for the summer. If I could find KAM’s maxi dress I’d snap it up in an instant – however, we are on either ends of the country so the chances we’re gonna show up at the same place wearing the same dress isn’t gonna happen.

    As long as you don’t look like a bridesmaid – it’s prolly not an issue. 🙂 g

  3. km says:

    I think it’s different if you truly have your own style and yet happen to love something that another loves as well. If you’re setting out to be someone you’re not then copying is a problem.

    And I totally love last years dress better than this years. If you still love something a year later…buy it. I’m looking at boots for R because this is the 3rd fall she’s asked for them. I’ll just buy them big since they’re expensive for kid shoes.

  4. AlisonH says:

    Ah, my. I have two stories on that. One is of a friend whose mother I had knitted an angora scarf for: her husband was blind from diabetes, and that was the softest thing I could think of to encourage him to put his arm around his wife. It was what I could do. (He was on dialysis and has since passed.)

    I later complimented the daughter on a sweater and to my astonishment she instantly said it was mine and that she had been wanting to find a way to give back for my being so nice to her mother. She took it home first and drycleaned it and I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to wear it at church? Where people had seen her wearing it? What is expected here? (And why didn’t I just plain ask?)

    It was a Christmas-y sweater, one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen, and I’ve worn it to church at least once every year since. But here’s the thing: she went out and bought herself a duplicate. She must have really liked it too. So there was this one Sunday when we both had it on. Twins! And then neither of us did the rest of the season.

    Again, I really should just *ask*, fer cryin’ out loud, as to how she feels about playing twins… At the same time, I want to acknowledge the gift.

  5. Katherine says:

    This question presents a problem–am I not “with it” or am I “out to lunch” so to speak if I don’t notice things like someone else wearing the same thing. Some years back a secretary asked me if it bothered me that our receptionist attempted to dress exactly like me. I said, “She does?” I really didn’t know it. Does that mean I’m not observant about what other people are wearing or doing? I do notice cute outfits that other women wear, I guess I just don’t realize that it may be like something I own, or identical.

    If the person is trying to make a point or insulting me in a subtle way, I’m afraid it is wasted on me. If the person has copied something I have written I would probably say, “Where have I read that?” I don’t know if that means I am unconcerned about what others are doing or if it means I am numb to the world around me. Someone may be waiting for me to copy them, or notice that they are copying me and I’m a big disappointment!!

  6. Marjie says:

    I’ve been known to buy shoes identical to a pair one of my daughters was wearing, or send her out to get them for me, or ordered them some I had if they liked them. I think we’re flattered if we like the person, and not otherwise.

    And sometimes the girls and I wear similar, if not identical, tops or dresses, just to laugh and call each other twins. It all comes back to just who is the “twinsie” moment shared with?

  7. kathy b says:

    ha ha ha you are too honest Channon!!!! Flattered, always…..Im not the fashionista !

  8. Nancy says:

    I, too, and not a fashionista and doubt that anyone would copy my style. I would, however, stoop to copying someone else if I really liked the item. I have NO scruples! ;oD

  9. Susan says:

    Speaking of copiers…. I just bought a pair of brown sandals!!!

  10. Barbara S. says:

    The only time I have ever really cared about someone copying how I was dressed/dress was at my wedding. My grandmother had asked my mom what my dress was like, and my mom told her it was dusty rose with a maroon sash and so my grandmother came to the wedding in a dusty rose skirt and jacket with a maroon blouse. At least she didn’t have a straw sun hat too!

  11. I kind of agree with what KM said. If you truly like the style and think it would work well for you, it’s fine. If you’re just trying to be more like someone else, then there’s an issue with not being happy with one’s self. My Mom and I often buy the same style jeans, for instance. We have similar body shapes, so if she finds one that works for her, I run out and snatch some up, too. Granted, my Mom is also an awesome woman, so I wouldn’t mind if she thought I was just trying to copy her. ; )

  12. Sue says:

    I love those sandals too. I never cared much if someone copied me. I used to make all my own clothes so it was hard for them to copy exactly and then too I always had a strange style that most people were a bit afraid of. If I see someone wearing something I like I’ll ask them about it and might get it, but my lifestyle is unlike most of the people I know. They spend time with other people, I spend my days and nights with animals.

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