How was your weekend?  Mine didn’t follow the script so well.  I did get started on another baby knit, and I did have a nice, long walk with the fur-girls on Saturday, but that’s where the scripted part ended.  

Last night, we had to go to the funeral home.  I pulled out heels for the first time in ages, and all I have to say is I’m glad flats are in right now.  Clearly, I need to stock up.   Sorry back; I know you like a little bit of lift (just a bit), but none of us are happy if my ankle isn’t happy, so we’re going to ride this flat wave for a while.

Here’s what I’m thinking I need…

Vintage Shoe Company courtesy of 6pm

A new pair of black flats.  Mine are old and not versatile.  These beauties are a little spendy, but I think they’d work well with capris, leggings, jeans and skirts, no?   Besides, what’s more classic than a black flat? 





Old Navy deal

Cap-toes.  I have turquoise suede flats, but I think I need these Old Navy beauties anyway… just because.  Besides, I don’t wear suede when it’s damp outside, and these are about the cutest flats ever…




Banana Republic Abby

Are there flats you’re craving?  And has anyone tried the elastic “trimmed” flats?  Given my narrow heels, I’m tempted, but I just haven’t stumbled upon the right pair to bring home and try out.   (No, those AREN’T available in my size, or I might have accidentally ordered a pair.  My navy peep toed flats are looking like I’ve worn them hard for over a year now…)

Do you wear a lot of flats?  If so, what brands?  One reason I don’t wear a lot of flats is because even the better brands tend to lack support, and my back needs support.  


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14 comments on “Flat-in?

  1. Kari says:

    I wear heels mon-thur at work. Now that im preggo that will be ending because my weight will be going up and my back will start to pay the price. Im not a big flat wearer but I actually have googled comfort flats lately. sigh. I want square toed or long and pointy flats which seems hard to find. I am going to be in flats all winter. Good by my cute fall heels and booths with heels.

  2. Katherine says:

    I love the first black flats and I don’t think that is particularly pricey for a good pair of shoes! I am currently trying NOT to buy a pair of J.Jill slipper flats in steel grey. They are soft and buttery and they sound like what Kari is looking for!

  3. AlisonH says:

    Only flats. Bella Vita is the only brand I’ve found so far (besides my beloved Birkenstocks) that fits my 6.5 EE feet.

  4. Mary says:

    No flats. No high heels. Basically, no heel much higher than an inch or so, but I need that inch. I have very high arches and have never tried on a pair of flats that didn’t feel awful (or like you, make my back feel awful). Also, I cannot stand an elasticated back on a shoe. Feels like it is pinching a nerve, even when loose. Limits my shoe choices quite severely. Picky, picky, picky.

  5. Nancy says:

    The black flats are perfect, and I agree with Katherine about the price.

    I own several pairs of simple, leather flats. Most are quite old (Land’s End stuff seems to never wear out!) but still in great shape.

  6. Sue says:

    I have flats and sneakers and sandals. In fact, I’m embarrassed to admit this but I have a pile of boxes in the closet containing new shoes that I’ve never worn. A couple years ago I had this hunger for shoes. Enough said.

    Elastic back shoes would drive me crazy. I had slippers with elastic and they were always bothering me.

  7. Tensilkut says:

    With the elastic flats, you need to put a band aid on your heel, otherwise the elastic bites your heel. I like Old Navy’s flats; they seem to have a little ore support in the arch than other brands. I have massive numbers of pairs of flats and heels, but still tend to choose a favorite pair or 2, and wear them out.

  8. Nichole says:

    LOVE those cute Old Navy flats! We’ve had the “flats” talk recently… I truly need to find some that fit me “right” and get to wearing because I love the look, just need to find the right fit.

  9. kathy b says:

    Id go for the vintage pair in the first image!!!!

  10. Mr. Puffy says:

    My weekend didn’t go as scripted either ~ but I was just as happy as it was much more relaxing to have no company to wait on :))) I wasn’t aware flats were back “in” but I am glad to hear as I recently picked up a dressy pair on sale for this coming Winter ~

  11. Louise says:

    Our weekend was surprisingly quiet for a change. Marion has gotten back to crocheting after a bout with swollen knuckles. Seriously, that woman just doesn’t know when to stop! She’s on a poncho kick and orange and black blankies for the kids at the hospital.

    If I wore shoes, I’d go with the first pair of black flats. Actually Channon I wouldn’t mind having them in the closet for an emergency. My favorite flats are those I think they use to call Ballerina shoes but you know me and fashion, I could be way off!!!

    Thanks for sharing…do let us know what you decide:)

  12. Hmm…I wear flats quite often but I need some kind of cushioning in the soles or built into the shoes these days…if you need more support you might consider putting in an insert (buy a good pair and move from one pair to another as need) And, in the ‘for what it’s worth” dept…I DO think they are rather spendy. Followed your link out to the site and found numerous other cute flats for closer to $30.

  13. Amy says:

    While I love my heels, flats are what I need right now. But it is so hard to buy new shoes while pregnant. Just for the fun of it, when I was at Target the other night buying baby items, I tried on some shoes. Normally I’m a 7.5 … the only size that fit me was a 9! Crazy, I know. So I passed on the cute suede-like flats.

    Maybe that will be my treat to myself once Zoe arrives and I start to drop the preggo weight.

  14. […] and the black flats I’ve already whined about…  I haven’t pulled the trigger on anything just yet […]

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