Grape skins

Muscat grape, courtesy of Wikipedia

You’re wondering, “How much more random can she get?!”  Trust me, I can do random.  After all, one of my favorite books is James Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist…     (If you don’t get that, click on the link, click on “first pages” and read just the first five sentences.)

 It’s not quite as random as it might seem.  I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my sensitivity to tannins and the problem it causes with red wine consumption.  However, we’re moving into new territory now.  I learned two things at dinner Saturday night.

  1. Moscato can be red.
  2. I’ve kicked my “sensitivity” up a notch.  I don’t care what some experts say; when a food/beverage causes a systemic reaction, it is an allergy, not a “sensitivity to…”

And thankfully, I have smart, foodie friends.  I was sharing my less than optimal Saturday night experience with friends, and one immediately informed me that I should not eat grapes or raisins either.  Hmmm…  Oddly, I’ve ALWAYS preferred white grapes and golden raisins.  Good thing, eh? 

I’m still curious about those black grapes though.  I like those more than reds, and according to Wiki’s article on tannins, red grapes are the “source”…  I don’t think I’m curious enough to experiment though.

Here.  Let me distract myself with this really cute outfit inspiration from those rockin’ BonBon Rose Girls.   I think I might need it, almost as presented. 

Shoes?  Yes.  (Old Navy… evidently, my fall flats wardrobe can be had from their stock.)

Pants?  I didn’t think I needed colored denim, but then I saw these Hollister jeggings.  Yes please?  (I’m not familiar with Hollister.  Anyone?)

I’ll skip the bag, even though I love me some cobalt blue, and since I have finally accepted that the boatneck isn’t my friend, I’ll look for a similar top with a scoop neck.

And once I find it, I’ll sip something cool and white while wearing it.  White wine doesn’t stain.  There’s a silver lining…  Now… who wants my Horton Xoco (Rojo only…  I can still drink the Blanco!)?  And that was a joke, unless you’re local, because it’s illegal to ship wine.

12 comments on “Grape skins

  1. Nancy says:

    Are you a tea drinker? If so, be careful because it also contains tannins? Take good care and be well, my friend.

  2. Kristin says:

    Thanks for the shout out lady! Hollister is usually geared toward those younger than moi, but some cute pieces can be found in there!

  3. km says:

    I was going to ditto Kristin. Hollister is geared toward the college crowd. It’s a cute city on the California coast too. But I think if you find your fit than go for it! Or try to find the same thing at another store.

    And…I just don’t drink wine because it’s never been good to me. Oh how I wish it was different. And since I thought it was sulfites, I thought I’d read on tannins.

  4. Katherine says:

    Nancy mentioned tea, does green tea contain tannins? I guess it must. I don’t know! I love the whole outfit including the blue bag–must have the blue bag to complete it!! I bought Ralph Lauren green jeans last year and only wore them once because I felt, mmmmm, too green!!

    I can’t read James Joyce. His works are too free-thinking (too Irish, lol) for me. I need structure even in my reading material. I guess if I could be a bit more free thinking I could wear those green jeans!!

  5. Nichole says:

    I’m with you – “sensitivity” is a cop out, yes it’s an allergy, whether mild or severe. Good for you for having in-the-know friends to help! Cute outfit… Speaking of bags, I know you’re always looking for light weight and I’ve been meaning to tell you the Jordana Paige LJ Kaelms bag is AWESOME – it’s the “perfect” tote size with some wonderful knitterly goodness (yarn pockets!) and all being SUPER light weight. You may love her!

  6. AlisonH says:

    My friend Karen and I are both allergic to aspirin; she goes into anaphylactic shock over it. We both have to be very careful with dark berries–blueberries, black raspberries, the darker they are the more aspirin occurring in them. A couple only if any for her.

    I found a pink blueberry bush variety at Starks Bros and I’m dying to plant one just because.

    Good luck!

  7. Sue says:

    How did we go from wine sensitivity to which pieces of that outfit you should go for? That was quite a turn with no signal. Anyway, I’m with you, though I used to drink only red wine and still love it, I now stay with white because of the headaches involved. My MSG sensitivity has also gotten much worse in recent years and Chinese food is totally out now.

    I had a red and white striped boatneck shirt in highschool that I lived in. I still love the look though I’m sure I couldn’t carry it off anymore.

    By the way, I vote for the bag. I love it, but then I have a bag problem.

  8. Marjie says:

    It’s also illegal to ship oranges and grapefruit out of Florida without a license. A friend tried to send me some from the tree in her backyard a couple of years back, and was flat out rejected. Crazy laws around, I tell you! I’m allergic to peppers. Just the smell of them cooking upsets me. Happily, no other food sensitivities (penicillin doesn’t count as food).

  9. kathy b says:


    You make me laugh. RED wines make me sick. I get nauseated after a half glass.
    luckily i have no champagne issues….
    but i always prefer Coke.
    love that blue purse..
    Boatnecks dont work on me either…evahhhhh

  10. Mary says:

    I have always attribute any problems I have drinking wine sold in the US to the sulfites that are added here. Whenever I have had a glass of wine overseas in places such as Italy, France, UK, etc. I have never had a headache or side effect. It can’t be tannins for me…I drink about 64 oz of builder’s tea a day!

  11. Oooch. So sorry you had another reaction. That’s me and shrimp. I’m a sad, sad, girl when I go to the beach.

  12. […] up… a pair of colored skinny jeans or ankle pants, and maybe those dot flats too.   I’m going to have to go try ‘em on though, and that always slows me down.  I want […]

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