Grown-up Uniforms?


The Knight, 2008 courtesy of Chief Brown ACFR

No, I’m not talking about “real” uniforms…  I did that for 12 years, as a firefighter.  The Knight still does, but he also has the OTHER kind of uniform, which is really more of a go-to formula for getting dressed.

That photo works just fine for explaining that OTHER uniform.  For work, he grabs a plain, solid tee, light colored in the summer, darker colors welcome in the winter.  Summer, jean shorts.  Winter, jeans.  For not-work, he substitutes a golf shirt – or “polo” if you prefer – and might do twill pants instead of jeans.  Unless he needs a suit or his dress fire uniform, that’s it. 

No wonder the poor man gets impatient with me.  I need to know what the day – or night – is going to hold before I can even THINK about getting dressed.  I prefer dresses or skirts, but sometimes – like going to the dentist yesterday – it makes more sense to wear capris, leggings, jeans, etc. 

ARS rain boots

Then, we have the shoe dilema…  Is it raining?  Is there a chance of rain or snow?  Am I going somewhere (shopping?  yoga class?) I might need to take my shoes off?  Am I going somewhere I want my feet and toes safely secured inside the “ride”?

Do you have a uniform?  I know one friend loves a tunic and leggings.  She just needs to know whether to wear summer-weight tops and capris length leggings or a sweater-dress-like top with ankle-length leggings and boots.    A few of you stick with the same dark pants (or jeans) and just let your tops and footwear set the mood.  

Ann Taylor – What if I pack this and wake up wanting grey and brown?

My problem is as easy as a uniform makes getting dressed, I love to express myself through my clothes.  It’s one reason I hate to pack for a conference.  Yeah, I have a general idea of season, climate and appropriate attire, but who knows what mood I’ll be in?!  Sure, the clothes can help set a mood, but what if I’m not in the mood wear what I packed?  (I’m stuck, and I have to put on my big-girl panties and deal with it, but that’s hardly an ideal situation… so I over-pack, religiously.)

Last but not least, I’ll share a dirty little secret.  I’m still six, and I still change clothes when I get home from work.   Of course, that presents its own set of problems, because Sissy firmly believes that lycra means she’s going for a walk.  Let the leaping, spinning and barking begin. 

Do you do uniforms?  If so… how?  I know it makes getting dressed easier… but where’s the fun in that?  I do realize not everyone works for their inlaws and can routinely be late for work because the dog wanted to snuggle, or because I had to try on 17 things before I gave up and came in wearing the first thing I tried on…


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12 comments on “Grown-up Uniforms?

  1. Katherine says:

    I have definitely had the experience of not being in the mood to wear what I have packed when traveling. I usually revert to the uniform which is jeans and tee shirt with sweater. Add the Skechers Mary Janes and I’m good to go!!

    I have to decide what to wear the night before I go anywhere (work, Church, shopping) or I just would not get there! I am terrible about changing my mind at the last minute so it has to be cast in bronze–I will wear THIS!! Also, if I mention changing before we go out the door, DH will say we are staying home if I do.

  2. km says:

    Well…I do wear a uniform…at home. Mostly because my *HOME* days involve cleaning, cooking, and art supplies. Getting dressed to leave the house takes more effort and all you described above. And I share your dirty little secret. First it was because of toddlers and now because of Holly. I don’t want my nice clothes ruined.

  3. AlisonH says:

    I love it. The experience of being a woman: your clothes reflect your emotions.

    The experience of being a guy, in my husband’s case: chinos and a blue oxford shirt and who cares?

  4. Nichole says:

    When you have dogs and don’t wear jeans to work, I think changing when you get home is a given! 🙂 As for my uniform, well we’ve been quite busy with racing and for that it’s typcial capri jeans with a light weight tee. Of course, I always have a bag with me that has at LEAST one long sleeve tee, a hoodie and a zip up cardi style sweat shirt. You never know when we’ll be at the track long enough for it to cool off! For going out, it’s usually jeans with a top and shoes that change based upon location/mood. I do adore my jeans and am really looking to crisp fall temps so I can play them up with fun shirts, scarves, boots…

  5. Sue says:

    I still change when I get home from wherever. My uniform is sturdy fabric in earthy colors. I’ve been experimenting with skirts and robes lately, but I have two, Noah and Norma Jean, who are a little too curious.

    The best vacation I took when a single girl was to Myrtle Beach with no luggage, just the clothes on my back and a bikini in my pocket. Anything I needed I bought when I got there.

  6. Marjie says:

    I have to see what hops out of my closet: dress or skirt/top, color, even what kind of shoes I want to wear makes a difference. Oh, and I wear skirts to the dentist. A full skirt fans out nicely to cover the legs below the knee (in case you wanted to know).

    I overpack, too, but what I do is a day dress, a night dress, skirts in 2 basic colors, often black & white, then tops for twice as many days as I’ll be there. I wear a jacket, cardigan, shawl or whatever in the car or on the plane (or carry it). Flats and heels in dark or light color depending upon the season, and it’s almost as good as having my closet.

    There was an article in the Wall Street Journal last weekend about packing just 5 items for a long weekend (but they didn’t count tees, camis, jammies, intimate apparel, etc toward the 5). 4 different experts chose a jacket with 4 basic pieces. So I guess I’m doing something right.

  7. I guess after a fashion I fall into uniform mode. All through the warm season I tend to wear dresses and skirts with sandals or flip-flops. In the cooler weather it’s still common for me to be in skirts, but I also will grab slacks and a shirt when it gets seriously cold, or when I can’t find the right tights or leggings…

  8. kathy b says:

    I fall into the same bottoms and different tops category you described. I need to think more about my clothing. I am so cheap that I am inhibited by cost. I tend to get stains on my clothes and that makes me furious. Do you have a stain go to???

  9. i wear jeans every day—the exception is occasional plain black slacks—my shirts change to the day but are mostly tunics even after loosing a 140 plus pounds but I have a hernia problem that I need to camoflague. It has been way way too long since I purchased any new clothes and my wardrobe looks tired!

  10. By your description of the Knight and some of the other guys mentioned on here, I think I fit more in their category. LOL

  11. Mary says:

    I have four pairs of the exact same black pants. I rarely wear anything else, even in summer. For tops, I rotate about five different ones in summer, and similarly, in winter, I rotate five long open sweaters with a shell or t-shirt under them. Maybe wear a dress once or twice a year (punishment). Same for a skirt (only own one). I travel with a 17″ carry on…whether the trip is for a weekend or two weeks in Europe. I change things up with my large collection of scarves. Such is my uniform.

  12. My uniform is jeans and a comfy shirt. I know I can consider it my uniform because I can’t get going in the morning until I have it on. 🙂

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