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Well yeah, I’ve always had a thing for Paddinton Bear.  He’s a great mix of cute and dapper, and as an early reader, I liked having stories that were age-appropriate and still heavy on words, not pictures.   Who knows?!  Maybe Paddington is the reason I had a bear fascination for a while and collected “teddy bears” in my late teens and early 20s…

I love marmalade too, in case you were wondering.  But that credit goes to my grandmother, not Paddington.   It’s also the secret ingredient in my cranberry sauce, if you must know.  I use some fresh grated orange peel as well, but…

All Paddington photos courtesy of Lululemon

Paddington.  THAT is the Paddington I can’t get off my mind.  It’s Lululemon’s softshell all-weather coat, and despite the insanely high price, I think I might need it in currant, shown.

No, I probably wouldn’t wear it to walk the dogs, although as much as Gretchen Greer dislikes rain, it would be fine for the short jaunt we’d take.  No, I think this wants to be my new, go-to coat, upstaging my multi-decade relationship with LL Bean and Lands End barn jackets. 

See, I’ve been on the hunt for a great, red trench coat for roughly a year now.  Target had one, but it didn’t have a hood, and if you must know, my wild mane requires a hood.  I’m not graceful enough to do an umbrella, and seriously… umbrellas and wet snow don’t mix anyway.

No, it’s not as classy as a basic trench, but I’m smitten so I’m not being objective.  That’s why I’m sharing my Paddington problem with you; you can be objective for me!

What variations on a classic are tempting you right now?   How would Paddington work with my doggy rain boots and maybe a skirt and tights?

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14 comments on “Paddington

  1. AlisonH says:

    You could buy a wool coat for that. Just sayin’. It is a really nice jacket, though! And I loved the Paddington Bear books too, although, mostly to read to my kids–I think they came out when I was a bit past that stage.

  2. Katherine says:

    Paddington is wonderful! I think it would look so cute with skirts and tights and boots. It would also serve you well with jeans. And you KNOW I love the color!!

    Our daughter had a favorite Paddington bear. It was accidentally packed during one of our many moves and she had a fit. I bought another, identical Paddington and she rejected it totally. Not the same bear!! Who knew they are not all the same?

  3. Nancy says:

    The jacket sure is cute, and I love the color. I generally prefer a longer coat, but this is a good length for quick jaunts and getting in and out of the car. It’s a good “grab and go” length.

    I love Paddington and had a bear once, but he has since moved on to a new home.

  4. gmariesews says:

    I love that jacket. It’s cute and classy. Would be adorable with a denim skirt, your doggy rain boots and tights.

    I love Paddington Bear and most things British. He just had such a formalness about him – rather strange for a bear, no? Marmalade – I like it sometimes, I often use it in cooking and it’s fabulous with cranberries!

    Oh how i wish I was tempted by variations on classics. I have so much beautiful fabric that would love live in my closet and see the light of day rather than be suck in a dark cupboard, but that’s a completely different convo and one I’m working on. Really! g

    • gmariesews says:

      Going to LuLuMon’s website and looking – you won’t love that coat in person. Trust me on this one. Unless there is some inner ‘shaping’ you will look like a large red box on small sticks. It’s completely shapeless and the back – only adds width – walk away, regardless of how cute. g

  5. Sue says:

    That’s really cute, but here’s the dog walking jacket that I really want.

    This has so many of the features that I need when I walk more than one dog at a time.

  6. Nichole says:

    It’s really cute and I do love the red.. the price tag is a bit of a gasp, but if you LOVE it and will wear it, then….

  7. Marjie says:

    I thought the back looked rather shapeless, and after seeing G’s comment about having looked at it on the website, that opinion is borne out. Like she said, keep looking. The red would be great on you, but you won’t enjoy looking like “a box on sticks” (love her turn of phrase) in a very expensive jacket.

  8. kathy b says:

    THat jacket is so cute. I think you should splurge….
    It is so stylish. Im a huge fan of barn jackets however…..

  9. Karen says:

    I think the coat is fab and would great on you!

    GET IT 🙂

  10. Even before Gmarie’s comment, I thought maybe it wouldn’t be the best coat for you….hope you find love at a reasonable price!

  11. Mom says:

    Paddington??? Wasn’t Pooh and the Pooh Club first ??

  12. Kathy says:

    You need that coat! I would need it too but I just purchased a coach trench coat of the same length.

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