Freedom Door

Happy Thorsday, little friday and thankful thursday!  Before I launch into my daily dribble, you might want to check out the post on the girls’ blog.  Ever heard of a charitable walk allowing remote participation?

Photo Courtesy of Petsafe

The Knight and I have been discussing a doogy door since before the fur-girls came into our lives.  For reasons unclear to me, suddenly the time was right and a Petsafe Freedom Patio Panel was installed yesterday. 

Because I am lame busy and the girls are active and fast learners, there are no action shots of the quick acclimation process.  Thanks to basically blogless Susan, I grabbed a fistful of banana chips and found my happiest, proudest voice, and literally in a few minutes, Sissy was coming and going like she’d been using a doggy door all of her life.

January 2011 017

1-11 Girls at full gallop

Gretchen still is reluctant and will try to slide through after Sissy’s melon head has pushed the flap open, but she got “smacked” in the face by said flat during a poorly timed attempt to follow this morning.  Gretchen Greer just isn’t pushy nor is she particularly independent, so I’m not surprised that she isn’t as eager to come and go without human assistance. 

Sissy DIVA of course, has no such compulsions and politely let herself out this morning at 5-something AM.  Now, for her to learn that she’s not a teenager and I don’t need to know where she’s going, what she’ll be doing, or when she’ll be back…

Thankfuls?  I honestly don’t know when I’ve felt more thankful.  I have smart, sweet dogs, a handy thoughtful husband (never mind that I heard him tell a friend he got the doggy door because he was tired of getting up and down to let the dogs out while watching TV), and the very best friends a girl could have.  It’s double-dipping, since many of the board members and leaders in the League are also my friends, but I can’t thank last year’s Nominating Committee enough for firstly listening to my hours and hours of what I wanted in a board, what traits I think make a good leader, etc., and then for crafting what might be the finest leadership team ever.


A bad photo of part of the great JLC board at our retreat

Why no, I’m not biased.  Okay, well… maybe a little, but women who aren’t prone to biases also agree we have strong board and a promising team of emerging leaders.  It makes it a pleasure to put in the long hours and go to all the meetings when I’m surrounded by so much passion and potential.

What drives you to put in extra time and where/what is your passion?


11 comments on “Freedom Door

  1. gMarie says:

    I can’t answer your questions today. I’m sorry. But I do love my doggy door and I’m so happy that you are thriving as JLP! g

  2. OH! I want a doggy door, but my independent feline would go out, too, and with all the critters around here, she would not fare well. Glad it is working out for you!

  3. kathy b says:

    WEll Knitting is a passion, and volunteering at the shelter in the spay neuter OR and helping foster cats is my passion as well. I am always ready to give more time to the Shelter. It is so rewarding

  4. Katherine says:

    What drives me? The bunch of extended corporate tax returns that are due on Monday and are still on my desk. What drives me? IRS nipping at my heels!! My passion–time off after this madness!

    Good luck with the doggie door! Macy and Max would be going and coming all day. I don’t know if I could stand it. You are a brave lady!!

  5. Mary says:

    First of all, if Sissy were acting like a teenager…she WOULDN’T tell you where she was going, she WOULDN’T tell you what she was doing, and she sure as heck WOULDN’T let you know when she came back (e.g. she WOULD BE creeping through the doggie door very, very quietly, not to mention stepping over any known floor/step creaks). Just saying.

    Too pooped for passion…:)

  6. Sue says:

    Grace and Splash have a doggy door and even little Runtley uses it with no problem. When we visit Samba will use the door and Norma Jean backs thru it, but the others wait for me to open the door for them.

    My passion has always been animals. There are lots of people who care about other people and work to make their lives better in one way or another, so I give to mainly animal charities and make blankets for the shelter. Those ads for homeless dogs on TV reduce me to tears every time I see them. An animal says volumes with it’s eyes.

  7. AlisonH says:

    The fact that life keeps rudely reminding me it is short every time I get complacent.

    Lovely post, Chan, thank you.

  8. Marjie says:

    Love the picture of the girls hopping up the stairs. I hope Gretchen gets the hang of letting herself in and out soon; they can keep themselves entertained during the day that way!

  9. Louise says:

    I can “hear” the joy in your voice Channon and for that it is I who is thankful:)

    Please tell the girls to enjoy their new toy:)

  10. So happy for you and Grrls that you finally have a Doggy Door! My passions…well, you know something of them, but for peace’s sake I’ll not reiterate here. Thankful for few hours of classtime on Fridays…

  11. Poor Gretchen…I can just imagine what a rude slap (literally) in the face that must have been. Has she gotten any better with it?

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