Essential is a strong word…

As much as I like clothes – and growing my wardrobe – I don’t consider trends “essential”.  Nevertheless, here’s’s 10 Essential Fall Fashion Trends.

And here’s my take on their list:

Coated skinny jeans – Soooo not an essential in my book.  Jeans?  Yes.  Colored denim?  Perhaps.  Jeans that coated to look like an animal skin?  Not worth hundreds of dollars.  If you really want the look, rush to your nearest Kohl’s while they have this pair on sale for roughly a quarter of the price of the original in the article.

My concern?  Do these things breathe?  I’m all about breathable fabrics, and the description reminds me of Dooney & Bourke’s coated canvas bags, which are water-resistant.   Also, jeans are comfort attire in my world, and again, coated fabric doesn’t sound like something I’d curl up on the sofa with… although put that way, would it be drool resistant?  If so, I’m headed to Kohl’s myself…

Courtesy of Christopher & Banks

Sheath dress.  Okay, we agree here.  There is a sheath to flatter every figure, and honestly, most of my dresses are sheath-like.  This dark grey ponte knit sheath is in my cart.  I don’t need another grey dress, but since I don’t look great in black, I’m calling it my new little black dress.

And besides, I have a long-sleeved grey flannel shirt dress, a light-medium grey sweater dress, and a very light grey wrap dress.   No one would bat an eye at four different black dresses, right?  (The correct answer is RIGHT!!!)

A-line skirt.  Okay, for many women, that is a classic.  For me, it merely makes my no-hip, short legged self look like I should be in a minivan headed to private school.  Add saddle shoes and I’d have a great 8th grader Halloween costume.  Hmmm…  (No suggestions here, because were you reading?!  I don’t wear A-line anything.)

Courtesy of 6pm

Tough boots.  Heck yeah!  Never mind that I already have several pairs.  I love boots, especially ones that don’t need to be babied.   I’m hoping Cupid – or whomever is in charge of anniversary presents – is reading and hears that I want a pair of Frye boots.  (No, not THAT pair, but almost anything Frye in my size will do.)

Grey and navy are the two colors missing from my boot wardrobe, but I also need a pair of black heeled boots; both pairs I already have are flat.  (Well, not the booties, but they’re different than boots… right?)

Peplum top.  Okay, this *IS* on my shopping list.  I need to get myself to an Ann Taylor and try this one on.  Why yes, if you’re keeping score at home it is another ponte knit.   Seriously ladies, if you haven’t tried ponte knit, do.  Then you’ll get why it’s taking over my not-summer wardrobe.

I’m not sure a peplum works for every shape, and I definitely need to try it on, especially since there’s a petite version in this top.  See, my hourglass is defined on the bottom by my sway-backed butt, and while I am confident that from the front, the peplum will work, I need a dressing room with harsh lights and a good sideways view before I purchase.

Ankle strapped shoes.  Pass.  Did you read the part about how short my legs are?  Plus, they just aren’t comfortable.

Updated satchel.  I’m still really happy with my D&B plaid tote, thanks much.  I mean, if someone gave me a Coach gift certificate I’m sure I could find an updated satchel, but I’d rather have the Frye boots.

Sporty jacket.  Um…  While I have several, I think it’s wiser to invest in a trench or a good wool car coat that can be dressed up or down.  And really?  Sporty is trendy?   Huh.  I thought it was its own kind of classic…

Leather skirt.  Yes please!!  Even Talbots has one.  Honestly, I think for the money, I’d buy that dark brown beauty over the Frye boots.   My leopard pumps are crying for this skirt, although at 21″ in petite, I’d still have to cough up the funds to have it whacked off at least a couple of inches.  (See folks?  My legs are SHORT.)  Still, I’m hoping to find one at a better price, but I also won’t be buying this online; I want to try it on, and more importantly, I want to touch it.  I am willing to invest in leather, especially if it is a little thick and buttery smooth…

Doesn’t that look like dark chocolate?

Printed pants.  Erm…  another “head to Target” here, folks.  Definitely not a must-have in my book.  Maybe if you’re a lot trendier than I am?  Although I must say, I’d spend $30 on these snake-skin jeans before I’d try the coated jeans for double that price… if I could wear Junior sizes, and I can’t.

I do love the animal “skin” looks.  I own way too much “cheetah” print stuff and am still drawn to other animal prints, but I seem to prefer them on tops, belts and shoes.  I have admired ONE animal print pencil skirt, but no surprise here…  I didn’t purchase it and now it’s sold out.

So are any of these trends must-haves in your world?



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17 comments on “Essential is a strong word…

  1. gmariesews says:

    Love the boots, dislike ankle straps because they cut your legs off visually – but that doesn’t mean I won’t buy some. Unless I wake up 50# slimmer there won’t be any trendy pants – coated or animal print in my closet. But I do plan on working on the fit of my pencil skirt and sheath dress. I think you can wear an a-line, as long as it doesn’t ‘A’ too much – if that makes sense. Nice list – what’s on the jewelry front for the coming season?


  2. Nancy says:

    Out of all these, I would chose the dress; however, I rarely wear dresses anymore. Sigh, I am so NOT a trend setter.

  3. km says:

    A line skirts are perfect for my figure. I’ll love this trend. I’m looking at shoes for this fall (and I still have birthday money from my mom to spend). I really want boots, but I’m thinking the dansko boots would be too heavy, so I’m thinking I’ll get the chukka or the mary jane.
    Did I ever tell you that I LOVE the Veda (lace up) maybe even more than the Volley. If you ever find a pair of those on 6pm snag them.

  4. Katherine says:

    Animal or snake skin jeans? Absolutely not!! I have dark green, grey, and brown jeans but that’s as far as I go. They don’t look very comfortable to me, and like you Chan, I wear jeans for comfort (and because in Texas you can wear them to the opera or ballet or anywhere)!

    Love the boots and love the peplum top but not a leather skirt/pants fan. I like to see them on other people but when I try them it is a definite NO!! As for little grey/black dresses–can’t get enough of them.

  5. Karen says:

    You crack me up! Lol. Jeans are a staple in my wardrobe, but I don’t think the coated or print are in my future. I am hunting for yoga pants for pt, but my mode of dress these days are still jammies. I loved the dress, think it is a total YES for you and loved the boots too. I generally wear mostly black, but have noticed since I haven’t had jeans on since before the surgery, black on bottom is not good with 3 bassets. My DH was making out a grocery list and I saw that son’s aide added ” non shedding dogs” lol. I’m guessing that people in this house are appreciating everything I normally do a lot more!

  6. AlisonH says:

    I’m laughing. I am the frump in the long a-line with the minivan.

  7. Karen says:

    You and Sarah and Frye boots! She loves them too and has just purchased another pair but I don’t know the color or style. She couldn’t wait for cooler weather. Flip flops are gone and boots are out. I think the chocolate skirt is screaming out for your leopard shoes!!!

  8. Bonnie says:

    1. Coated skinny jeans – I’d have to see in person but since I don’t shop in stores, that won’t happen. LOL
    2. Sheath dress – Love a good sheath dress, especially in ponte knit!
    3. A-line skirt – prefer a pencil but I like A-line, too.
    4. Peplum – don’t like this silhouette on me.
    5. Tough boots – I LOVE boots and need some “tough” ones but I always cheap out when it’s time to buy them.
    6. Ankle strap shoes – LOVE
    7. Updated satchel – not for me; I carry a small purse all the time due to all the travel I do – need to be able to fit it in my carryon.luggage
    8. Sporty jacket – only if it had a defined waist
    9. Leather skirt – I have wanted a leather skirt for 3-4 years. But I want a short one! That Talbot’s one is too long.
    10. Printed pants – probably not. I would only want to wear once or twice and then I’d be tired of them.

  9. Kathy says:

    I don’t have an essentials list and I am not sure I agree with the experts. I did get the Coach purse (Legacy Leather Duffel in carnelian), trenchcoat (Classic Short Trench in khaki), an orangish-red sweater dress with little cables all the way down, and a J.Crew cardigan that is a jungle-cat print. I still want some boots and probably shoes from Clarks but I’m waiting for my coupon which should be coming soon.

  10. Sue says:

    I’ve done all those at one time in my life except the peplum, I never liked them. I had a pair of ankle strap heels that I loved and still have them around here somewhere though I can’t wear heels anymore. I do have a new sporty jacket, but I’ll pass on the list. I’ll set my own trends.

  11. Nichole says:

    Great post! If you don’t want THOSE Frye boots, why I’d take them of course… LOVE! And that top… add a nice pair of jeans and what a FAB fall outfit there! 🙂 As for the printed pants, I was in Target last week… nope, anyone our age should not be heading for these, no matter how “trendy” they are (and I do adore animal prints), lol

  12. Essential for whom? I don’t need those heavy boots for anything! I’m all about A-line, and never could fit into (much less be caught in) skinny jeans of any kind or printed pants…and might as well admit it…no sheath has ever fit this bottom-heavy body, which also rules out peplum…Can’t we just talk fabric and color and accessories? 🙂

  13. Marjie says:

    Ankle strapped shoes are no good, because they cut the line of your leg, and we short-stuffs don’t need to look stumpy. Wear skirts like the leather one you showed, and you’ll be happy. As for peplums? Well, to me, they make everyone look like they have a large gut and ample derriere, two areas in which most of us don’t need or want enhancement. Along those lines, no one over a size 2 should wear skinny jeans IMHO. Even skinny girls look like they have thunder thighs in them; you need a little width at the calf to balance yourself. It’s so much fun to dissect the so-called essentials with you!

  14. Mmmm…love the boots. What is this ponte knit you speak of?

  15. kathy b says:

    THe boots are the VERY BEST. THey are a must for me this fall.
    I also need some go to dress slacks……or a go to skirt….hmmmmm IM’ looking

  16. Barbara says:

    I’m passing on those pants. Way too hot for Florida. But you can’t go wrong with a sheath….goes everywhere, can be dressed up and down. Boots are cool. I do own a couple pair for when I travel.

  17. Mary says:

    The good thing about being my age is that the only “essentials” I can think of are tea bags, toilet paper and a decent night’s sleep.

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