Thorsday Temptations

Happy Thorsday, little friday, thankful thursday and 80th birthday party for the JLC!   It’s been that kind of week, so I’m not sure I ever linked to the post-eye exam report from last weekend.   The short version is, all is well.


Sad shame 10-09

The post title comes from my own temptations.  This time of year, I can barely resist buying more costumes and dressing the fur-girls up.  Doesn’t help any at all that a girlfriend had a great idea of how I could honor my vow to Sissy to never make her wear a costume again… 

See, Sis doesn’t mind stuff on her head or around her next, but unless the weather is truly foul or it’s her sporty walking vest, she HATES clothes.  So…  She could be the pope or a bishop, and Gg and I could be nuns.

October 2010 019

Not so happy 10-10

Or not.  What say you?  There’s a doggy dress-up Halloween party downtown later this month…

For thankfuls, I’m ever so thankful for the babies that keep on coming.   So many of our friends have had a baby this year, are expecting, or are hoping to be expecting soon.   While I’m on record as preferring a puppy over a baby, there’s something really sweet about having a new parent tenderly pass their most precious bundle to you.   It’s an honor to hold a brand-new life in your arms and wait for those eyes, still not used to the light, to take it all in.

It’s fun to watch their little personalities take off, from second one.  One little guy wanted none of the recommended swaddling, at only about 10 hours old, but the little angel we held over the weekend was all about staying warm and cozy. 

What are you thankful for today?


12 comments on “Thorsday Temptations

  1. gmariesews says:

    I’m rather thankful that I have never had the desire to dress my dogs – but I’m glad there are people and dogs who do. I’m thankful for good friends; stubborn, healthy dogs; and good books. I’m thankful for sewing friends and being able to afford attending retreat. I’m thankful I have a large yarn stash that gives me the ability to ‘shop at home’ when I want something new. I’m thankful that there are no fires in my neck of the woods, especially when there are thousands of acres burning on the other side of the moutains in Washington. g

  2. km says:

    I’m thankful that this month Holly will celebrate her 1st birthday! The kids want us to plan a party and invite the dog from down the street.

    And I do LOVE holding other peoples babies. They are so perfect and squishy. And when they’re not sleeping through the night…it’s not at my house.

  3. AlisonH says:

    The weather is perfect and some needed knitting is getting done. There are visits coming up to look forward to and life is good.

  4. Marjie says:

    I think family themed costumes with Cardinal Sissy would be great fun. And then she wouldn’t be unhappy at being forced to wear clothing!

  5. Nichole says:

    I’m thankful for new opportunities that seem to be blooming as of late… and the beautiful leaves that were blowing all around as I was driving today

  6. kathy b says:

    Im thankful for yoU!!! Im thankful for all of your THORSDAY posts with the same sentence at the start. IT keeps me oriented to the day of the week…..
    I held two new kittens to day at the shelter…if Only Fireman would let me have 5…

  7. Nancy says:

    Thankfuls: flu vaccines, projects that use scraps, fallen leaves that are raked and bagged.

  8. Barbara S. says:

    Friends, family, community, a cat glad to have us home from a quick trip, the ability and resources to be able to make a quick emergency trip, mindless knitting, the list goes on and on. (Oh, and warm cookies when checking into a hotel! That was a fun and pleasant surprise.)

  9. Katherine says:

    I’m thankful that I could not possibly convince Macy and Max to let me put costumes on them! It means I don’t have to do the Halloween thing because it is my least favorite time of the year. If there is a Halloween substitute for Bah Humbug I need to know it. I grudgingly hand out treats and smile at the kiddie costumes but it’s asking a lot and a good Bah Humbug would set things right! I hope the ghosts and goblins will forgive me!!

  10. Barbara says:

    I think it’s fun to dress the dogs….we have an event like that here. It always cracks me up.
    Thankful Thorsday? Well…my insurance is all decided upon. 🙂 Took long enough. Can I breathe calmly for a while now? I hope?

  11. Amy says:

    I saw cat costumes the other day when I was at Petco. I think that, if I did that to Cooley and Mavey, they would tag team to slaughter me in my sleep. 🙂

    And, after all, I have a cute little baby girl to dress up now (or to let Grandma dress up. ) 🙂

  12. susancyr says:

    I want my puppies to have kilts!!! They are scottish after all, Westies. I have to wait until Kenzie is full grown though. They are too expensive to buy her several sizes.

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