Most Pumpkinful Time of the Year


My favorite pumpkin 10-29-08

If you follow me on Pinterest, you couldn’t help but notice I have a thing for pumpkin.   While I love fall for its crisp, cool mornings and warm, sunny afternoons, for its sweaters and boots, for its beautiful leaves, if I could only choose one thing to love best, it would be pumpkin’s availability.

The Knight rolled his eyes when I brought pumpkin flavored creamer to my cheek in the grocery store, but then the darling man dropped two boxes (home and office!) of Dunkin’s pumpkin K-cups on my desk.   (Available only at your local Dunkin Donuts retailer.)

I like sweet pumpkin, savory pumpkin… any pumpkin.  Do you have a favorite pumpkin recipe?


14 comments on “Most Pumpkinful Time of the Year

  1. gmariesews says:

    Hmmm – how is the pumpkin coffee? I love the pumpkin stuffed shells with marscipone cheese. I’m also going to try the pumpkin raviolli that I pinned – but put it in shells. I picked up a jar of pumpkin pasta sauce at Cost Plus World Market. But one of my favorites is the super easy pumpkin muffins with spice cake and pumpkin!


  2. Sue says:

    Rob likes pumpkin pie and bread. The dogs don’t like canned pumpkin but do like it fresh when we carve a pumpkin. I don’t like it at all. I’ve never liked fall much, nor Halloween so I guess pumpkin goes along with all that.

  3. kathy b says:

    I just put all the ingredients for sandra lees pumpkin pancakes on my grocery list…
    Do you need the recipe?

  4. Nancy says:

    Hands down, my favorite is pumpkin pie!

    You would love the Nips candy that is “Pumpkin Spice.” Honestly, it tastes like pumpkin pie and is soooo good. Last year, I found them at Walgreens in the holiday aisle.

  5. km says:

    I think one of my all time favorites was a chocolate pumpkin marble bundt cake from Sunset magazine (the west coast version of Souther Living and keeper of all fabulous recipes). I too LOVE pumpkin, but I’m having to try out some new GF/DF options.

  6. Katherine says:

    Gg looks so sweet in her pumpkin shirt. I’d love to give her a snuggle!! I also use the pumpkin K-Cups and I add pumpkin to my sweet potato casserole for Thanksgiving. Everyone asks why my sweet potatoes taste so good but I’ll never tell. Oops–I just did!!

  7. Amy says:

    I’m a pumpkin lover as well. Pumpkin beer, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie …. love it all!

  8. Marjie says:

    What an adorable baby picture. I love pumpkin pie. Love pumpkin bread and muffins, too, but the pie is my favorite, bar none.

  9. Kristyn says:

    Rachael Ray’s Pumpkin with Pasta and Sausage – we just had this for dinner last night.

  10. Blond Duck says:

    My mom’s pumpkin bread!

  11. kathy says:

    Pumpkin! Yes, this is a great thing about this time of year!

  12. I do follow you on Pinterest and your pumpkin board is Spooktacular!!! I don’t know why but I just never figured you for a Pumpkin Girl. Boy was I wrong!!! I just pinned your Cranberry Bread Pudding with Pumpkin Creme Anglaise. Oh yum!

    Thanks for sharing, Channon. Say hi to the “girls” for me:) And that sweet Knight of yours too:)

  13. Natalie says:

    You sounds like a friend at knitting the other night. She had brought pumpkin salsa which was AMAZING!! I didn’t think I’d like it but it was awesome! I love pumpkin cheese cake but overall I’m ok with not too much pumpkin. OH AND PUMPKIN ROLLS made by my MIL!! I need them! NEED them!

  14. Nichole says:

    You know I’m right there with ya … loving EVERYTHING pumpkin! We just picked up some Pumpkin Butter (to die for!) and a loaf of Pumpkin/Apple/Cranberry/Cinnamon bread from When Pigs Fly in Maine yesterday when we stopped at their store & restaurant on our way home. YUM-O!

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