Go-to Camel

photo.JPGPardon the poor, iPhone in the work bathroom photo.  I bought this baby from Lands End on super-duper clearance about 15 months ago, and I’ve worn it HARD… and it’s showing.  I only paid something like $13 for it, and I considered it a risk.

Why?  It’s very thin, very open and drapy, not at all my usual, tailored style.   Turns out that very thin fabric is perfect for four seasons, as is the truly neutral color.  It’s also a great packable in a carry-on, because it is extremely fine-gauged and I can wad it up into almost nothing.

What I love:

  • The warm, but light “tan” color.  It’s not at all peachy, no matter what the photo shows.  I can’t find anything close to this hue outside of a true camel hair coat.
  • The very thin fabric.  It stretches, so it still slides over other knits.
  • Easy-care.  I have a similar style from Lilly P, but it’s a cashmere blend so it’s not as easy-care, nor am I so cavalier as to wad it up and shove it in a carry-on tote.  (But no, Lilly P isn’t offering that precise style in the color I need or I’d be tempted…)
  • Versitility.  It works today with a white cotton tee and jean crops, but I’ve also worn it with a leopard print blouse and a skirt or trousers.   I’ve also worn it belted over my red sheath.

Now, I realize that as pictured, it isn’t the most flattering cardi ever, but the trim fitting, cropped or nearly so cardis that I know do me the most justice aren’t paper-thin and … waddable. 

This J Crew number is the closest I’ve found.  I don’t like the pockets.  It’s also probably at least twice as thick as my beloved friend.   But the ribbed bottom is a deal-breaker. 

My kingdom for a new camel that’s as awesome as the old camel.

Have you ever bought something expecting it not to work and made a new favorite instead?

What’s on your weekend agenda?

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14 comments on “Go-to Camel

  1. gmariesews says:

    I have and wished I’d bought multiples but by the time you realize it – you can’t find it any longer. I know this isn’t the answer you want – but have you considered making it yourself? I’ve seen several patterns that are remarkably similar. And with Cashwool – you get that super light, it would be airy as opposed to fine guage, but would do the same – just a thought.


  2. Nancy says:

    Like g, I’ve purchased items only to wish I had them in multiple colors.

    Lands End has excellent customer service. Contact they and ask if they have it in stock or know where you can find it.

  3. Nichole says:

    Buy something expecting it NOT to work and end up LOVING it? Oh, several times… =) Of course, I’m also guilty of gambling and having it totally NOT work too. That’s a great staple piece…

  4. Katherine says:

    I have a lightweight J.Jill sweater shaped very much the same. They call it Washable Merino Cardigan and it comes in camel. I’ll send you a link by email. I’ve worn my green sweater with everything and love it! Hope this helps because I know how bothered I get when I can’t find just the right thing!

  5. Amy says:

    I love light and airy sweaters. My favorite one has holes in the armpits because I have worn it so much. Maybe I should think about replacing it? 🙂

    John and I are heading over the the Civil War re-enactment at Cedar Creek, to say hello and let everyone meet Zoe. I also want to pick up an infant/toddler sewing patter for CW era clothes, so Zoe has more than one dress.

    Sunday … lazy day! I plan on knitting and watching movies. I’ve been a busy bee this week, organizing the house, so I think I earned it.

  6. Natalie says:

    Love it!! it looks so comfy but cute!

  7. Marjie says:

    I wear things to death when I love them, too, especially something like a cardigan. That’s a great color for everything. Have a great weekend!

  8. kathy b says:

    well, the workend, but not before a roaring fireplace fire tonight and major league baseball knititng.

    I just bought a lands end red vest with grey flannel inside and Im in LOVE

  9. Mr. Puffy says:

    I agree completely with your observations on that sweater! I have a very similar one and love it for all the reasons you state. The only difference is that I paid full price and I fully expected to enjoy it from the day I bought it and I have! Mine did develop a tiny tear when washed but it was easily fixed with a little sewing thread. I think that is the only downside – you must be careful when washing as it’s not too sturdy. On tap for the weekend is college football (GO IRISH!!!) and hopefully a movie out ~

  10. AlisonH says:

    My son was telling me today that I once bought him a north face jacket in a green he decided he didn’t like. And nothing could make that thing wear out, he couldn’t get rid of it!

  11. Sue says:

    Too many times to even remember, By the time I realize what a gem I have, the company is on to a different model or style. But on the other hand I’ve bought things I thought were absolutely wonderful at the time and they turned out to be awful. I guess it evens out.

  12. Ruth says:

    Like the others, yes! And then had to deal with the remorse of not buying multiples….oh, and “I;m baaaack”. 🙂

  13. Barbara says:

    Hah! I have a white one just like it! 🙂 I keep it for the movie theaters (always cold) and at home on a chilly day. Wouldn’t be seen dead in it otherwise. But oh my, it’s just right.

  14. sandyjager says:

    Too bad it isn’t available any more – I’d love something like that in my wardrobe.

    The weekend has been a quiet one. Though it is a four-day one here in Hungary, so only half over. I’ve spent much of it knitting on the cowl, so I’m happy.

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