Killer Plot

Courtesy of the author’s site

Friday, I finished another book and started two more.  (Yes, two.  Don’t judge.)  Killer Plot by Ellery Adams started off a little trite, and yes, I figured out who dunnit the first time I met that character, but it was still a fun, good read.  I did NOT figure out the why until it was revealed though, so it wasn’t like I had it all figured out.

I mean… what’s not to love about a book with a lighthouse and a dog on the cover?

I see there are already three more books in this series.  I’ll have to track them down.  I need to know more about the main character and her potential love life, although I am glad I’m not in her writing group.  I can’t imagine suffering through her ancient Egyptian romance.  Besides, it’s set in coastal Carolina, and if you’ve been coming around for long, you know that’s a place that’s near and dear to my heart.

This was another basically blogless Susan-given cozy, as is If the Walls Could Talk.   I’m loving that too, although I want the doggy on the cover to show up again.  So far, it’s only been mentioned in passing once, maybe twice.

Actually, I didn’t have much time to read over the weekend.  I did a lot of knitting, baby-holding and dog-walking.  Anything exciting in your world?


11 comments on “Killer Plot

  1. gmariesews says:

    Hmm – what’s exciting in my world? I finished the first recommended by you Wine Series book. I mailed my PC roaster out and a baby gift that is a month overdue. I made a new dress which turned out much, much better than I thought it would based on the hand of the fabric.

    Tonight I’m cooking dinner for friends – simple – roast and twice baked butternut squash from Pinterest. The guests are bringing Cake! Tomorrow we vacation! g

  2. Nancy says:

    Nothing exciting happening here. I started another knitting project, so now I have six in the works. I need to finish something before I begin yet another project.

  3. Nichole says:

    That IS a killer book cover! =)

  4. kathy b says:

    THunderstorms and warmth returning. WAHOO. Downstaffed last night…wahoo!!!
    new cast on today wahoo!
    go Bears
    go San Fransciso Giant baseball
    go MY CANDIDATE in the debate 🙂

  5. AlisonH says:

    Cool! Baby holding is the best.

    I had a book I wanted to take with me, and would have, but it was just one weight too many with a back that was nagging.

  6. kathy says:

    You are a reading machine!

  7. Marjie says:

    Baby holding and dog walking is better than reading. Babies grow up too fast. My girls came home from Philly, so they are my post for the day, which was even better than a weekend spent sewing!

  8. Katherine says:

    I’m hooked!! I am a nut case over books about haunted or just generally strange houses. I have already downloaded If Walls Could Talk to my Kindle. Thanks!! My weekend was taken up by feeling puny and napping because of it. Today is better but not by much. I’ll be glad to get into bed tonight. At least I have a new book to read.

  9. Blond Duck says:

    We’ve been in Shreveport for a funeral…

  10. Not so sure about any excitement here, but while I was away I read A Shot In The Bark, a Dogpark Mystery, by Carol Ann Newsome. Not bad. A reasonably fun cosy. Is $2.99 on Kindle, though I think I picked it up for free. Hey wait, THAT is exciting….I think.

  11. Kari says:

    Does reading blogs and email count?! hahaha. ugh. I have to actually go to the book store like soon because I need some of those “how to take care of a newborn” books 🙂

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