All Gussied Up


Baby Sis with Mugsy 12-07

Of course, the first order of the day is to wish the Queen, DIVA, Sissymonster the happiest of birthdays!  Several human friends of ours are also having birthdays today too, so what a great day!

Yes, yes… there will be a pawty this evening, complete with pumpkin cupcakes and fresh fish in the dog bowls, and since it’s been a while, I’ll endeavor to get some up to date photos of the birthday girl and yesterday’s gotcha’ girl.

Now, to the subject of today’s post!  Last night, the League hosted a pumpkin decorating party.  I confess, I attended under duress.   I don’t like to carve pumpkins.  I admire the fancy designs, but I can’t even manage a childish, old-fashioned, simple jack-o-lantern on my own.  I don’t decorate or celebrate Halloween at all, except for dressing the fur-girls up for blog posts, so…


Custom JLC 80th anniversary inspired design

I had a ball.  As always, I am impressed and inspired by our members and their talent.  Isn’t that remarkable?!


More fab pumpkins by JLC artists – and Tipper too

And these?  (No, Tipper wasn’t carved or painted, or otherwise represented in pumpkin art.  But who am I to resist a doggy photo opp?)

photo.JPGI’m totally copying this idea in the future.   My “I’m so not artistic” friend strategically slapped some of her kids’ stickers on the pumpkin, slipped into parking lot with some silver paint, and …  I’m impressed! 

I’m seeing a star version, a doggy version…   You know… there’s still time for more pumpkin decorating this year…

Of course, there was Wicked Wine and pumpkin everything to munch on while we decorated, chatted, laughed and some of us got Tipper kisses too.  (Can’t find the Wicked Wine with the funky jack-o-lantern on the bottle…  it was red so I didn’t drink any, but it was a great touch!)

photo.JPGOh, and in honor of Gotcha’ Day and DIVA’s birthday (and due to my TRULY unremarkable skills with Sharpies), here’s my pumpkin.  You can’t tell, but the M is black trimmed in dark green, then light green, and of course, the large paw print is in royal purple, and the smaller one is PANK.  Yeah, I spent twice as much on Sharpies as the pumpkin, because the grocer only had multi-packs with the PANK and purple…  But I shared, and really, can you put a price on custom art?!

Not pictured is a small striped (in Sharpies hues) pumpkin, a stunning PALE orange pumpkin with its artist’s name and a couple of others painted on it with white dots, and a GREEN-grey pumpkin decorated with gold and silver wire.  There was also a painted pumpkin with brown hair and BLUE eyelashes that somehow missed its photo opp…

Oh!  And those noshes behind my pumpkin?  Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread mix with TJ’s pumpkin butter spread on top.  Podunk is finally getting a small TJ’s next month.  At some point, I’m going to have to accept that while it’s always going to be a quaint college town trying to impersonate a city, Podunk isn’t so podunk anymore.

So, two opportunities for input today:

  1. Do you decorate pumpkins?  If so, what medium(s)?
  2. What items MUST be on my Trader Joe’s shopping list?  I’ve honestly only even been in one ONCE in my whole life.  I do keep their pomegranate white tea in my pantry, through the kindness of more urbane friends…

11 comments on “All Gussied Up

  1. Nancy says:

    The spray-painted pumpkin is wonderful – so clever and easy, too. My kind of craft!

    I don’t carve or even purchase pumpkins for decorating.

  2. Nichole says:

    Lovely pumpkins… looks like a fun time! I do enjoy decorating, however haven’t done a pumpkin in quite a few years now… the last one we got, I never got around to carving or decorating. :/
    As for TJ’s… check out their brushetta (in a jar – sold like salsa), peanut butter filled pretzels, frozen chicken egg rolls, and the sorbet that comes in fruit cups (i.e. coconut is packaged in half coconuts). All yummies and absolute faves of mine!

  3. Kari says:

    I did the spray painted pumpkins last year and loved it – thank god for pinterest 🙂
    I also tied some cute polka dot ribbon around them and it was adorable!

    I dont mind carving but have stopped since I found too many cutesy crafty ideas. This is the first year I havent actually decorated (due to craziness in the house of baby crap). I love halloween. My mom made all my costumes when I was growing up and I had something to be special every year. We do hand out candy. We sit in lawn chairs on the driveway have a few beers and hand out candy to the kids in our neighborhood. I plan to take Kylie trick o treating. I have to really get into decorating for most holidays now that I am a mom.

    I use to take Fred to Halloween events for dogs each year. He was always big a hit but the only costume that would fit him was a ghost costume so he was Fred the Friendly Ghost haha.

    Happy Birthday to Sissy! The party sounds lovely, I want some fish for dinner too 🙂

  4. Karen says:

    Happy Birthday Sissy and Happy Gotcha Gretchen! I love Halloween and always decorate, we carve pumpkins then roast the seeds and dress up but now only hand out candy. I’m very late this year decorating with the surgery and all but hope to finish up today. Tiffany has a princess costume and a spider and Minnie has Minnie Mouse and a ladybug and Sabrina has a hot dog costume which I must admit trumped them all lol. Daisy, being the biggest basset doesn’t have a costume but I like the ghost idea. I think we will have to try it 🙂

  5. kathy b says:

    YOu done did good!!!!! Fireman carves most of the pumpkins here…. I LOVE a Jack o lantern …lit up. Happy Fish dinner to the pups tonight. I think i will give the cats some tomorrow night in Gretchens honor too. we are planning on fish tomorrow.
    Trader Joes is odd to me: but things I like there: quinoa frozen bag , my kids love those peanut filled pretzel nuggets, and I do not like ANY of their baked cookies….icky, dry.

  6. Katherine says:

    I love the silver pumpkin!! I could do spray painting, but carving? NEVER!! I’m a totally NON-Halloween person. I do appreciate intricate carvings. Those in your pictures are lovely. Cute doggy too!

    Happy birthday to Sissy. Hope the pawty is super special! Slip her an extra cookie for me and plenty of snuggles and kisses for Sissy and the Gotcha girl.

  7. Marjie says:

    My kids carve pumpkins. Thor used to try to eat the pulp (and I always let him have some). I’ve been known to cook them; does that count? Happy Sissy-Day; of course, I love the baby picture.

  8. Sue says:

    I don’t do Halloween, but Rob likes to carve a pumpkin and the dogs love eating the meat. I like eating the candy.

    A message to the Diva:
    I want to wish the happiest birthday ever to my favoritest girly dog, Miss Sissy.
    Love, Fudge

  9. AlisonH says:

    And here I thought that was the most impressively-applied duct tape I’d ever seen.

    You’re getting a Trader Joe’s, you’re getting a Trader Joe’s! Huzzah!! Ours doesn’t carry it anymore, but for awhile there they had bags of frozen little balls and you rolled however many you wanted into a custard or creme brulee cup, put’em in the oven and they magically morphed into custom-sized cheese souffles. Scrumptious.

  10. Amy says:

    I used to love carving pumpkins, but just haven’t done it lately. Halloween used to be my favorite holiday but I’ve been really slack about it over the last several years. Maybe Zoe can inspire me next year, to get back into it all?

  11. Natalie says:

    Happy Birthday!! Love the pumpkins!! We are doing that this weekend! 😉

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