Tree Lessons

Happy Thorsday, little friday, thankful thursday and happy birthday Uncle!   (Sorry…  I don’t have a recent photo of Uncle.  Isn’t it funny how some of the people we spend the most time with are notably absent from our photos?)

photo.JPGI’m thankful for trees.  I love ’em.  We live in the woods, the dogs and I walk in the woods, and I just find great peace in staring at the trees all around us.  This is one of my favorites.  I call it my Ent.   You can’t tell it from the photo, or from the partner photo on the girls’ blog today, but it is an ancient, GIANT tree.  I am rotten with guessing measurements, but I’m sure it’s more than six feet across at its base.

I talk to my Ent.  I am pretty sure it was there when Thomas Jefferson and or James Monroe lived in the area.  (Monroe may have owned said property, as an aside.)  I wished it well on our pre-Hurricane Sandy walk, and I truly rejoiced when we were reunited without incident afterwards.  I’m sure my Ent thinks I’m a silly human.  Sandy was a non-event here, and clearly, it has weathered many storms.  

There are plenty of very old trees in the woods, but none are even close to my Ent in size, which also means none are close in age either.  Poor ol’ giant…  He’s outlived his contemporaries, but oh if he would   could talk!

What grounds you? 

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12 comments on “Tree Lessons

  1. gmariesews says:

    Oh your tree is lovely. What grounds me? Hmmm – interesting question. Nature, sometimes just being and breathing, taking a nap on hubby’s lap – he hates that!

    I have a very strange fondness for bare trees. I like being outside and doing – although I don’t do it enough. I’m not ‘hippy’ enough to say playing in the dirt – because I hate being dirty and having dirt under my fingernails, but sitting outside, just watching, listening to the pond, sometimes knitting, sometimes reading, but mostly just enjoying. g

  2. Nancy says:

    I love old trees, too, especially if they are really gnarled because they have so much personality. It is fitting to call this tree an Ent: it looks like one to me.

    Wide-open spaces ground me. They help me put my life into perspective.

  3. Marjie says:

    We have a couple of monumental maples on the property. I love our trees. We have a beech tree and a hickory along with those monumental maples, each of which is probably 300 years old. And you’ve seen my pictures of the old Madison Lane. Believe it or not, some of our maples still have their leaves. Strange, isn’t it?

  4. Nichole says:

    Happy Thankful Thursday – I’m still devastated at the loss of our 2 huge, old weeping willows….

  5. Katherine says:

    I love our trees–pear, maple, oak, elderberry and several more. Our neighbors all had their trees removed because they didn’t want to rake leaves and clean up berries. I am determined that ours will stand, sharing their beauty, telling their story, sheltering the birds and wildlife, no matter what!! I went crazy when the power company guys said they had to cut one of our trees down because it was too close to power lines. They threatened to have me arrested if I didn’t move out of their way. I wanted them to just trim it but they cut the whole tree down. I cried for days!

  6. Mary says:

    My age grounds me (literally and figuratively)…as do my adult children. Wisdom may (or may not) come with age, but I am frequently amazed by and learn so much from my children. Watching them grow into amazing human beings, making tough choices, bouncing back from adversity, but staying grounded in what really matters…that gives me a lot to be thankful for on this or any day.

  7. Krystle says:

    Nature also grounds me. I love trees.. there is a road that I take everyday on my way to work, and it is lined on both sides with lush forests. The trees are aw-inspiring. I love marveling at them on my way past. The first day I drove to work after Sandy, I cried at the loss of so many beautiful old trees. I want to find out about planting new trees in the same forests next year (or whenever tree planting season is). & for now, I have been picking up branches from Sandy’s destruction, and planning craft projects with them, that way they won’t all go to waste.

  8. Blond Duck says:

    I want to live there in a treehouse.

  9. kathy b says:

    What would I do without your THankful THORsday posts and such? It reminds me what day of hte week I need to be ON!!!
    I love trees too. SO happy your favorite is fine after SANDY. I LOVED the giant Sequoia’s so much when we went to Caifornia!!!!!

  10. Ruth says:

    Love your ent! Music can ground me, when I am feeling lost or down…but what really grounds me when life is happening all around at breakneck speed….is my God…and His Word.

  11. Natalie says:

    Love old trees! your ent is pretty awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  12. It’s when I read posts like this that I realize there’s no way we *couldn’t* be friends. lol I grew up in a very old house, with even older trees surrounding it. Leaving those trees behind when we moved literally broke my heart. I had wondered why I never felt quite at home in any of our previous houses, but it finally hit me when we found this place. There’s a giant, old, oak tree in the backyard. It’s like being reunited with a friend. 🙂

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