Leggings Controversy

Where do you fall on the leggings controversy?  I’m going out on a limb and stating my position:

  • I’m over 40, and I wear leggings in public, to work even.
  • I don’t care how old you are or what your tush looks like… leggings are perfectly fine as long as you are wearing a top that covers said parts (front AND back).
  • Leggings and skinny pants are NOT interchangeable. 
  • Leggings and tights are NOT interchangeable.  Tights are thinner and are UNDERwear.

    JJill leggings example

    JJill leggings example

Now…  I *WILL* wear a shorter tunic-style top with leggings than I would with tights, and I have worn leggings for warmth under a dress I’d normally wear with tights, but that’s a one-way street, in my opinion.

No, I don’t have photos of me in leggings, tights or skinny jeans, but I promise, I practice what I preach.  I also tend to wear boots with leggings and/or tights this time of year, so very little of my legs are visible at all!

I already know some of you disagree, so do share your thoughts!

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14 comments on “Leggings Controversy

  1. Kari says:

    Well since I’m preggo you would think I would be rocking the leggings but I actually don’t own a pair at all. Leggings are banned at our work. I do wear tights a lot under my dresses at work in the winter. I don’t mind people that wear leggings but I just haven’t ever gotten into it.

  2. sue says:

    Oh I agree completely. No one has such a cute tush that we all need to look at it on the street. I love leggings under longish tunics and tights under dresses.

  3. Nancy says:

    I don’t own a pair of leggings, and I doubt that I ever will. I don’t think they would be very attractive on me. Leggings can be very attractive, just not on me.

    My biggest complaint about leggings is that those who generally wear them do not wear a long enough tunic to cover “said parts.”

  4. gmariesews says:

    I don’t have them, but I think they look adorable paired right. I have tons of pairs of tights and wear them all the time under dresses. I agree that wearing leggings under a dress instead of tights is okay, but tights under a tunic would not be. Happy Tuesday! g

  5. km says:

    You are right about the covered front and back! Even some of R’s friends wear leggings as pants and I don’t like that. R has them to wear under dresses or with a tutu/skirt. I was looking at a pair for me. It’s the annual Hanna Andersson sale and they had women’s leggings for $15.

  6. Ruth says:

    Agree totally. I think wearing leggings without covering uo the afore-mentioned bits makes one look either un-dressed, or like you’re selling something…..

  7. Marjie says:

    I never thought about leggings. Some people are just too…..padded…..to wear them well. But I think overall your guidelines are just about right.

  8. Kathy says:

    This makes me wonder: Have you been seeing a lot of legging rule-breakers lately?

    I love tights & wear them with skirts & dresses. I’m not so much a leggings person & hate skinny jeans. I have real, runner woman legs and they are not made for skinny jeans.

    Also, I met a Bassett/pointer mix last weekend. Is that even possible?

  9. Katherine says:

    Several comments mentioned tights with dresses. I like ankle-length leggings with long dresses and even wore them with a long dress to Church last Sunday. A woman in the ladies room said to me, “I love that look! I have to try that.” I don’t know if she was being complementary or just kind but I plan to continue wearing them that way. Oddly, I never wear tights–and now I’m back to being the weird one here! Heehee.

  10. kathy b says:

    I hide these legs …….Maybe next year I’ll be able to wear tights…
    I dont think there is an age limit. IF you can wear it, go ahead!! hee hee

  11. Blond Duck says:

    I wear tights and leggings (not under dresses) but NO skinny jeans! And my leggings are more like yoga pants…

  12. I don’t own either tights or leggings. I would absolutely love to wear them and probably could pull it off especially with your more than fair guidelines. My problems is I a “pea princess” I can’t stand the feel of anything so snug against my skin. I’ve considered given them a try again this year but I’m sure the Itchies would once again get the best of me, {sigh}

    Good question, Channon…

    I’m in Idaho “as we speak,” Channon. Just in case I don’t make it back here before the clock strikes 12, I wanted to wish You and the Knight and those “gorgeous” girls of yours a Very Merry Christmas!!!! Denise

  13. Nichole says:

    I actually don’t own any leggings right now, but I used to rock them with a lot back in the day. I really should go out on a limb and get a pair… esp since I have boots that I currently don’t wear with anything because said boots *need* leggings… or skinny jeans.

  14. Walden121 says:

    Hmm, I hate to say this, but my reply to this completely depends on ones fitness/weight level. Most of the people I see in leggings are people I do not want to see anything hugging their body that tightly . . . and yes, I say this as a big girl, I would not wear leggings. Don’t think they are attractive on anyone but smaller/fitter people.

    I do however agree with the statement that tights are underwear and should most definitely not be considered interchangeable with leggings!

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