Still Christmassing…

Why no, Christmassing isn’t a word, but I’m using it anyway.  For the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me …

LS_ToastyMitts_RK1… a Skirt Sports Toasty Mitts Sweater.  I presume I have the red, but it’s more of a super-hot PANK.  It’s definitely not “dusty” enough to be the berry color.  What you can’t see in the photos is that the front zipper and the rear pocket zipper are both reflective.  And those mitt-things?  So awesome.  Just what I need, so that I have SKIN on the leash and really feel I have a good grip on Sissy.  They’re very easy to slip on and off too.

The only con is that Lululemon has spoiled me, and I expect fabrics to wick away moisture AND feel like buttah on my skin.  The Knight insisted the top was a stand-alone TOP, but I doubted him and wore a tee underneath.  Um…  I’ll be wearing a long-sleeved tee underneath in the future.  The black part of the sleeves were rough and frankly, my arms were quite chilly.  Still, I’ll be watching for it to go on sale, hopefully in the berry color!

We also had another Christmas dinner last night with my BFF and her family.   Just wait ’til you see the cupcake “decor” she gave us!!  Too cute and spot-on…

Are you still Christmassing?  Any exciting weekend plans?

8 comments on “Still Christmassing…

  1. Nancy says:

    Wow, it looks great!

    By the way, Christmassing really should be a word.

  2. gmariesews says:

    I really want to look at a close up of that top, but your link goes to that beautiful CC dress – what color is the pretty? Love that the top has zippers. You know there are lots of little reflective strips on most sneakers. Anyway – the top looks very nice and I love that you are still ‘Christmassing.’ I haven’t asked, and I really, really, want to know – did you get a sewing machine? I’m sure you’ll get around to it, I hope you won’t make me wait…..


  3. Ruth says:

    Glad you’re still getting presses as Christmas continues. We “celebrated” tonight with a wine and cheese evening with friends…here!

  4. kathy b says:

    I Love your new top!!! The Knight did well!
    We Christmas a bit more tonight at WOrk and tomorrow night at work. I have 3 gifts left to give out.
    Im really enjoying my gifts one and all. Fireman was a good Santa. Best gift of course, the kids home.

  5. AlisonH says:

    He’s a sweetie!

    Enjoying my time with my kids… (With the occasional computer time on the side.)

  6. Sue says:

    Wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy New Year.

  7. OMG…I love that site! That’s exactly the kind of workout wear I like. 🙂

    Side note: I finally figured out what was up with my wordpress account. /face palm/

  8. […] I actually own more Skirt Sports than LLL, but honestly, LLL has it all over Skirt Sports for softness.  I do love that skirt though, both for a little modesty and just because I’m a skirt kinda’ girl.  However, my favorite long-sleeve top is Skirt Sports “sweater.”  Their little mittens are fab, and the back pocket is actually large enough for my iPhone.  (I reviewed it here.) […]

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