2012 Recap

ElvisHappy New Year!  Did you do anything exciting to ring in 2013?  We went to dinner early with friends, then watched Tooth Fairy with the fur-girls.  Cute movie, with a sweet reminder that adults are flawed and need to be forgiven sometimes too.

2012 was a productive year.  I managed to read 68 books, which far surpassed my mostly unshared goal of reading at least 52 books.  Thanks Basically Blogless Susan and gMarie!  A few others shared books with me too, and I truly appreciate them all.  My favorites from last year were the Southern Cousin cozies (better known in my mind as the Elvis Hound-dog series) and the Wine Country mysteries.

Two books remained unfinished; Don’t Know Much about Mythology and The Reservoir.   … Mythology is a decent book, but I *DO* know much about the subject.  I’ll keep it on my i-stuff, in my Kindle library as a reference book, but if YOU don’t know much about mythology from any given culture, check it out.  …Reservoir got good reviews, and it has a rather local setting which normally is a win for me, but I guess Hawthorne is the only “ancestral guilt” author I enjoy?

August 2012 001I knitted  completed 14 projects last year.  I knitted *ON* several more.  A couple were frogged (unknitted and abandoned) and a couple more (give or take) remain unfinished for a host of reasons.

  • 3 baby hats
  • 2 baby sleep sacks
  • 2 completed baby blankets
  • 2 headbands
  • 1 toy
  • 1 infinity scarf
  • 1 scarflette
  • 1 adult hat
  • 1 cloth

While I was really happy with all of my finished objects this year, I think the owlie sleep sack was my favorite.  I hope Baby was able to use it with some of the cool days we’ve had recently.  (Baby is now five months old…)

But I’m most proud that we’re over halfway through my first year as League president, and the fur-girls and I continue to log 20++ miles weekly.  I’ve also maintained my weight loss for roughly 18 months now.  It fluctuates more than Weight Watchers allows its life members to do, but since I didn’t get squat for reaching my goal and maintaining as an online subscriber, I dropped my membership and made up my own rules.  My clothes still fit (and in some cases, I’ve gone done a size since reaching my goal), and I know that my body is really into retaining fluid and such, so…  *I* say I’ve maintained and I thank WW for their fine assistance, but for me, staying within 2 lbs. of my goal is crazy-making.  I refuse to be a slave to the scale, and I’d like to thank the shoddy manufacturing practices AND vanity sizing for assuring that I have a WIDE range of numbers that are quite normal in my  clothing sizes too.  (Has anyone else noticed that her bra size has changed with some companies, even though “the girls” have not?!)

March 2012 006I’m also very happy that we’ve maintained Sissy’s right eye for another year.  Assuming we stay the course for this year too, next year this time, I’ll be holding Vision Vet to her probably off-the-cuff comment roughly two years ago that *IF* we could get Sis and that eye to age 6, maybe then we could breathe a sigh of relief.  We’re also holding our own with her food allergies, ear infections and with Gg’s environmental allergies.  I suspect Gg has also developed food sensitivities (grains?) too, but she is okay when we stick to Sissy’s diet pretty closely, so… we do, most of the time.

What I’m not pleased with is that the blogs remain my only writing outlets.  I also miss singing in a choir, but since I’ve signed on for an unprecedented second term as JLC president, some things just have to wait.  However, I am taking a sewing class on Saturday, so there’s one for the bucket list!

What were your successes in 2012?  Anything noteworthy on your 2013 bucket list?


10 comments on “2012 Recap

  1. Nancy says:

    On all fronts, your year was definitely a productive one. Reading sixty- eight books is wonderful and puts my minimal list to shame. Congratulations on reaching and maintaining your WW goal and walking 20+ miles a week – I am inspired.

    Vanity sizing is irritating and frustrating, and yes, I’ve noticed it in bra sizes, too. I thought it was my imagination, but a style that I have worn for years, suddenly didn’t fit the same (especially cup size) and it made me wonder. . .

    Another year as JLC president? Wow, you go girl!

  2. Walden121 says:

    Congrats on all the good things in 2012, may 2013 be just as good or better!

  3. gmariesews says:

    I love your list. You read quite a bit – I’m reading Elvis right now. The knitting list is admirable with all the travel, etc. you have going on. It’s a hobby that is suppose to relax, remember that. As for writing more – just start doing it. You know, in your free time 😉

    Goals for 2013 ::to not continue the upward spiral in weight I’ve been on::to work on getting fit::to walk 12 10k or greater races::to continue making clothes that fit and flatter::to ‘live’ more – rather than just working::


  4. Marjie says:

    Hooray for reading, and walking with the girls! And double hooray for the sewing class! I wish I were closer, so we could play with sewing machines together.

    I don’t make resolutions long term. Just things like to drop the 7 pounds I gained since October, finish my cream velour things this week and next, etc. If it’s short term, I can do it; if not, I procrastinate. Hope you’re enjoying another day off, because tomorrow we’re all back to the grind!

  5. Katherine says:

    Great accomplishments Chan!! I’d say your 2012 was a rip-roaring success. You continue to wow me with a second year as JLC president. Kudos! My knitting list also pales by comparison. I hope to do better this year, and with tax season coming up I will need the distraction and relaxation.

    I have also continued my weight loss without the support of WW. They are a great group and do wonderful things, not the least of which is that they got me through a 35 pound loss. Now I plan to go it on my own and amazingly I continue to lose!! Three dress sizes later I am happy and that is what I wanted to accomplish.

  6. kathy b says:

    Your productivity amazes me CHANNON. IN addition to your blogging you are a faithful commenter on my blog and I appreciate that so much.
    Your weight success is fantastic.
    Last year we bought a Nordic track and I am good at getting on it FIRST THING in the day.
    I was on 10 planes in 3 months..not planned, but a huge accomplishment.
    We lost Radar but gained Tank.
    SO much more, but those were unexpected highlights!

  7. Kristyn says:

    2012 was not the best year around here so I am looking forward to a better 2013. I have so many things I want to accomplish this year I just need to stay motivated.

  8. Either in spite of, or because of the Year That Was…I read very little this year, I knit very little this year, and I blogged very little this year. I DID lose about 35 lbs…though I wouldn’t recommend the method..hem…I took up walking to deal with stress and related issues…but had a hard time keeping it up once I got back from the cruise in Oct. I DID walk about 2 miles yesterday and 4 today…and boy is my hip telling me about that tonight!

  9. Mary says:

    Congrats on your accomplishments…especially as JL prez and the continued exercising. Way to go! Good luck with the sewing class…I have gotten back into sewing and made two dresses, one top and a knit cardigan jacket–not to mention several scarves, all in the past week. As one woman calls it…I had a ‘sewcation.’ Trying to avoid buying RTW stuff that doesn’t fit anyway…my answer to whacko sizing.

  10. Bubblesknits says:

    I was seriously thinking about rejoining WW, but I started thinking…why? I remember the basic principles and the do’s and don’t’s. My biggest challenge is getting active. Subscribing to a program isn’t going to change that…only I can. /sigh/

    You definitely seem to have accomplished a lot in 2012. I need to sit down and look back, too. 🙂

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