When a run is a bad thing…

Aka: Why English is so tough for non-natives to learn.


Run interrupted 6-12

Sissy loves to run.  In that context, the movement/activity is a good thing. 

In baseball, a run is a good thing… unless you are cheering for the OTHER team.

But in hosiery, a run is bad.  When they are brand new tights, it’s worse than bad.  When before you can get home and change, a second HOLE and run appear…  You get the point.

However, I won the Land’s End customer service lottery last night.  I fully expected to be told to ship (at my expense) the unsatisfactory product back to them, and then they’d send a replacement.   I was anticipating having to get up on my high horse and explain that they were in no way too small for me, my nails are in good condition, etc., but no…  Immediately “Ingrid” apologized and offered to overnight a new pair, and sent me a prepaid label so I can return the failed pair of tights.  

Wow.  I didn’t even have a chance to get huffy or indignant.  Instead, when the chat window closed, I was a very happy customer.  That is how it should be, and if it happened that way more often, I wouldn’t need to prepare to do battle before initiating a customer service request.

Another hint... built-in "panties" mean not leggings!

Another hint… built-in “panties” mean not leggings!

I still think it is inexcusable for tights to fail on the first wear (or even the 10th wear!), but I have been made whole, which is all one can ask on a warranty claim.  I also have to note that this is the first pair of tights I’ve had a problem with, at any size (me), in any brand.  In fact, I usually toss my tights because the elastic dry-rots.  Hem.  (Now you know, and maybe you wish you didn’t?)  I do wear tights more than the average bear, because I love skirts and dresses, even when it is cold, and I do buy tights wherever I find what I want.  I own high-end, “spendy” tights from snooty boutiques and one of my favorite pairs is a cream, cabled pair from Old Navy that just won’t quit.  (And please don’t let me down now…  I might want to wear you Sunday!)

Do you wear tights?  Are you brand-loyal?  How long do your tights last, especially if you too are a “heavy user”?  Do you hand-wash?  (I don’t.  Washer, cold water, gentle cycle, then dry flat.)

Oh – just so you know?  If it can run, it’s tights.  Leggings don’t really run.  Leggings are fabric, not hosiery.  Another blogger wrote “If it shines, they’re tights not leggings” (or something like that) which is another helpful hint, but not necessarily true.  Those awesome cream, cabled things don’t shine at all, and they’re tights. 

And please tell me if there’s something more exciting in your life than hosiery and good customer service!

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13 comments on “When a run is a bad thing…

  1. Sue says:

    Believe me, good customer service is always a highlight in my life. It happens so rarely.

    I used to wear tights a lot when I worked outside the home, now I don’t so much but I love leggings and on really cold days I still have a couple pair of leg warmers that I pull on.

    English is a funny language. I noticed especially while watching a toddler learn the difference between rock (a stone) and rock ( in a chair) and pants ( like a dog’s tongue) and pants ( what her daddy wore to work.

  2. km says:

    Oh my…did you see the thing I posted about “English” last night.

    I’m thankful that you had a good experience with customer service.

    But…leggings can run. They are knit. And if my little girl ran in dresses and fell…the holes in the knees would run (looks like a dropped stitch). And those were usually thick knit leggings from Gymboree.

    I hand wash my tights. I guess I treat them like nylons. My it’s been years since I’ve worn hose. And who calls them that still…just the grandmas? I’ve not been brand loyal about tights, but when I wore nylons I used to buy them at Victoria’s Secret. Their thigh highs were my absolute favorite.

    I’m laughing now at the ads you’ll see because of the brands mentioned…and the fact that your post mentioned “panties”.

  3. Marjie says:

    Arnold Schwartzenegger was on Leno last night, and when Leno made fun of his accent, as usual, Arnold retorted that he speaks English perfectly; he learned from Stallone. I love that we can poke fun at our language.

    And I don’t hand wash anything. If it can’t go in the machine, it can’t go in my wardrobe. Life’s too short and messy for “hand wash, dry flat” fussiness.

    And hooray for good customer service! It seems so rare these days. I’m on my third go-round with the phone company, who somehow decided that I have 2 internet lines hooked up to this computer. Yep, because everyone does that, right?

  4. gmariesews says:

    Ah, now that I see the product in question, I will say I have had nothing but problems with them recently. And I hate that high waist – seriously hate it. It comes up past my bra band and then won’t stay there! (No roll my arse.) That being said, I’m very glad that good customer service won out.

    Tights – I love them. I never think to look at Old Navy for tights. I wear them from Fall through to Spring. And I wear Hose (and I don’t consider myself an old lady – yet) when it’s cold but not necessarily tights weather. I once bought a pair of wool tights at Macy’s and I was less than impressed, they weren’t as warm as I thought wool should be, the elastic had no recovery and the tights sagged – I looked like an old L’eggs commercial – “Mommy you have elephant ankles!’ g

  5. Kathy says:

    Great customer service!

    I wash my tights in the machine on the hand wash setting and hang on the towel rack to dry. Hopefully no one comes over and sees that!

    Got some cute lululemon today!

  6. Kristi says:

    I’ve previously heard good things about the customer service at Land’s End. From your account, it sounds like they are still top-notch!

  7. Nancy says:

    I’ve always had good experiences with Lands End products and customer service. It’s a fabulous company.

  8. AlisonH says:

    Tights have been banned from my wardrobe since I left snowy New Hampshire and didn’t have to wear those too-tight no matter what they say wool ones anymore. Livin’ the Birkenstock life in California!

  9. Katherine says:

    I haven’t worn stockings (nylons. hosiery) in years but I love tights and leggings and wear them all the time. When I was a teen my mother gave me a pair of cotton gloves to use for putting on nylons or tights. I always use them (I’ve repaired the gloves umpteen times) and maybe it is just my imagination but I think my tights last longer because they are not subjected to my dry skin and/or any rough spots on my nails. I told you, I am ever so slightly OCD, ADD and fussy!! LOL!

  10. Lands End has never failed to come through for me….always going above and beyond. Bravo….glad you didn’t have to get huffy. 🙂 Tights…I love them, and will continue to lament due to lack of choice in my size…I WANT some warmer cotton/knit tights…NOW!

  11. kathy b says:

    I was astounded by the great CS at William Sonoma this month with the broken pie bird.
    THey always run by the second wear for me……I think its my fat legs

  12. Nichole says:

    Kudos to good customer service, something that is all too often a RARE find these days!

  13. Barbara says:

    There’s a comedian, John Pinette, who does a funny bit about hosiery (He starred in Hairspray for a while and had to wear them) and why this country can invent bullet-proof fabric, but can’t invent hose that don’t run. 🙂
    I have one brand I always use, have fairly good luck with them. I wash by hand. Someone told me years ago to put them in the freezer. Ever heard that one? I never did it though.

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