Holiday Finds

Okay, now that the Three Kings have had their day in the sun, I can get around to doing a holiday wrap-up report.   I’ve already shared a couple of awesome gifts, but there were others worth mentioning.

Photo from Soda Stream

Photo from Soda Stream

I got a sewing machine, but more on that when I get around to blogging about my first sewing experience in this century.  The Knight got a Soda Stream (the red one), and so far, so good.  We’ve tried the diet root beer, the regular orange and the diet orange, and we’re both pleased.  I’m especially pleased, because I’m not a fan of heavy carbonation, and you can control how much you “bubble up” your bottle. 

Do you Soda Stream?  If so, how many pumps and what flavors?

10895564A surprise hit was the microwave popcorn popper.  I feel certain I had an earlier model and it went to the landfill in a short order, but this generation is a good one.   I’ve always liked hot air popcorn best, but with Sissy’s accute corn allergy, the potential for flying allergens in her favorite room in the house isn’t an option anymore.  The Knight picked this up one night while we were shopping together, and I assumed it was for one of his family’s gift exchange gifts. 

We’ve found 1/4 cup of Orville’s popcorn at 3 minutes, drizzled with real butter and sea salt is a perfect single-serving.  There is a paper “cup” that needs to be replaced as needed, but you can get several uses from each one even if you’re using oil and/or butter.  (We add the butter after the fact, in a separate bowl.)  We’re now fighting over who has to eat up the “old” microwave popcorn in the pantry.  I’m holding firm; it was MY gift, so it’s MINE, so the Knight needs to quit using MY popper until he eats up all the pre-packaged stuff.  (Except the lime…  clearly, that’s MINE.)

Did you get any gifts we need to know about? 


12 comments on “Holiday Finds

  1. gmariesews says:

    Oh that looks fun. When I was good – I ate popcorn every single day and maintained a great weight loss – I also worked out religiously but that’s a different convo! I have’t had popcorn in forever because my old micro burned it and haven’t tried the new one.

    I got nothing fun – well, nothing fun like that! g

  2. Katherine says:

    We weren’t giving gifts this year but I still managed to end up with a couple things in my stocking that I didn’t know I couldn’t live without. And can’t! DS#3 got tired of looking at my “muddy” blog pictures and gave me a Canon S100 camera that takes super pictures. I’m looking forward to clean, clear blog photos. DS decided that he needed my iPhone and I needed a Samsung Galaxy note. It’s a little like talking on an iPad Mini but still a great phone/tablet experience. Grandma Techie strikes again!!

  3. Kathy says:

    I have the popcorn for your popper! My mom has a friend who grows it out in the county. He gives her a giant ziplock full every Christmas and my mom gives me some of that. I then use it in my old hot air popper.

  4. AlisonH says:

    Tcho’s 99% chocolate drops. The best chocolate out there, and drop a few of those in your hot cocoa…! They bought an antique German molding machine and so the drops come with imprints of cutesy little animals; eh, why not.

  5. Sue says:

    Until yesterday I’d say it was my Kindle Fire HD, but yesterday I hit the jackpot with good lab reports on the boys and a couple of tiny little Holstein look alikes. I guess it was a good Christmas after all.

  6. Marjie says:

    New snacking presents, and they’re calorie-friendly, too! I hope that you can learn to enjoy and love your sewing machine!

  7. I can’t say I had ever even heard of the microwave popper thingy…sounds interesting…I don’t want to do bagged popcorn anymore due to the nasty ingreds. Sigh…I might have to stop reading labels?

  8. kathy b says:

    IM such a soda freak. I d LOVE a soda machine…but it would not be good for me. i have to keep limited quantities in the house or I’d just Drink COKE all day….
    Popcorn YUM!!!! Do the dogs get a kernel?? HUCK loved popcorn.

  9. Barbara S. says:

    I got an non-existent present that I am fairly certain will be really cool when ever it comes into production. Sometime this (early part) year our mobile phone carrier is supposed to get the iPhone, and when it does, one will come live in my knitting bag/purse/pocket. So that is kind of exciting (will be much more some when it happens of course!)
    I decided to give myself a present with my dog-walking money and move our TV into the 21st century. Tomorrow we have a 40″ plasma HDTV showing up and an Apple TV device to stream internet and stuff from our Apple products. So I am rather excited about that gift, even if I got it myself. (Well, I did wind up putting Hubband in charge of the research and finial picking out, once I told him the parameters I was going for. I had thought a 32″ would suffice, but he convinced me 40″ made more sense.)
    I have thought the Soda Stream looked pretty cool, but pretty much all we drink around here is (a lot of) club soda, so haven’t ever been sure if it would be worth it. What say you?
    When I was in Arizona last spring I found Chili Lime popcorn seasoning from Kernel Season’s and it is pretty tasty sprinkled on. Maybe Simply Lime would work for sprinkling on yours?

  10. Bubblesknits says:

    My present from T was a Roomba! Micro thinks it’s the devil, though. lol With the soda stream, how long does the carbonation last once it’s in the bottle? That’s the problem I’ve always had with bottles vs. cans…about halfway through, the carbonation is almost gone.

  11. Nichole says:

    We keep toying with the idea of picking up one of those soda machines, but hadn’t known anyone who’s used it yet. I’m happy to hear your positive report! As for the popcorn, I tried doing some the budget Rachael Ray way a couple weeks ago — regular corn kernels in a brown paper bag. Came out pretty good, but I think I need to play with the timing and amount of kernels since I had a decent amount that didn’t pop… but I didn’t want to risk burning it either.

  12. Kristyn says:

    I need that popper. Right now I make mine in brown lunch bags but I don’t like all the paper waste.

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