White out?

March 2012 002

March 2012 dusting… too much like what we’ve gotten this winter

Our snow was a non-event in parts of our area, but we were lucky to get a couple of wet inches yesterday evening.   Maybe it’s because we can’t seem to get a decent snowfall even when it is forecasted, but I’m craving winter white in my wardrobe, and have almost none.

Problem is, I can’t find anything I want to purchase.  I’d like an aran-style, tunic-length sweater that isn’t too heavy.   I’m even thinking I might change my mind – AGAIN – and go shopping for a winter white formal for the gala, but I don’t really know what I want, so that makes it hard to shop!

I’ve seen a few articles/ads for white this winter, but again… nothing I care to incorporate into my wardrobe.  I don’t want white jeans.  I don’t want a white coat/jacket.  I’m open to a white dress, but haven’t seen anything that works for me.

Where do you weigh in on white this winter?

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11 comments on “White out?

  1. kathy b says:

    I so want more snow here……Even a dusting is appreciated.

    I vote for very white teeth….
    White pants..no way
    I like white sleeveless shirts under a jacket with jeans……

    I like white nurses shoes but I just bought a baby blue pair of nurse clogs….oh are they cute

    I like white undies

  2. gmariesews says:

    I love Kathy B’s comments. White undies indeed.

    So how is Winter White different from the white you wear in the summer? I wear white tees all year long – but white anything else – well, I have slobbery dogs and fun every color of the spectrum.

    I could totally see you wearing a winter white aran dress however. With pale boots – light, light brown or possibly even those great red boots you passed over. Hmm – you’ll have to let me know what you find. g

  3. Walden121 says:

    Not a fan of snow in general, but Wookie loves it and that makes me happy.

    White clothing is never really in my wardrobe. I can stain anything white within seconds of putting in on.

  4. Sue says:

    Around here we
    d have muddy white so I’ll opt out, except for that Aran tunic. It sounds wonderful and I may have to make my own. I have several patterns and I enjoy cables so let me think about it some more.

    We’ve had no snow yet, just a little coating of ice.

  5. Katherine says:

    I agree with Kathyb–NO white jeans. I don’t like them on anyone!!! I love white shirts, especially silk, and I have a white cabled sweater that never fails to get compliments. As for snow, I feel blessed to have had a sprinkling of the white stuff here in Texas! I doubt we will get more. Hope you are luckier!

  6. AlisonH says:

    Winter white sweaters. I have a few, including an allover cabled almost-tunic length one I knit in high school.

  7. Marjie says:

    I just love winter white velour and panne velvet – both of which are machine washable, by the way – and wear tops, sweaters and simple a-line or princess seamed dresses. A winter white velour cami just entered my wardrobe, and looks great with vivid colored jackets. If you want to try your hand, I can send you a copy of the pattern…it only takes an hour or so…

  8. Amy D says:

    I never wear white, but I love the look of it. I’m too afraid of major stains, especially with a little one who loves to spit up. Maybe this summer I’ll look for a pair of wide leg white pants, but only if I can find the right fit.

  9. Nancy says:

    I like Winter White, but other than accessories, I seldom wear it. I do have one tunic top and a cardigan that I wear infrequently.

  10. Barbara says:

    Not a fair question for a Floridian! 🙂 I have winter white slacks and skirts. As for a winter white gown? That’s going to be a hard one to find. I do love big white sweaters though.

  11. Bubblesknits says:

    I think I’ve only owned one pair of white pants in my whole life and I felt like I was walking on eggshells every time I wore them. No matter how careful I was, something always got on them. lol

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