Everything happens for a reason…

Regulars know I don’t believe in coincidences.  However, sometimes I struggle with the whys when something bad happens, just like everyone else.  Thankfully this time, the situation unfolded pretty quickly and while I’m not at all grateful that Gretchen got bitten by the neighborhood menace, there were positives.

  1. I learned that we DO still have an emergency vet *IN* the city.  In fact, Wondervet used to put in a few hours there, and the staff is beyond compare.  (Well, okay… they’re as awesome as Wondervet and Vision Vet and her colleagues.)  So for the few local readers, unless you have to drive past the place in Earlysville, when your vet is closed, go to Greenbrier Emergency Animal Hospital
  2. While chatting with the other human patient in the waiting room, I got a recommendation for another local-ish vet.  I won’t link yet, but upon hearing of the place, I remembered that a friend stumbled upon them because of their extended Saturday hours and it was love at first visit.  While chatting with the ever-present Wondervet, I learned that the owner/managing vet there is an old friend of hers. 
  3. While visiting said place’s website, I learned she has a special interest in opthamology.   Be still my heart.  A vet into eyeballs AND already bonded with our Wondervet?!  I can hardly wait for tomorrow’s call when I’ll basically interview her…
  4. I was reminded how blessed I am to live in a dog-centric world.  Friends re-routed their conversations to support me yesterday.  I take it for granted, but my inlaws didn’t flinch when I called and announced I wasn’t working because Gg was still somewhat sedated and needed me.  Another friend reminded me of one of Gg’s favorite people-food treats when I mentioned on Facebook that baby was being VERY picky and needed to eat ANYTHING she would accept.

I know many of you will have lots of questions, so photos will follow this paragraph.  Proceed with caution; I don’t find them disturbing, but as a firefighter-medic, I routinely returned to a meal after the most disgusting of calls, so I’m sure I am not a good judge of gore and what might bother the general population.

Yeah, the same dog that has been a pill was the offender.   It charged us Monday evening, and I rather literally swung harnessed Gg behind me, to focus on keeping the alpha-DIVA out of harm’s way.  Well…  I forgot that Gg is a Jack Russell TERROR at heart; she somehow slipped her harness and chased the aggressor back into its yard, where I heard that awful sound and knew my wee one was hurt.  Thankfully, she high-tailed it right back to me and the other dog and its packmate stayed in their yard.

photo.JPGRather than try to describe where the wound is, see for yourself if you are so inclined.  It is in a compromising spot, so Gg is on two weeks of “bed rest” (no running, jumping or stairs) and then over the following two weeks, we can increase back to our 20+ mile per week walk-runs.  I’m not sure where we’ll log those miles at this point; because our focus has been on a very sad, sore dog, we haven’t been able to go talk to the aggressor’s owner(s).  Rest assured… we will.  I don’t want or need reimbursement, but I would like to be able to resume our walks next month and feel safe.

photo.JPGThe wound isn’t as pretty as it was Monday night at the vet’s.  The Knight feels it is bruising from where the beast’s jaw made contact but didn’t break the skin.  Because I know what internal bleeding feels like, I tend to agree with him, but we’re keeping a close eye on her.  She’s also on antibiotics, an anti-inflamatory drug and a heavy painkiller. 

I’m just grateful it wasn’t anything worse.  Of course, the jury is still out on what this has done to Gg’s pre-existing problem with any dog other than Sissy…  I have a consult with a trainer on Saturday.  It will be a month before we can even consider “school” but I figure it could take that long to find the right set-up.

Posting will be irregular as I juggle an already hectic schedule with intensive care of a very special patient.


21 comments on “Everything happens for a reason…

  1. Bubblesknits says:

    You must have been scared to death. Give Gg the gentlest of hugs for me. And drop kick the owner of that agressive bully dog into the middle of next week for me. How’s the Knight handling it?

  2. Mary says:

    Oh Gg, I am so sorry to see you hurt. Also sorry Momma had to deal with it as I know it was as traumatic for her as for you. Glad the emergency vet turned out so well, too…as well as getting a lead to possible new vet. Hope Gg feels better soon.

    We have had similar instances in our neighborhood of loose dogs attacking ours who were on leash and being walked. Jake made short work (and a shorter ear) of one offender–not to protect himself, but to protect DH, as the dog charged my husband.

  3. Barbara says:

    What’s annoying me most is knowing you have no legal basis for an official complaint. That dog is a bad one, but Gg tooled in their yard sans harness , so really, what can you do, or say? I feel so badly for all of you, of course Gg, but you and the Knight as well, the loving parents. Frustrating when they can’t tell you how they feel.

  4. gmariesews says:

    I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. There is nothing worse than knowing your dog is hurt. I hope she is a good patient, although I know she’s already pushing the limits. g

  5. Sue says:

    That’s almost the same spot that Sebastian has his old injury. Our vet feels sure it was from a bite when he was a pup. I can almost envision the same thing happening. I certainly hope you and the little one have an easier time than we’re having. We have an appointment on Friday to try and come up with an idea to keep him from reopening it for the nth time.

  6. AlisonH says:

    Oh, CHAN! I’m so sorry! Good luck dealing with those neighbors, and heal quickly, little one.

  7. Karen says:

    I AM SO SORRY! I didn’t know this had happened. Poor little Gg. I hope she feels better soon and that Sissy, Mommy and Daddy are okay too. I am glad to hear that the emergency vet service is a good one (hopefully neither you nor I will need to use them). Please let me know how you and the Knight handle the neighbors. I would like to be a fly on the wall when that meeting takes place. Take care all of you!

  8. Marjie says:

    I wondered what had happened to you. The tiny terror with a big heart was just defending her family; I’m sorry she had to pay such a price. But I’m glad you found a wonderful emergency vet relatively close to home, and with a connection to WonderVet. Hope the little one is on the mend and not aching, but good luck keeping her still, short of a cage.

  9. Nancy says:

    Can or did you file a complaint with the authorities? I certainly hope the owners of the other dogs will take precautions to prevent this from happening to other dogs, children, or walkers/runners.

    Glad to hear that Gretchen got immediate medical attention and that she is under the Knight and your watchful eyes. Will it be difficult to keep her inside and resting?

  10. Kathy says:

    Oh no! Sending lots of healing thoughts Gretchen’s way!

  11. Natalie says:

    Poor Gg! I hope she heals quickly! And that you get to have that talk.

  12. Susan says:

    Sweet baby!!! Hugs coming her way constantly!! Wish I was closer to I could help baby-sit!!!

  13. kathy b says:

    Oh dear. I think I would have been livid if Huck had ever suffered such an attack. Poor Babygirl.
    I used to carry mace and used it twice when an attack from another dog was coming. I stopped carrying it over time as it made me feel defensive. SO many people dont bother to train their dogs. I could go on and on.
    I hope you are able to walk and enjoy it again soon.
    IM so very sorry you started out the new year in this way.

  14. Nichole says:

    So sorry you have to deal with this BS! 😦 It’s unfortunate that everyone is allowed to own a dog… and I must disagree with someone I saw say this is a “bad dog” — since truly, there are no bad dogs, only bad owners. I feel badly those poor aggressor dogs have been taught nothing better… and poor GG happens to be the target this time. 😦 ugh!

  15. Katherine says:

    OMG when you first told me about Gg I had no idea it was so bad!! Poor baby looks positively stricken! Please give her a snuggle for me and know that she, and you, are in our prayers!! Tell her Macy says, “You go girl!!” She is a credit to Jack Russells everywhere!!

  16. StarSpry says:

    Poor Gretchen! I’m so sorry she got bitten and you have to deal with all of this now. It is nice to know you have a local emergency vet, just in case. I hope Gg recovers well and you’re able to take your normal walk-run route again!

  17. Amy says:

    Poor thing !! I’m glad she’s okay! I hope her healing goes well.

  18. Blond Duck says:

    Poor baby! We have loose dogs in our neighborhood and I always have to swoop down and save the Babies. I’m so sorry she got attacked. Bitty relapsed b/c Ben knocked her off the bed, so both our babies are on bed rest!

  19. Best of wishes to your whole pack, human and canine as you all recuperate and make plans to move forward when the time is right…Good thing you’ve got an understanding boss while your baby needs you.

  20. britknitter says:

    Oh, Chan. I just read this after seeing your post on Facebook. I can’t believe this. Poor Gretchen. I am sending good vibes and healing thoughts her way. Hugs to you all.

  21. Kristyn says:

    Poor thing! I hope she is feeling better.

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